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Education Issues in the 2016 Campaign

As a non-partisan organization, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education will not be endorsing any candidate.  It is our objective to provide as much information as possible about the education positions of the candidates.  We invite you to return often for new postings.  If you have an information source to share, please send it our way.  Please share this site with others. 

Education Positions

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) - This is the candidate's "Issues" page.  Click on the specific education issues included here.

Donald Trump (Republican) - Scroll down the candidate's "Issues" page for education.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) - Click on "Issues" and scroll to the education link.

Party Platforms

Democrats - Read the Education portion: pages 30-34

Republicans - Read the Education portion: pages 33 - 36

Libertarian - Read the Education portion:  page 5