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Education News from the 2017 Legislative Session

State Sen. Lindsey Tippins, Chair of the Senate Education and Youth Committee, addresses a recent Education Policy Fellowship Program colloquium about the legislative process as it applies to education policy. Joining Tippins on the panel are Margaret Ciccarelli, Directive of Legislative Affairs, Professional Association of Georgia Educators, and Cosby Johnson, Government Affairs Manager, Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Here you will find the posting of education-related articles and other information detailing the activities of the Georgia House and Senate during the current General Assembly.  The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that does not take a political position on issues.  Inclusion here does not indicate Georgia Partnership endorsement.

Low performing school bill being reworked
Insider Advantage

(Subscription required.) Only minutes after members of the House Education Committee got their first in-depth look at HB 338, the plan for addressing the lowest performing schools, State School Superintendent Richard Woods presented a substitute bill. (February 20)

After failure of Opportunity School District Amendment, New Bill Addresses Failing Schools
Georgia Public Broadcasting

A new education bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Kevin Tanner would allow the state to provide systems of support and assistance for low-performing schools in Georgia. (February 20)

Opinion: Georgia won't improve its schools until it stops teacher blame game
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) Tim Mullen has taught seventh grade life science in Gwinnett County Public Schools for 24 years. In this op-ed column, Mullen discusses House Bill 338, better known as Nathan Deal's Plan B, which comes in the wake of  the Opportunity School District's defeat in November. (February 19)

Does Nathan Deal's plan for struggling schools go too far or not far enough? Should it include school choice?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) Disappointed over the defeat of his Opportunity School District, Gov. Nathan Deal has offered up an alternative state takeover plan that could be imposed through legislation. That legislation is House Bill 338.
(February 18) 

Opinion: Guns on Georgia college campuses endanger lives
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) The General Assembly has revived its campus carry bill, a bill the overwhelming majority of Georgians who attend colleges, teach at them or send their children to them oppose.  (February 17)

Georgia bill would require recess through 5th grade
WMAZ-TV, Macon

Critics say recess has become a thing of the past as schools become more competitive and try to put more time into instruction. If passed, a bill in the Georgia state legislature would require daily recess for all public school students through fifth grade. (February 16) 

'Plan B' for failing schools under consideration
Johns Creek Herald

Gov. Nathan Deal’s anxiously awaited “Plan B” to fix low performing schools was unveiled last week in the Georgia Legislature with a more realistic vision of raising achievement levels for thousands of students. (February 15)

School takeover Plan B debuts
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

The virtues and flaws of … well, pretty much everything, as pretty much everyone knows, are in the details. Georgia voters resoundingly rejected last year’s proposed constitutional amendment allowing for a state takeover of chronically underperforming public schools. (February 15)

Editorial: Add value to working teachers and their students
Savannah Morning News

Georgia lawmakers are wise to be concerned about the big state subsidy that’s required to pump up the state’s pension programs for its retired educators in 2018 – an amount that’s expected to hit a whopping $223 million. (February 15)

Georgia lawmakers reach final deal on money for big pay hike
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) Georgia lawmakers agreed Tuesday to a mid-year spending plan that adds $600 million to this year's budget. (February 15)

Georgia GOP proposing new state role in struggling schools
Associated Press

The state would have broad authority to intervene in struggling schools and make significant changes to staff and management under legislation introduced by Georgia Republicans. (February 15)

Bill in Georgia legislature recasts Deal’s “Opportunity School District” proposal, rejected by voters
Athens Banner-Herald

Gov. Deal is asking Georgia lawmakers to support a new plan for fixing low-performing schools after voters last fall rejected a proposal for state takeovers of schools that consistently struggle. (February 14) 

Day 16!  And it's here... the long awaited Plan B
Georgia School Boards Assn.

Yes, the long-awaited "Plan B" is here and can now be called HB 338 instead.  This is a new approach at turning around failing schools after the Opportunity School District Amendment failed. Related story. Note: Visit the GSBA daily Capitol Watch column by Angela Palm. (February 13)

Overview: 2018 FY Budget for Higher Education
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposed budget of nearly $2.3 billion for the university system and approximately $360 million for technical colleges includes money to increase salaries, which should help both systems attract and retain faculty. (February 13)

 Belton: Many bills on the General Assembly's agenda
Covington News (February 12)

Georgia Legislature introduces another campus carry bill
Athens Banner-Herald (February 10)

Student:  Georgia lawmakers endanger victims of sexual assault with campus rape bill
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (February 9)

Filling the Gaping Hole in Public School Budgets
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (February 8)

'Campus Carry' has been reintroduced in the Georgia legislature
ZPolitics (February 8)

Losing isn't permanent, quitting not an option
GeorgiaPol.com (February 7)

State Rep. Taylor introduces schools resolution
Sandy Spring Reporter (February 6)

Georgia Republicans take aim at "sanctuary campuses" while Emory U ducks fight
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (February 3)

Georgia lawmakers propose almost tripling private school scholarships
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (February 2)

Opinion:  Plans for public education - vague and discouraging
Dawson News (February 1)

Lawmakers seek industry-credentialing public schools
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 25)

Georgia senate bill aimed at maximizing lottery funds to HOPE
Atlanta Business Chronicle (January 23)

Georgia Sen. Fran Millar: Needs based scholarship in the works
WABE-Radio (January 19)

Opinion: Georgia lawmakers should act on tax, health and education reforms
Savannah Morning News (January 19)

Pre-K investment would aid in fix of failing schools
Golden Isles News (January 18)

Governor highlights raises, schools as budget hearings near
WGCL-TV (January 18)

DeKalb superintendent advises governor:  We're talking about choice when we should be talking about change
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - subscription may be required (January 16)

Deal outlines education plans for FY 2018
Insider Advantage -subscription required (January 16)

Deal focuses on right priorities
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (January 13)

Georgia's teachers are skeptical of proposed 2% pay raise. Here's why.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription may be required) (January 13)

Georgia governor to focus on what voters wouldn't - failing schools  Governing (January 12)

Deal keeping focus on failing schools after defeat at ballot
Associated Press (January 11)

State leaders focus on fix for struggling schools - Gainesville Times (January 8)

How will they spend your $23 billion? Legislators start new session Monday - Gainesville Times (January 8)

Editorial: Schools are key Capitol project for state lawmakers - Gainesville Times (January 8)