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The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education regularly produces relevant, independent research on issues affecting education and the business community in Georgia.

Our most recent publications and commentaries

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2016


This annual report was released January 8 at the Georgia Partnership’s Media Symposium.  It is available here in flip-page formatClick here for non-flip page format. We will provide one free copy upon request.  The Georgia Partnership will ask for postage reimbursement on greater quantities.

REACHES – Research, Engagement and Communities for Hispanic/Latino Educated Students - Request a copy.

Advanced Placement United States History
Facts vs. Myths

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015
Download a copy of the 2015 Top Ten Issues to Watch report now! The Georgia Partnership is grateful to AT&T for their funding support for the 2015 and 2014 editions.

Click here for the "flip" version of the report.

The Georgia Partnership will provide up to two copies for free upon request.  We will only charge for postage reimbursement for greater quantities.

The Georgia Partnership was invited to brief the Georgia House of Representatives Education Committee on the 2015 Top Ten Issues to Watch.  You may watch that presentation here: Click on the January 28 video icon.  The briefing starts at about the 6 minute 30 second spot in the tape.  Move the slide to that point.  The presentation continues until the 22 minute mark.


Race to the Top

This report takes an inside look at Georgia’s 4-year, $400 million grant.  What exactly was this work and what did it achieve?  It was a mammoth project that has served the state in a variety of areas.  The Race to the Top work has provided the state with momentum in its never ending quest to improve teaching and learning.

To access an easy-to-read electronic Flip Document version of the report, click here. To request a hard copy, make your request to Alice Ford, aford(at) 

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2014

The 2014 Top Ten Issues to Watch report is available here. The Georgia Partnership is grateful to AT&T for their funding support for the 2014 and 2015 editions.

 2014 Top Ten Report


Click for the easy to read flip format.


Commonalities of Georgia's Successful Elementary Schools - Analyses of Georgia's High Performance Elementary Schools (October 2013)

Instead of simply highlighting top performing elementary schools, the Georgia Partnership wanted to demonstrate schools that were experiencing significant gains over time.  These large gains indicate that schools tackled problems and implemented solutions that work, many times with diverse populations.  The Partnership also wanted to continue the feeder pattern research from the high school and middle school studies (see below) to see if successful pipeline of K-12 schooling could be identified.

The elementary schools in this study must have met at least one of the following criteria:  1.  Schools that demonstrated the greatest average percentage point increase between 2008 and 2012 in the CRCT "exceeds expectations" categories in reading, math, and science combined for 3rd and 5th grades. 2.  Schools with clean feeder patterns to schools in previous Partnership high school and middle school studies.

Read the report.

Economics of Education - Fourth Edition (September 2013.  This edition is still in use - 2016.)

This publication was born in 2004 and has grown in popularity through the years.  It is the companion piece to a briefing that has been given to more than 275 audiences in the past 12 years.

To learn more about the Economics of Education program, click here.  To read the report, click here. Request a copy.

Succeeding in Ninth Grade Initiative - SING (June 2013)

This collaborative research project between the Georgia Partnership and Marietta City Schools sought to build on the school system's improving graduation rate. One of the root causes of the dropout rate identified by the school district is the "9th grade bulge." Students enter 9th grade ill prepared for rigorous work and, thus do not earn promotion to 10th grade.

This community intiative sought to decrease the "bulge," increase the graduation rate, and ultimately prepare students for postsecondary education and/or careers.

Executive Summary

Full Report

A- E 
- Flow Chart
- Advisory Committee
- Interview Questions
- Focus Group Questions
- Action Teams and Members
- Data Packet
- Root Cause Analysis
- Action Team Plans
- Additional Data on Benchmark School Districts
- Benchmark School District Interview Protocol
- Marietta City Schools Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016
- Environmental Scan Report
- Charter School Application
- Advanced External Review
- Commonalities of Georgia's 85/10 High Schools and Successful Middle Schools

Last Commentary: Report: National, Georgia Teacher Prep Programs Not Up to Task (June 2013)

Past Top Ten Issues to Watch reports

Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2013 (January 2013)


Using the Top Ten as a Teaching Tool - We always provide copies of the Top Ten report to our teacher preparation programs at our colleges and universities.  Dr. Jean Wacaster at Fort Valley State University shared a way she has used the report in one of her sophomore classes.  She told her students to select one of the 10 topics and research it then develop a brochure around the topic.  The photo above shows some of the students’ work.


Download a copy now.


Download a copy now.


Download a copy now.

PROPEL:  Pathways for Reaching Opportunities in Preparing for Excellence in Life (July 2012) - Forsyth County Schools and Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce - Improving a school system's graduation rate - a community effort!

Executive Summary

Full Report

Congratulations to our friends in Forsyth County.  They have been named the healthiest place in Georgia to live!  A part of that designation comes from their strong high school graduation rate, exactly what the PROPEL project was all about.  Here's the story!

Commonalities of Georgia's Successful Middle Schools (August 2011)


Download full copy or two page executive summary.

85/10 Commonalities Report - Successful High School
Graduation Rates Sustained Over Time (April 2010)

-Full Report


Position Paper: Georgia's 2010 Adequate Yearly Progress Results: What Does the Data Really Mean?

Educationary - Do all the education names, titles and acronyms have your head swimming?  This reference guide might help! (Note:  Although published several years ago - 2008/2009, this publication is still useful.)


The Georgia Partnership no longer publishes a formal annual report.  Instead, a shorter review highlights the organization's activities.

2015 - The Power of the Partnership. More details: Stakeholders' Update

2014 Annual Report - Being Bold

2013 Annual Report - Collective Impact

2012 Annual Report - Impact

2011 Annual Report - Constant Vision, Constant Action

2010 Annual Report - A Year of Excellence. A Year of Making a Difference.

Achieving Excellence in Secondary Education - Georgia's Unfinished Business (November 2009)

Education Policy Primer (June 2010)

White Papers/Briefings/Analysis

Common Core State Standards Initiative (July 2010)

Economics of Education III (June 2010)