School Choice

Here you will find reports, research and articles covering various views on school choice issues, i.e. charters, magnets, vouchers.  Posting here does not indicate Georgia Partnership endorsement.

Teachers Win: A Case for School Choice
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Teachers' salaries would increase if states would introduce school choice, according to this study. Introduction.  Related story. (December 2014)

On the Road to Better Accountability - An Analysis of State Charter School Policies
National Association of Charter School Authorizers

This first-of-its-kind policy analysis describes, state by state, which state-level policies promote quality and accountability among charter schools and their authorizers. Introduction. (December 2014)

The Productivity of Public Charter Schools
School Choice Demonstration Project, Dept. of Education Reform, Univ. of Arkansas

This report represents the first-ever national study tying funding to student achievement and measuring the productivity of public charter schools relative to traditional public schools. Introduction. Related story. (July 2014)

National Charter School Study
CREDO - Center for Research on education Outcomes - Stanford University

Some are saying the study isn't a clear cut winfor charters. However, many view the findings as a helpful tool to ensure quality. (July 2013)

Distric//Charter Collaboration Compact
Center for Reinventing Public Education

CRPE tracks progress on agreements and reports on local political, legal, and financial barriers to collaboration, and also facilitates networking and problem-solving among participants.   Introduction. (July 2013)

Public Charter School Success:  A Summary of the Current Research on  Public Charters' Effectiveness at Improving Student Achievement 
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Several studies from major regions across the country since 2010 found positive academic performance results for students in public charter schools compared to their traditional public school peers, suggesting a strong upward trend. Introduction. Related story. (April 2013)

In Service of Citizenship - YES Public Schools and Civic Education
AEI Program on American Citizenship

This policy brief is the fourth in a series of in-depth case studies exploring how high-performing charter schools have incorporated civic learning in their school curriculum and culture. (April 2013)

Education's Fiscal Cliff, Real or Perceived? (Draft)
Walton Family Foundation

This report looks at public funding during the economic downturn and the impact it has had on charter schools. Introduction. Press release. Related story. (April 2013)

Governance in the Charter School Sector:  Time for a Reboot
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

When they first emerged more than two decades ago, charter schools represented an innovation in public school governance and much else. But maybe it's time now for some governance changes (April 2013)

The ABCs of School Choice - The Comprehensive Guide to Every Private School Choice Program in America
The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

This report offers a nationwide overview of the various private school choice programs in play in the states—vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, individual tax credits and deductions, and education savings accounts (Ed Week). Related story. (February 2013) 

School Choice Regulations: Red Tape or Red Herring?
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This report explores the effect of government regulations on the participation of private schools in school choice programs such as vouchers and tax-credit scholarships. Related story - same story as above. (February 2013)

Measuring Up to the Model:  A Ranking of State Charter School Laws
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

This ranks states against the organization's model charter law.  It finds the top-rated states are Minnesota, Maine, Washington, Colorado, and Florida. Related story. (February 2013)

Charter School Growth and Replication
CREDO - Center for Research on Education Outcomes

Charter schools that start out doing poorly aren’t likely to improve, and charters that are successful from the beginning most often stay that way. Related story. (January 2013)

Charter School Performance in New Jersey
Stanford University - Center for Research on  Education Outcomes

Study finds New Jersey charter public schools significantly outperform their district school peers.  This provides first-ever in-depth examination of results for charter schools in New Jersey. Related – press release news article. (November 2012)

A Growing Movement: America's Largest Charter School Communities
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

The authors report that a record seven school districts have at least 30 percent of their public school students enrolled in public charter schools. (November 2012)

Longer Hours, Less Experience for Charter Teachers, Analysis Finds
Education Week

Charter school teachers tend to have fewer years of experience, and work longer hours than their counterparts in public, non-charter schools, a new analysis suggests. (October 2012)

Learning from Successes and Failures of Charter Schools
Brookings Institute

This report examines charter schools across the quality spectrum in order to learn which practices separate high-achieving from low-achieving schools. An expansive data collection and analysis project in New York City charter schools served as the basis for this report. Related story. (October 2012) 

Twice Considered: Charter Schools and Student Achievement in Utah
University of Utah

Given the measured though continuous efforts to expand charter school options, this research has implications for local and state charter school policies, particularly policies that avoid "start-up" costs with new charter schools. (September 2012)

From A Single Charter School, A Movement Grows
National Public Radio

City Academy in St. Paul, Minn., became the nation's first publicly funded, privately run charter school when it opened its doors in 1992. Its founders had tried but failed to create new programs for struggling students in their own schools. Related story. (September 2012)

The Effects of School Vouchers On College Enrollment: Experimental Evidence from New York City
Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings and Harvard Kennedy School – Program on Education Policy and Governance

In the first study, using a randomized experiment to measure the impact of school vouchers on college enrollment, the researchers  examine the college-going behavior through 2011 of students who participated in a voucher experiment as elementary school students in the late 1990s. Related story. (September 2012)

The Impact of Charter Schools on Public and Private School Enrollments
Cato Institute

While most students are drawn from traditional public schools, charter schools are pulling large numbers of students from the private education market and present a potentially devastating impact on the private education market, as well as a serious increase in the financial burden on taxpayers. Here's the report.  Related story. (August 2012)

Is Administration Leaner in Charter Schools? Resource Allocation in Charter and Traditional Public Schools.
National Center for the Privatization in Education (NCSPE)

Proponents of school choice argue that instead of spending on instruction that could improve student learning, traditional public schools spend too much on central administration. In contrast, charter schools are said to devote a larger share of their budgets to instruction to improve student outcomes and thereby attract more families. But is this the case? (PEN) (April 2012)

The National Study of Charter Management Organization (CMO) Effectiveness - CMOs: Diverse Strategies and Diverse Impacts
Mathematica Policy Research and The Center on Reinventing Public Education

A follow-up to a major study on the performance of charter school networks shows that they are yielding varied results when it comes to their students' progress in graduating from high school and going on to college. Relating story. (January 2012)