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Here's a resource worth checking out - a high school education blog from U.S. News & World Report.

How one school fashions geometry lessons from recyclables

Amid rows of chairs set up in Hawthorne High School's cafeteria, students, teachers and even the superintendent strut around as they model elaborate, hand-made outifts for an appreciative audience. (June 2015)

Why cell phones belong in our classrooms
eSchool News

As the principal of a high school in Manhattan, I know firsthand how cellphones can both help students stay in touch in today’s world and how they can be a valuable teaching and learning tool in the school setting. (March 2015)

Students use coding to build their own Minecraft worlds
eSchool News

Programming languages like Python are being paired with Minecraft at one school. (March 2015)

Engineering game promotes problem solving, mechanical concepts
eSchool News

Backyard Engineers, a new game from Filament Games, is designed to teach engineering concepts and problem solving skills. It aims to help students from middle school to high school understand the principles of engineering design through experimentation. (February 2015)

Students sing way through history
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

February welcomes more than blustery weather. It brings Presidents’ Day, honoring all the country’s leaders, not just the two who claim birthdays this month. But if your presidential knowledge is sketchy, this approach might help you. (February 2015)

Journey to the student-centered makerspace
eSchool News

Whether you know it or not, your students are already making things outside of school. From digital animation and programming to video production and duct tape crafts, it’s surprising the number of outlets students have found to vent their creativity. (February 2015)

4 ways to create a successful hybrid school
eSchool News

Six years ago, our district created the PSD Global Academy, and I was hired to launch the school. Our charge was to provide students with online learning opportunities. (November 2014)

Encouraging Hesitant Writers
Classroom Chronicles

Tipton County English teacher and 2014-15 Tennessee Teacher of the Year finalist, Becky McBride, shares three ways she encourages even her most reluctant writers to get their thoughts on paper. (November 2014)

Pilot program will give teens more personalized learning
eSchool News

Grants help students personalize learning with more control over schoolwork and schedules. (November 2014)

Bringing Twitter to the Classroom

Students upload pictures of their annotated texts and ask their classmates to help them understand the nuances of iambic pentameter. This is Chris Bronke’s freshman English class at North High School, a public school in Downers Grove, Illinois. (September 2014)

5 reasons to use Netflix in the classroom
eSchool News

While teachers look to find new ways to make the classroom more interactive, some might look to Netflix, a video-streaming site. (June 2014)

Atlantan can really rock in classroom
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The rules of rock apply to Erik Herndon’s music class: Play hard, be original and push limits. Herndon, a rock guitarist and a teacher at Young Middle School in west Atlanta, uses the power of music to break through to city students. (January 2013)

Brookwood teacher named 2013 Claes Nobel Educator of the Year
Gwinnett Daily Post

This program recognizes educators who model best-in-class practices in teaching, are a positive influence for students and peers, and who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in education. (December 2013)

Four steps to flipping the classroom
eSchool News

The flipped classroom, in which students watch a video explaining a particular lesson or topic at home and then come to school prepared to complete assignments related to that lesson or discuss the topic in class, is gaining ground. But how, exactly, can educators go about flipping the classroom? (January 2013)

College kids develop apps to help kids master algebra
Louisville Courier-Journal

iPad apps that college students have developed soon could help high school and middle school students crack the code of algebra, often a gatekeeper to college entry. (January 2013)

State’s push for digital textbooks, tests has schools scrambling
eSchool News

Students at Florida’s Lake Minneola High School spent the year reading from shiny, new iPads instead of textbooks, something many say helped them stay engaged with schoolwork. (July 2012)

Why An English Teacher Introduced Her Class to the World
The Atlantic

When high school students submit papers to the Web rather than their instructor does the larger audience inspire them to write more seriously? (July 2012)

Virginia high school uses technology to increase learning time, boost graduation rates
eSchool News

T.C. Williams High school in Virginia's Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), uses technology to create online and blended-learning environments that provide extra support to students who need it. (April 2012)

New twist in education: 'Flipped classroom' makes homework an in-school effort, puts lectures online
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

A high school teacher has developed what he calls the "flipped classroom" that is seeing positive results as well as student enthusiasm. (January 2012)

Guest post: Four ways to teach students to write
Washington Post

Every summer for the past decade, we have conducted a writing program for college-bound, low-income minority students. More than 80 percent of them have never written a formal five-page paper. (November 2011)

Boys Book Club Raises Students' Reading, Academic Prospects
Pioneer Press

Just after 7 a.m. and barely a few bites into their doughnuts, the members of an Eastview High book club already had launched into a lively discussion of character motivation. (November 2011)

Writing software teaches students how to correct their own mistakes
eSchool News

Students struggling with writing tend to fall behind in multiple disciplines; however, it can be hard to correct their writing behavior effectively on an individual basis Software programs such as SAS Curriculum Pathways' Writing Reviser can help teachers. (July 2011)

Students become 'virtual virtuosos' with the help of music composition software
eSchool News

GarageBand in the Classroom course has troubled Virginia Beach teens engaged in school

‘Physically active learning’ improves test scores, sharpens concentration (Connecticut)
eSchool News

The concept is that short bursts of exercise during class can help students stay engaged, concentrate better, and do better on tests. (May 2011)

New class could become model for teaching about Freedom Riders, civil rights history (Alabama)
Anniston Star

It's a gap in the state's education offerings that was obvious and bothersome to Anniston High School history teacher Marvin Moten, so he decided to do something about it. (May 2011)

'Amazing Race'-style tournament engages students from five districts (Pennsylvania)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For 20 minutes, "Team Awesome" wrestled with geometrically shaped pieces. "Oh joy! We got it!" shouted 16-year-old Matt Esch, a 10th-grader from North Hills High School. (May 2011)

Masterful Teacher: How Calculus Became the Most Popular Class on Campus (California)

It's a few minutes after 7a.m. on a drizzly Friday morning and math teacher Jonathan Winn is standing just outside his first period classroom yelling at the top of his lungs, his voice reverberating across campus. "How does that go?!" (April 2011)

Science Competitions Integrated Into Curriculum (Florida)
Education Week

Competition has brought out the best in students at Lyman High School: Styrofoam gliders, designs for airplane wings, and miniatrue rockets built to soar hundreds of feet in the air (April 2011)

Cazenovia High School program tests uses of new technology with Apple's iPad (New York)
Syracuse Post Standard

At Cazenovia High School, the Apple iPad is more than a must-have gadget. The touchscreen tablets are helping students connect with Shakespeare and rediscover reading. (February 2011)

At these high schools, much ado about Moodle (Oconee County)
Athens Banner-Herald

North Oconee High School students in Joseph Palmour's math and computer science classes have easy access to the teacher's notes:  They can look them up online (February 2011)

Teachers use videoconferencing program to broadcast lessons (Virginia)
Martinsville Bulletin

Teachers are using technology to conduct classes even when students are out due to winter weather or other circumstances. By using a computer program called Dimdim, teachers can broadcast a class to students over the Internet.

Diva program making a difference for high school girls (Minnesota)
Star Tribune

Businesswoman Patrice Cox and other mentors have a heart for girls who need a hand to guide them toward a productive future. (January 2011)

Teacher lets her students 'be creative with science' (Georgia)
Athens Banner-Herald

Dirty hands, dancing minds and maybe even a strong whiff of popcorn are some of what Anna Scott's biology students have come to expect.  This is a private college prepatory school in Athens. (November 2010)

Consider using estimation before computation (Nation)
Teacher Magazine

Estimation helps students focus on the correct answer before they start the figuring. (November 2010)

How to deal with students who come to class unprepared (Nation)
Teacher Magazine

It never occurred to me as I prepared for my first year of teaching that I'd need a plan for addressing student requests to borrow a pencil. This was high school, after all. (November 2010)

New math program a number theory (Washington State)
Yakima Herald

The Yakima School District is hoping that new technology equals improved math performance among secondary school students — and 80 teachers and aides have been trained to make it work: ‘It was a huge undertaking.’ (Also posted in Middle School section - November 2010)

High School Students Pilot IPads (Wyoming)
Casper Tribune

HS - Debra Park asked her students which reading strategies they planned to use during quiet reading time.  Her class had brainstormed ideas and methods for how to improve reading and vocabulary. (June 2010)

Reasoning Mind Program Multiplying Successes (Texas)
Dallas Morning News

HS - Last Sunday, we told you about a new way of teaching math in second through sixth grades called Reasoning Mind. (June 2010)

Avatars Go to School, Letting Students Get a Feel for the Work World (New Jersey)
New York Times

HS - Even as work crews and scientists mobilized over a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, high school students in this city were hard at work cleaning up another spill — in the virtual world. (May 2010)

When Students Don't Prepare for Class (National)
Teacher Magazine

HS - Excerpts from an online discussion forum topic on how to deal with students failing to complete required work. (March 2010)

Solving Algebra on Smartphones (North Carolina)
Education Week

HS - Research shows that a project to use the devices as teaching tools in some N.C. districts has had a measurable impact on student achievement in math. (March 2010)

Campbell physics teacher uses technology to teach at separate schools simultaneously (Virginia)
The News & Advance

HS - Video teleconferencing technology has created a physics course called eL.I.V.E., which stands for electronic live integrated video education physics, that lets one teacher deliver two classes simultaneously at different schools. (March 2010)

Three Ways Educators are Embracing Social Media (Nation)

HS - In response to budget issues and a myriad of other problems confronting public education, innovative educators are embracing social media to fight back. (January 2010)

Engineering class shows girls male-dominated field (Maryland)
Washington Post

HS - While students at an all-girls school in Montgomery County were laboring one day last month to build bridges out of popsicle sticks, their teachers were trying to build bridges for them into the male-dominated field of engineering. (January 2010)

Students learn real math lesson (Texas)
Seguin Gazette

HS - While most students think that geometry lessons won’t extend past finals, some Seguin High School students are putting their skills to practical use. (January 2010)

Old West lessons change students' lives (Colorado)
Denver Post

HS - When Ann Moore read "Cowboy Ethics," a book about what Wall Street bankers can learn from the Old West, she instantly identified it as the perfect teaching tool for her at-risk class of seniors. (December 2009)

Here's a unique history lesson... What would Lincoln Tweet? (Utah)
Chronicle of Higher Education

HS - A graduate student at Utah State Univ. is a new kind of Civil War re-enactor. Instead of dressing up in period clothes he uses Twitter to send short messages in the voice of Abraham Lincoln and other historical figures. (December 2009)

Oxford math professor backs Web games to teach kids (England)

HS - Internet games can boost children's interest in mathematics, says a footballing Oxford University professor who plays wearing the prime number 17 and uses dance to prove theorems. (December 2009)

Billiards lets students rack up fun, learning at high school (Texas)
Dallas Morning News

HS - This idea was brought to the principal from the school teacher of the year.  Many students who don't otherwise find interests outside the classroom shine at billiards. The no pass no play rule seems to be getting kids to hit the books. (November 2009)

Online Photography Archives Enable Teaching with Primary Sources (California)

HS - Analyzing photographs inspires visual literacy and critical thinking in students. (November 2009)

Students energized by hands-on project (Kentucky)
Louisville Courier-Journal

HS - Students say they learn better by doing.  Thanks to their teacher, these  eighth-graders are learning about energy by doing experiments and demonstrating them for teachers. (November 2009)

Schools rely on 8 steps to boost scores (Virginia)
Roanoke Times

HS - Two very different high schools are using the same instructional method to boost student achievement on standardized tests. (November 2009)

What makes a good teacher a good teacher? (Washington State)
Seattle Times

Top students sound off on what makes a good teacher and a top teacher offers her advice. (September 2009)