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We are proud of our various programs all designed to fulfill our mission of improving student achievement.  Read about our current lineup:

College Access Grant Georgia - Partnering with other organizations, this program aimed at enrolling more high school grads in college, especially low-income students. It has ended.

Critical Issues Forums - Presenting topical issues for debate and discussion three times a year - Next Forum is April 28.  

Economics of Education - Twelve years and 250+ briefings later, audiences still want more.

Education Policy Fellowship Program - This program has been building education policy capacity in Georgia for seven years.

Media Symposium - The annual school house for Georgia's education reporters and editors just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

REACHES - Research Engagement and Communities for Hispanic/Latino Educated Students — Improving Student Achievement, Increasing Grad Percentages.  The four-year grant period has concluded but the success of the program will be realized well into the future for two Georgia school systems. 

Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship Program - Gov. Nathan Deal announced at a March 3, 2014 press conference at the state Capitol that Georgia is the first state in the South to launch the program designed to recruit STEM teachers.  The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has a coordination role. 

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