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Education Issues in the 2016 Session

Dr. Steve Dolinger, Georgia Partnership president, and Dr. Dana Rickman, Policy and Research Director, brief a joint Georgia House and Senate Education Committee meeting on the key topics found in the Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2016 report.  Both also answered a variety of education policy questions posed by the Senators.

The 2016 Georgia Legislative Session will formally open next week and will continue into March.  We will post relating stories from around the state that cover the work of our elected representatives.

Articles of Interest

Legislation would free (mostly) teachers from test results
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) Some Georgia lawmakers want to take an eraser to high-stakes tests. State law calls for student test results to inform at least half of each teacher’s job review, but new legislation would roll that back to “no more than 10 percent.” (February 10) 

Religious freedom or needless interference?  Lawmakers debate high school athletic wear
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription may be required.) I talked to the author of House Bill 870  and listened to the House Education Committee discussion last week and am still a bit confused over the real intent of the bill. (February 9)

Legislation could ease kinship care woes
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

About 128,000 children in Georgia and an estimated 103,000 grandparents and other non-parental relatives could be affected by legislation scheduled to be introduced this week. (February 9)

Education issues abound for legislators
Appen Newspapers

With all signs pointing to few, if any, seismic changes on the education landscape this legislative session, Georgia lawmakers are still considering a number of initiatives that could impact the classroom in significant ways. (February 5)

Religious freedom issue goes to school
Insider Advantage

(Subscription required for full article.)Two companion bills aimed at leveling the playing field for all high school athletic teams were heard by the House and Senate Education committees. HB 870, sponsored by Rep. Brian Strickland sailed through committee and subcommittee. (February 4)

Good news for Georgia Tech: House approves giving STEM majors boost in HOPE GPA
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It didn’t take long for the House to pass the Rambling Wrecktification bill. In a 167-0 vote today, the General Assembly approved House Bill 801, which gives a half-point boost to the final grades of students in tough science, technology, engineering or math classes. (February 4)

Georgia Lawmaker Wants STEM Classes to Count More for HOPE Scholarship
Georgia Public Broadcasting

Rep. Jan Jones' (R-Milton) bill passed unanimously on Wednesday after she explained it on the House floor. (February 4)

Bill would boost GPA of HOPE scholars who take tough courses
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Subscription required after 4 free monthly reads.) A bill that would boost the GPA for students taking demanding college math and science courses easily passed a House higher education committee Tuesday. (January 27)

Video:  Georgia Partnership Briefs House/Senate on Top Ten Issues
Georgia House of Representatives/Senate Joint Education Committee

Georgia Partnership President, Dr. Steve Dolinger, and Policy and Research Director, Dr. Dana Rickman, were invited to brief the committees on the 2016 Top Ten Issues to Watch report.  Click on the video icon.  Their presentation begins at approximately the 22 minute mark. Get a copy of the report. (January 26)

Some cracks appear in GOP leadership inside Georgia’s Capitol
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 25)

Governor right to delay education reform package
Brunswick News (January 24)

Bill would nudge HOPE scholars to take tougher classes
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 22)

Debate over whether to lower HOPE GPA for math, science majors, moves to Legislature
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 22)

Lawmakers need to leave sacred cows out to pasture
Gainesville Times (January 22)

Beltline fight: Legislator says schools should be paid first
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 22)

Valdosta lawmaker wants schools to track missing students
Moultrie Observer (January 22)

Lawmaker wants to give "control" of Board of Regents to voters
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 21)

Deal backing away from teacher pay
Tom Crawford - The Georgia Report (January 20)

System for grading Georgia teachers questioned
Dalton Daily Citizen (January 20)

Gov. Deal's budget equips UGA business building, narrows education 'austerity

Morris News Service (January 20)

Session begins with encouraging outlook
Dawson Counity News (January 20)

Georgia legislators question tuition hikes
Morris News Service (January 20)

Appropriation committee hears education budget plans
Insider Advantage -subscription required for full article (January 20)

Gov. Deal wants continued money for prison education
WSB-TV (January 20)

Republican caucus unveils legislative priorities
Insider Advantage (January 19)

Gov. Deal unveils $27.3 billion fiscal '17 state budget
Atlanta Business Chronicle (January 15)

Georgia lawmaker pushing for stun guns on college campuses
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 15)

11 under-the-radar bills to watch in 2016 legislature
zpolitics (January 15)

The governor wants to give teachers a 3% raise.  Will this make them less leery of merit pay?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Maureen Downey's 'Get Schooled' blog - January 14)

Why Nathan Deal wants to stave off major education changes this year
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 14)

State of the state address focuses on education
Georgia Public Broadcasting (January 14)

Gov. Deal delays education reform votes until next year
Atlanta Business Chronicle (January 14)

Gov. Deal: 'Education too important to be held hostage to a status quo'
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 13)

Bill before legislature seeks cameras in special-needs classrooms
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 12)

Georgia Legislature gets down to business
Athens Banner-Herald (January 11)

Poll of Georgia voters - January 2016
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 11)