Latest Briefings

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Georgia Municipal Association's Mayors' Day, January 26.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Regional Education & Workforce Development Summit in Newnan (Region 4), November 20.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Regional Education & Workforce Development Summit in Calhoun (Region 1), November 12.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Regional Education & Workforce Development Summit in Atlanta (Region 3), October 3.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Regional Education & Workforce Development Summit and the local Rotary Club luncheon in Valdosta September 25.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered to the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce August 20.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered to the Georgia Municipal Association June 22.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered to a LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce audience June 11.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Paulding County Education Summit April 26.

Here is the PowerPoint briefing delivered at the Bulloch County Education  Summit April 18.  Here is the video of that presentation.

What does an education mean economically?  Check this story: Lacking a college degree? You may not exist to more employers

Want a Briefing?

For more than six years, the Georgia Partnership has been traveling the state presenting the Economics of Education briefing to a variety of audiences.  Now in its third edition, the presentation continues to inform civic, business, and education leaders.

Scheduling a briefing for your education-minded group is easy.  Just drop us a note and give us the specifics - when, where, audience specifics - and someone from the Georgia Partnership will contact you.  It's that easy!

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What is economics of education?
Simply put, without a strong education foundation, maximum success, either personal or community focused, is simply not possible.  Our Business Support page contains a variety of resources and other information emphasizing the inextricable link between education and success.

We often post reports/articles that have an economics of education theme.  We will post some here that we feel clearly define the subject:

Expert: Tough task to lure quality jobs - Covington News (March 2013)

High school dropouts cost $1.8 billion every year - New York Post (February 2013)

Career Builder's Best Paying Jobs for 2- and 4-year Degrees (2013)

Get over your math-science aversion - Atlanta Journal-Constitution (December 2011)

Here's some information about a relating program that teaches Georgia students about economics in real-life terms.  Check out the Georgia Council on Economic Education report. (December 2011)

Economics of Education

The Partnership, in cooperation with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, first developed the popular report and briefing in 2004 and has made more than 250 presentations since.  The briefing is constantly being updated.  It provides specific dollar and cents evidence that education is vitaly important to a community's prosperity. The fourth edition of the Economics of Education report is now available (see below). 

We have held four Regional Education and Workforce Development Summits since late September that highlight information found in the new report.  The first Summit was held in Valdosta followed by presentations in Atlanta, Calhoun and Newnan.  Others will be announced when details are available. Join our mailing list to be among the first to know when those events are scheduled. Here is more information on the Summits:

Read about the Region 4 Summit (Newnan - November 20) (The Citizen)
Second report from the Newnan Summit (Coweta Times-Herald)

Read about the Atlanta Summit (October 3) (Public Broadcasting Atlanta)
Here is the video of that meeting.

Read about the Economics of Education-4 (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

The 4th Edition of Economics of Education is now available.  Once again the Georgia Chamber of Commerce partnered with us. Additionally, we are proud to welcome the support of the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. in the production of the publication.  Hard copies are available for $5 each to cover postage and handling.  Bulk requests will be priced per quantity requested.  Request copies. 

The briefing emphasizes the strong link between economic prosperity and the state's/individual community's public education system.  Audiences comprised of business, government, education and community leaders get a first-hand look at how important education is.  Without a first class system, a community's workforce can't be properly trained enough to attract businesses.

One Economics of Education message is the impact of poverty on learning.  Here is an excellent article that underlines that very point: Evidence mounting that poverty causes lasting physical and mental health problems for children.

Attendance at briefings is always good and the response enthusiastic.  Audiences are urged to get involved in their local systems and advice on how to do that is provided.  The Georgia Partnership also offers to work with communities to help them establish a plan to improve their schools.  (For more information or to schedule a briefing, contact the Partnership.)

Recent audiences have included:

Dawson County Chamber of Commerce
Troup County Chamber of Commerce
Dunwoody Rotary Club
Bartow County Chamber of Commerce
Liberty County Chamber of Commerce
Leadership Columbus
Leadership North Fulton
Georgia Rotary Club, Literacy Conference
Washington County Chamber of Commerce
Georgia Academy for Economic Development (Several)
Camden County Rotary Club
Leadership Gwinnett
Macon Chamber of Commerce
Vidalia Kiwanis Club
Technology Association of Georgia
Leadership Haralson
Annual Georgia PTA Conference
Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce
Paulding County Chamber of Commerce
Roswell Rotary Club
Multiple briefings presented at Education Policy Forums
Georgia Municipal Association
Leadership Southeast Georgia
Henry County Chamber of Commerce
Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators

The Economic Impact of Education

Community Colleges Nurture Both Students and Society, Report Says - Chronicle of Higher Ed


One community, after hearing the briefing, decided to form their own Economics of Education Committee that would focus on improving and supporting education.  Led by the local Elbert County Chamber of Commerce and the Community Partnership of Elbert County, citizens representing business, education, government and civic organizations, met to develop an Action Plan to guide their work.  Since that early work, the Georgia Partnership has worked with several communities to engage stakeholders and increase their awareness, advocacy, and support of school improvement efforts.

The Partnership facilitated this planning and strategizing.  The plan served as a step by step roadmap on how the group developed its strategy to improve education in Elbert County.  Here is the "The How To's of Community Planning" (second edition) brochure that is a snapshot of original work plus the community engagement process used in Troup County.  Hard copies of the brochure are available by contacting the Partnership.