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Welcome to the Media Room

State Superintendent Richard Woods briefs media representatives at the annual Media Symposium.

How Can I Find Out What the Georgia Partnership is Doing?

Your primary point of contact is:  Communications Director Robert Gaines.  Office number: 404-223-2464.  If unavailable, call the general office number: 404-223-2280.

You can find our press releases here.

Interviews are always welcome with both Dr. Steve Dolinger, Georgia Partnership president, and Dr. Dana Rickman, vice president (short bios).  In an effort to help you better understand complex educations issues, both are also willing to discuss a wide range of education topics on background.  Contact Robert Gaines to arrange.

Current publications:

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2019

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2018

Economics of Education - Edition 5


REACHES - Research, Engagement and Communities for Hispanic/Latino Educated Students

Check our Reports page for these publications as well as other Georgia Partnership work. Also, check our Programs page for more on what we do.

Next events:

Critical Issues Forum, April 23.  Details will be posted as soon as they are available

Annual Media Symposium for education reporters/editors
If you have not attended this annual day-long annual event, you don't want to miss the next one.  The next Symposium will be held in early January 2020. Visit the Media Symposium page for details.