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This program has already helped several Georgia communities focus on improving their public education systems.  More information is provided on the right side of this page.  If you have questions or need more information, drop Dr. Donna O’Neal a note.

Latest Programs

Congratulations to Forsyth County School System for its recent graduation rate of 87.78 percent.  Among schools with a class population of 2,000 or more, they are number 1!  We are very proud of our Community Engagement work with them that began in 2011 and was focused on improving their graduation rate.  Here's the report published after that project was completed:  PROPEL: Pathways for Reaching Opportunities in Preparing for Excellence in Life (July 2012) - Executive Summary  Full Report

We are very proud of our work conducted earlier in Forsyth County.

Paulding County, April 26
The Georgia Partnership joined representatives from the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement for the Summit that brought leaders together from a variety of groups to discuss how the community can contribute to preparing graduates in Paulding county for success in college and career.  Partnership President Dr. Steve Dolinger opened the meeting with the Economics of Education briefing.

Bulloch County, April 18
Another Education Summit was held in Statesboro, Thursday, April 18.  Here is the Economics of Education briefing that was presented by Steve Dolinger.


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Community Engagement

Dr. Donna O’Neal, center, leads a Community Engagement session recently in Paulding County.  Community leaders from a variety of perspectives come together to devise a plan that will ultimately improve the local education system.


The Georgia Partnership’s Community Engagement program began in 2005 as an offshoot of the very successful Economics of Education presentation.  Seventy-five community leaders in Elbert County invited the organization to help them create a community-wide effort at improving their public education system.  Troup, Butts, Bulloch, Paulding, Tattnal, Emanuel, and Forsyth Counties as well as Marietta and Calhoun City systems have since requested the Partnership’s help.

For details, check the The How To's of Community Planning brochure.

Check-out this PowerPoint presentation that explains the program in even more detail.