Sessions Reach Many

The Georgia Partnership and the Georgia School Boards Assn. thank everyone who took the time to increase their education expertise by attending one of the election-year Education Policy Forums.  We always have large crowds who are attentive and engaged in the discussions.  These potential public servants (some are currently serving) are now better informed when it comes to the public education landscape in Georgia.  Better informed policymakers make strong decisions.

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Education Policy Forums

The Georgia Partnership’s Dr. Dana Rickman leads the discussion during a 2012 Education Policy Forum in Athens. The Forums are held every election year in cooperation with the Georgia School Boards Association.

The Georgia Partnership again teamed with the Georgia School Boards Association to present a series of "Education Policy Forums: Sessions for Candidates and Community Leaders" designed to inform local school board and state legislative candidates - and others - about education in Georgia.  The half-day workshop has been presented each election year since 2002.

Here's a story from the final Forum held in Athens.

The Education Policy Forum will be available in a video report soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

  Drop us a line if you have questions. 

2010 Report

Nine sessions were presented:  Atlanta (3), Rome, Athens, Savannah, Macon (2), Tifton. 

Presentation PowerPoint Slides

Questions may be directed to the Georgia Partnership at 404-223-2280 or drop us a note.

As a part of the program, an Education Policy Primer was developed for each of the attendees to keep as a reference as they addressed future issues.  That Primer is now web-based as the Education Policy Tool Box.