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High School Best Practices

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Indoor river is teaching tool for summer school students
Washington Times

Grain by grain, sediment began to build up in the reservoir behind the tiny dam, as anticipation built on the faces of the high school students watching. (August 8)


Here's a resource worth checking out - a high school education blog from U.S. News & World Report.

Why flip the classroom? ‘If kids aren’t learning, it’s not them, it’s you’
eSchool News

Why a teacher’s decision to flip the classroom turned out to be a great learning experience for everyone. (October 2015)

How one school fashions geometry lessons from recyclables

Amid rows of chairs set up in Hawthorne High School's cafeteria, students, teachers and even the superintendent strut around as they model elaborate, hand-made outifts for an appreciative audience. (June 2015)

Why cell phones belong in our classrooms
eSchool News

As the principal of a high school in Manhattan, I know firsthand how cellphones can both help students stay in touch in today’s world and how they can be a valuable teaching and learning tool in the school setting. (March 2015)

Students use coding to build their own Minecraft worlds
eSchool News

Programming languages like Python are being paired with Minecraft at one school. (March 2015)

Engineering game promotes problem solving, mechanical concepts
eSchool News

Backyard Engineers, a new game from Filament Games, is designed to teach engineering concepts and problem solving skills. It aims to help students from middle school to high school understand the principles of engineering design through experimentation. (February 2015)

Students sing way through history
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

February welcomes more than blustery weather. It brings Presidents’ Day, honoring all the country’s leaders, not just the two who claim birthdays this month. But if your presidential knowledge is sketchy, this approach might help you. (February 2015)

Journey to the student-centered makerspace
eSchool News

Whether you know it or not, your students are already making things outside of school. From digital animation and programming to video production and duct tape crafts, it’s surprising the number of outlets students have found to vent their creativity. (February 2015)