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Media Symposium

Dr. Charles Knapp, Chair of the Governor’s Education Reform Commission, briefs reporters on the findings and recommendations of the Commission at the 2016 Media Symposium.


2016 Media Symposium Draws Several Reporters

The 10th annual Media Symposium was held Friday, January 8 at Georgia Public Broadcasting.  More than 30 media representatives attended.  A video report of the day-long session is posted on the left side of this page.

The Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2016 (flip-doc format) report was formally released. Here is the standard format.

PowerPoint presentations:

Here are three of the briefings:  Dr. Dana Rickman - Top Ten Issues to Watch; Dr. Charles Knapp - Education Reform Commission; and Mike Petrilli - National Education Reform in 2016.  Here is the other briefing: Tomeka Hart - Equity in Education.

Stories filed:

When Teachers Dropout
Georgia Trend

Lawmakers considering revising teacher evaluation
Alpharetta Roswell Herald

Education recommendations now on Deal's desk
Forsyth Herald

Feds limit intrusion into classrooms
Forsyth Herald

Did Georgia make a mistake going it alone on tests? Should we have stuck with national Common Core tests?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Maureen Downey's 'Get Schooled' blog)

State School Superintendent Richard Woods Isn't Sold on Merit-based Teacher Pay
Georgia Public Broadcasting

A new way to fund schools?
Statesboro Herald

A 'Closer Look' at Education Topics from the GPEE Symposium

Georgia Partnership 10th Annual Media Symposium
Henry Herald

Are we basing too much of a teacher's evaluation on a $12 fill-in-the-blank test?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Maureen Downey's 'Get Schooled' blog)

Experts: 'Minding the Gaps" Critical to Georgia Education Reform

Georgia teachers answer survey: Don't become a teacher

Georgia takes another look at student testing

Experts discuss education issues facing Georgia in 2016
Insider Advantage (subscription required for full article)

Education Reform Commission Chair Speaks on Funding Issues
Insider Advantage (subscription required for full article)

Georgia Teacher of the Year says school environment drives teachers away
Morris News Service

Chairman defends work of Education Reform Commission
Morris News Service