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The Continuous Road to Higher Georgia Standards

Building on the higher standards that were introduced in Georgia is part of the state’s continuous improvement objective. The bottom line will always be the children who fill our classrooms. The above photo was taken on the Georgia Partnership’s 2007 Bus Trip Across Georgia stop at Watkinsville’s Rocky Branch Elementary School. The 2008 Georgia Teacher of the Year Emily Jennette took time to pose with these beaming second graders. These children will be entering the 11th grade this year and finalizing their post-secondary plans.

For the latest stories on higher standards (Common Core) from across the country, visit the Better Standards for a Better Georgia Latest News page. 

Although the Georgia Partnership strongly endorses implementation of the higher standards, we believe open dialogue is healthy. Both support and opposition stories may be found on the Better Standards for a Better Georgia web site (see link above). 

Archived Stories:

Math.... This from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute:  Teachers Like Common Core Math, Why Don't Parents? (July 21)

Courtesy of the Education Writers Association: Common Core Math: A Glimpse Inside the Classroom. (July 15)

The Common Core has been around several years but still the misinformation continues.  This is from Buzz Feed: 5 Crazy Myths About Common Core. (July 14)

So what happened to the predictions of gloom and doom?  They haven't panned out, at least in Ohio.  This from the Celina Gazette: Fears Over Common Core Were Unfounded, Officials Say. (July 11)

The Hechinger Report addresses another positive from the higher standards:  Where Special Ed Students are Succeeding Under Common Core. July 8

Math under the higher standards... is it working?  This Forbes story seems to say so:  Why Math Education is Getting Better Despite All the Controversy. (July 7)

The testing discussion continues.  This from U.S. News & World Report: Education Department Continues to Prod States to Rethink Testing. (July 7)

Georgia has its homegrown Milestones assessments but this teacher writing in Real Clear Education explains Why States Should Make PARCC the Foundation of New Tests. (July 6)

The Sun reports this New York school finds the higher standards compatible with its values:  Frontier Pairs Close held values With Common Core. (June 30)

This Delaware teacher of the year writing in the NNSTOY explains why she has come to appreciate the higher standards: One Math Teacher's Journey from Frustration to Appreciation of the Common Core. (June 29) 

EducationPost encourages Let's Not Bypass Latino Parents in Fight Over Common Core. (June 28)

This Massachusetts teacher likes what Common Core Has brought to the classroom: Teaching More Than Just Literature. Thanks to the Metro Daily West. (June 27)

According to the Times-Tribune, in Pennsylvania: Professional Development is the Key to Common Core, Improving Achievement, Leaders Say. (June 27)

Education Week reports on an implementation problem: As Teachers Tackle New Student-Writing Expectations, Support Is Lacking. (June 22)

For the anti-Common Core crowd, this, from Hillsdale College, is for you: A Failing Grade for Common Core. (Originally published April 2015, posted June 22, 2016)

Here's a strong teacher voice from Education Week: How the Common Core Re-mapped the Way I Teach Writing. (June 21)

Here's more on testing from EducationNext:  The Issue is Bigger Than Just Testing. (June 21)

Here is an opinion piece from the Collaborative for Student Success, an organization that has long championed the higher standards provided through the CCSS: Common Core State Standards Remain the Best Way to Prepare Students for College and Career. (June 14)

We haven't touched on the math issue for awhile.  This from The Atlantic:  Debunking the Myths Behind "The Math Myths."  And this one from the Hechinger Report:  Elementary Teachers Struggle With Common Core Math Standards. (June 14)

Bailing on Common Core Tests is Costing States Millions, so says an article in the Daily Caller. (June 13)

If you are solidly in the higher standards corner, this Washington Post article will be of concern:  Common Core isn't preparing students very well for college or career, new report says. Here is a rebuttal from the Collaborative for Student Success: Common Core and College Readiness: There Is No Disconnect. (June 10)

More from the military perspective.  This from the Hill:  Military families bear the brunt of education inconsistencies. (May 31)

From the Huffington Post:  Those Who can, Teach: Why I'm Thankful This Teacher Appreciation Month. (May 27)

Texas hasn't bought into the Common Core but... this from Slate: State Math Standards Look Suspiciously Familiar. (May 27)

We always welcome the teacher voice to the higher standards debate.  This is provided by the Collaborative for Student Success:  Award Winning Teachers Share Thoughts on Common Core. (May 26)

Some Georgian's will argue the implementation of the Common Core here could have been better.  This research from the University of Arkansas offers insights on ways to make implementation better:  Survey Shows Leadership Effect on Common Core. (May 25)

Kentucky and the Common Core...  Here are a  couple different looks from the Hechinger Report:  Kentucky Thoroughly Sold Its Educators on Common Core. How? And More Than 5 years After Adopting Common core, State's Black & White Achievement Gap is Widening. (May 24)

We have entered the "looking for proof" stage of Common Core implementation.  EdSource provides this from California: State's graduation, drop out rates improve for sixth straight year. (May 20)

So what's going on in Utah?  Not sure but the Desert News reports:  State Board of Education Calls for Review of Common Core. (May 17)

Is all the testing fuss warranted? This U.S. News & World Report answers:  Teaching to the Test is OK. (May 16)

More support from  the American Action Forum for the argument that higher standards are a must: A Recipe for Prosperity: The Quality of Education Standards and Economic Growth. (May 13)

This story from Chalkbeat talks about states that turned backs on shared testing: They rejected multi-state common core exams.  Now what? (May 10)

Here's a different look inside the Common Core courtesy of the Education Writers Association: What Does Common Core Teaching Look Like? (May 9)

Here's more argument why the Common Core is good for military families/children.  This from [insidesources]: How to improve the education of 1 million kids. (May 6) 

It's hard to believe after all this time there's still a need to offer basic Common Core education.  This opinion piece comes from Cincinnati.com:  What are Common Core standards? (May 6)

Some states continue there efforts at reworking the Common Core but in most cases, the rework looks like... the Common Core.  NJ.com reports:  New Jersey revises, renames Common Core (May 6)

The new federal education chief appears on the PBS News Hour to discuss: Raising Education Standards and Changing the College Admissions Caste System. (May 4)

The 74 Million offers this commentary from former Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial editor Cynthia Tucker:  Why White Parents Might Want to Listen to Black Parents before Opting Out. (May 3)

More on the military front, this from Fox News:  Gov. Jan Brewer: Military Families Need High, Consistent Education standards. (April 27)

U.S. News & World Report provides more higher standards arguments:  A Hidden Benefit to Common Core. (April 27)

Some states are still touting high graduation rates even though many graduates are not prepared for post-secondary work.  This commentary from Learning Lab calls them out: It's Time to Stop Hiding Behind Graduation Rates. (April 26)

Interesting piece in Breitbart News.  The headline says it all:  Education Social Justice Group Says "New Majority" in Schools More Concerned About Funding, Racial Bias, Not Common Core. (April 21) 

Testing is an issue all over the country right now.  Here's a story from WAMU radio in the nation's capital:  Teachers in D.C., Maryland Keep Up The Pressure As PARCC Testing Season is Upon Us. (April 20)

This story from takepart offers an interesting perspective to the opt-out discussion: Why Some Black Leaders Aren't Down With Opting Out of Standardized Testing. (April 19)

MSNBC adds to the opt-out discussion:  Opinion: Wading through the debate over Common Core and opt-out. (April 18)

Here are differing opinions on the opt-out issue.  First, close to home from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Teacher: More parents should opt their children out of testing (subscription may be required). This from New York in The 74 Million: Opting out isn't about protecting kids.  It's about shielding teachers. (April 15)

Here's a series of stories from the New York Post: Passing the Common Core. (April 11)

We are seeing more opt-out give and take.  Here are a few more to go with earlier posts.  The first one is Georgia as reported on WXIA-TV: Grassroots movement grows for kids to opt out of standardized testing.  New York seems to be the hot-bed right now.  This from the Buffalo News: Dear Mr. Buffet: I've decided that I should opt out, too. This from The 74 Million: New York Catholic School Supt On Why Her students are Opting In.  The Huffington Post adds, Opting Your Kid Out? It Means Opting Out of Being a More Informed Parent and this from EduPost: Opting Out Co-ops Our Fight for Equity and Accountability. (April 11)

Math still a problem for you?  Check this new video on the subject provided by The 74 Million:  WATCH:  New Common Core video series shows how kids today learn math a better way. (April 6)

Often the result of lower standards is a need for remediation when students enter higher education.  NPR reports:  Taking high school courses in college costs students and their families nearly $1.5 billion. (April 6)

This mom believes Common Core is on the money when it comes to literacy.  The Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times reports:  Literacy is not just reading. (April 4)

The Opt-Out Issue

There's an "opt-in" movement growing in New York.  Will Georgia see one? The Collaborative for Student Success sends:  Calls for "opting-in" spread through New York. (April 5)

Here are a rash on opt-out stories.  First, on the "support the idea" side:  Historian calls for national opt out of high stakes standardized tests (Washington Post). And this: Teachers e-mail parents to opt-out of tests (New York Daily Post). Now, equal time for the "don't opt-out" crowd:  Despite protests on state testing, some parents happy to opt-in (New York Times). And Al Sharpton supports testing in schools (New York Post). (April 4)

We have included several stories about the trials and tribulations of Oklahoma after dumping the Common Core.  Here's another one from the Daily Caller:  What Oklahoma can teach America about politicizing education. (April 4)

Senate Bill 355, if signed by Gov. Deal, will provide some protections for students who choose to opt out of mandatory tests and teachers who refuse to give them.  Expect that discussion to increase here in Georgia.  Check this from Newsday: Why our daughter is not opting out of state tests. (April 1)

This eSchool News story: Common Core is changing the way schools teach ELA and math references the Brown Center report: How Well Are American Students Learning? (March 31)

Here's more military support for the higher standards. The Association of the United States Army: Military children must have higher K-12 education standards. (March 30)

Using art in the Common Core seems to be working based on this Daily Journal report: Increased emphasis: Art offers new ways to teach core subjects. (March 23) 

California is stepping up efforts to help parents better understand higher standards math.  This from the Modesto Bee: Schools' family math nights play up Common Core pluses. (March 18)

It's always good to receive stories about how the Common Core is making a difference in the classroom.  The San Jose Mercury News reports Students use math skills learned in classroom to build golf courses.

The Learning First Alliance sent us this note from Louisiana teachers who offer proof the higher standards are facilitating learning:  This is how Common Core advances classroom learning. (March 14)

The Common Core and the higher standards they bring seem to be progressing well.  This article in The Seventy Four discusses that:  3 Things We Learned About the Future of Education at South by Southwest Education. (March 11)

The argument that the need for higher standards is a military priority is compelling.  This latest is from the Daily Caller:  The Army's Number One need for the future: Smarter recruits. (March 10)

Common Core math.  What are we so afraid of? That question is posed by Education Week. (March 10)

U.S. News & World Report offers this story:  Academic Expectations Around the Country, Updated for Common Core. (March 8)

Here's more teacher voice, this time from the CommonWealth: Common Core supports great teaching. (March 7)

This Forbes-Education story reports on a recent Harvard study that indicates the higher standards are having a positive impact:  The Surprising impact the Common Core is Already Having on Schools. (March 3)

There's definitely more to this Education Week story than the headline.  Read it all to get the complete message: Why the Common Core will be declared a  failure. (March 3) 

High education standards and the US military
The Hill

This repeats an alarming story we have heard before... the state of education and military readiness. (February 26)

How academic standards empower teachers 
Louisville Courier-Journal

More teacher voice in support of the higher standards. (February 26)

Do Delaware teachers love Common Core?

Read on for the answer. (February 26)

Don't lower the bar
Baltimore Sun

The paper urges policy makers not to go backwards on education standards. (February 26)

We must all be responsible for educating African-American kids
Christian Post

This is a thought provoker. (February 26)

Common Core's Happy Days May Be Here Again
Huffington Post

Things looking up for the higher standards? Maybe, according to this. (February 23)

Opting Out is the Wrong Choice for Our Kids
HuffPost Black Voices

This article says opting out could hurt African American kids hard. (February 23)

Common Core Tests Assess Student Achievement Differently
U.S. News & world Report

Until we get on the same sheet of music, will we be able to compare apples to apples? (February 23)

Why are many students with "A" averages being barred from college-level classes? 
Hechinger Report

Its' all about standards. (February 23)

How the Department of Defense schools are teaching their version of Common Core math
Hechinger Report

Here is an interesting piece from the Hechinger Report on the bug-a-boo subject of math. (February 23)

In the age of Common Core, states are still defining 'proficient' differently
Washington Post

More on the "honesty gap." (February 22)

Common Core Standards: A necessary step forward
Easton Courier

We don't print many letters to the editor but this one from a teacher in  Connecticut is worth making an exception.  (February 22)

The Common Core: Setting The Record Straight

Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett has long been a supporter of the higher standards provided by the Common Core. (February 2016)

The wasteful push to fix Common Core - States are spending millions to develop new standards, and for what? 
New York Daily News

States that have tried overhauling the standards have found it is not easy. (February 2016) 

Op-Ed - When perception is Not Reality - A Local Teacher Talks of Common Core
The Chestertown Spy (Maryland)

We haven't heard from a teacher lately. Here's a positive first-person account. (February 2016)

Many parents hated Common Core math at first, before figuring it out
Washington Post

Hey!  This math stuff isn't so tough. (February 2016) 

More state tests are "getting honest" about how few kids are ready for college, but there are outliers

The latest Achieve honesty gap analysis has resulted in several stories.  Here is one from the Hechinger Report: See other stories on the Better Standards for a Better Georgia web site. (February 2016)

After Common Core, States Set Rigorous Standards

Are the higher standards working?  This public education advocacy group thinks so. (January 2016): 

New analysis of math, reading scores, 'very disconcerting'
USA Today

More proof higher standards are needed? (January 2016) 

Common Core State Standards aren't so easy to replace
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

As some states continue to talk about instituting their own version of higher standards, the Fordham Institute issues this warning. (January 2016) 

Teacher Shares Her Thoughts on Common Core
Collaborative for Student Success 

This elementary math teacher likes the higher standards and used the organization's Facebook page to express her support. (January 2016)

Military families need Common Core
U.S. News & World Report

This is a strong argument for the Common Core across the nation. (January 2016)

What you may be misunderstanding about the Common Core

More teacher voice! (January 2016)

It's not your job to teach Common Core math when helping with homework
Hechinger Report

This takes a look at that pesky math issue.  The message: Back off parents!

Why parents don't need to fear Common Core math 
Thomas B. Fordham institute

Parents needn't worry.  Here's why. (January 2016)

2015 Articles/Editorials

Common Core doesn't inhibit creativity
Macomb Daily

Another teacher speaks out in favor of the higher standards. (December 2015)  

What the first round of test results say about Common Core progress
The PBS News Hour

This story takes a look at the controversial testing issue. (December 2015) 

Good Tests Are good for students
U.S. News & World Report

Georgia's former governor, Sonny Perdue, adds his voice to the testing debate. (December 2015)

A Common Core check-up: Not dead yet
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Core opponents are always looking for the negatives so they can herald the "end is near." Mike Petrilli says, not so fast. (December 2015) 

Congressman John Kline, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce Talks NCLB and Common Core
Collaborative for Student Success

Check this self-explanatory piece. (Dec ember 2015):

You're wrong about Common Core math: Parents, it makes more sense than you think

Common Core math... them is fightin' words to many.  But wait! (December 2015) 

Conceptual math understanding through number lines

This Washington state math teacher adds her voice in supporting the higher standards math. (December 2015) 

Messaging the Common Core: My Three Rules

This teacher underscores the importance of teacher voice in the Common Core debate. (December 2015)

Staying the Course on Higher State Standards
Business Roundtable Blog

This blog written by Roundtable president and former Michigan Gov. John Engler, takes exception with a recent negative Wall Street Journal article. (November 2015) 

Understanding Common Core style models
Math Memoirs

Want, need more higher standards math help?  Read on. (December 2015)

Study analyzes NAEP, Common Core math alignment
American Institutes for Research

If you like to "get in the weeds," here's something for you. (November 2015)

Superintendents to schools: Stop fighting over Common Core
Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle

The higher standards are working so don't get caught up in the back-and-forth arguments. Stay focused on success! (November 2015)

The Common Core Doesn't Inhibit Creativity
America Achieves

Another argument against the Core is that it hinders creativity.  This Michigan teacher says "not true." (November 2015)

Idaho teacher shares her love of Common Core math on Facebook
Collaborative for Student Success

Here's another teacher testimonial. (November 2015) 

Core of the Matter: Kentucky's Story of Collaboration and Student Success
Alliance for Excellent Education

The Core has been "very, very good" to Kentucky. (November 2015)

Early results of Common Core survey mostly positive
New York Daily Post

If you support the new higher standards, then this is good news. (November 2015) 

Setting the record straight on Common Core and student data
Seattle Times

One of the key arguments against the CCSS is that it abuses the collection of student data. This article counters that. (November 2015)

Proper testing brings needed dose of reality to education
Albuquerque Journal

The paper adds its voice to the pro-testing argument. (November 2015) 

It's Working #inmyclassroom
Educators for Higher Standards

Another teacher stands up for the Common Core. (November 2015)

Pro: On Common Core, there's more agreement than disagreement. Now the down side: The collapse of Common Core
Austin American-Statesman

It has been awhile since we offered a CCSS pro and con. (November 2015) 

Standards should be about students not elections
Louisville Courier-Journal

Here's a supporting voice we haven't heard much from: students. (November 2015) 

Common Core tougher for parents
NBC San Diego

This school administrator feels the higher standards are more of a challenge for parents than students. (December 2015)

9 Ways the Wall Street Journal Got it Wrong on Common Core
Education Post

The Collaborative for Student Success' Karen Nussel takes the Wall Street Journal to task for an earlier story on the Common Core. (November 2015):

Parents brush up on students' math
Los Angeles Times

OK parents, watch this! That is what one California district is saying when it comes to Common Core math.  (November 2015)

Helping with Homework Help: Teaching Parents Common Core Math
ABC News

One of the big arguments against Common Core is the math component... parents don't get it! (November 2015)

National assessment: What the latest results should tell us The latest Huffington Post

The latest NAEP scores aren't great and have people talking. And this from Education Week:  Drop in U.S. math, reading scores prompts blame game (November 2015)

 A High Point Among Low Scores 
U.S. New & World Report

The latest NAEP scores are out and there's a lot of reaction. More from the New York Times:  Nationwide test shows dip in students' math abilities
(November 2015)

Breaking Up with My iPhone Calculator, and other Math Thoughts
Collaborative for Student Success

Math, math and more math. This addresses that sticky issue. (November 2015)

The Common Core math quiz that has everyone outraged isn't about the Common Core - it's worse
Business Insider

This takes a look at the latest math controversy. (October 2015)

Johnny still can't read, but we pretend he can
This Des Moines Register

This editorial supports the need for higher standards. (October 2015) 

Just as military won't lower the bar, neither should Florida's educators
Orlando Sentinel

(Free registration required) This commentary from a retired Army general officer  argues that higher standards are a national security issue. (October 2015)

Common Core math is not the enemy
Educators for Higher Standards

This teacher addresses the perplexing issue of math under the higher standards. (October 2015) 

Surprising themes in my first-grader's public school reading

This Alabama parent (and reporter) likes what he sees when it comes to reading under the higher standards. (October 2015) 

Local education influences military base decisions
San Antonio Express News

Does the military consider the quality of local education systems when making decisions that will impact their personnel?  According to this report, yes. (October 2015)

Two Questions Every Teacher Should Answer about the Common Core

This suggestion from a 4th grade teacher in Washington state could earn more support for the higher standards.  (October2 015) 

Common Core math explained in three minutes
Achieving Tomorrow

This story/video is for anyone who can't figure out Common Core math and is ready to kill the higher standards because of that. (October 2015)

Teacher:  It will take time to meet new Common Core standards
The Union

This Nevada teacher urges patience. (October 2015)

Common Core State Standards: Setting the record straight
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Need another Common Core primer?  This is the latest one. (October 2015)

Another state redefines "proficiency" on Common Core tests, inflating performance
Washington Post

This time, Arkansas. WAIT! Here's an update in the Arkansas Times:  We made a mistake.  We are not forsaking higher standards.

How Common Core quietly won the war

This article seems to be saying, the fight is over.  Really? (October 2015) 

2015 Parent Poll
Education Post

Here are the results of what parents are saying. They want testing to work for kids, not just the "system," and see themselves as most responsible for student learning. (October 2015)

Common Core, Common Measure
U.S. News & World Report

This says although detractors still have some arguments, one thing seems clear: never before has there been the ability to compare student performance between states. (October 2015)

No Quick Fix in Education - Common Core will take time to implement but it's critical to assessing student learning
U.S. News & World Report

This letter from the National PTA president supports the Common Core and urges patience. (October 2015) 

The Common Core State Standards are good for Democrats and Republicans
Huffington Post

Some common sense about the Common Core. (October 2015) 

Math content in schools adding to the achievement gap
Washington Post

Here is another argument for the higher standards presented by the Common Core. (October 2015)

How Republicans turned on Common Core

This piece tries to analyze how Republicans, once supporters of higher national standards, came to oppose them. (September 2015)

Here's Why Math is Taught Differently Now
MathPlus Academy

Math... Usually that is all you have to say and many parents start complaining because they just don't understand how it is taught. This video might help. (October2 015): 

Business Leaders Know Common Core is Essential to America's Workforce.
The Seventy Four

How does the business community view the higher standards?  This article sheds some light on that. (September, 2015)

Support for Common Core continues to wane

There are many Common Core polls out there.  Most we have seen have been supportive. Not this one. (September 2015) 

"At first we were angry:" Four teachers explain how Common Core changed their jobs.

These teachers talk specifics about the higher standards. (September2 015)

Former secretary of education touts Common Core
New Hampshire Union Leader

Here is a strong conservative voice in support of the higher standards. (September 2015)

Here, step by step, is how Common Core transformed one middle school's English classes

You want specifics?  Here are specifics courtesy of Slate. (September 2015)

U.S. candidates slam Common Core, but education standards take root

Although many presidential candidates are saying the Common Core must be revoked, more and more they look like they are here to stay. 9September 2015)

The surprising conservative roots of the Common Core: How conservatives gave rise to ‘Obamacore’

Much of the opposition directed at the Common Core is coming from conservatives. This piece points out that is exactly where roots of the higher standards come from. (September 2015)

Test wake-up call is on the way
USA Today

Testing and test scores are dominating the Common Core discussion right now.  (September2 015).

Opinion: The Common Core has been a game changer for the military (and military families)
The Seventy Four

This story tells us why Common Core is good for our military men and women and their families. (September 2015)

Standardized tests can help combat inequity
Washington Post

This article addresses the testing issue from the positive side. (September 2015)

The day Common Core came home

We have heard the horror stories about parents who can't handle Common Core math.  Here's one parent - and a columnist for AL.com - who sees what it's all about AND he likes it. (September 2015)

The complicated politics of national standards: Even more sources of opposition (Part 2 of 3).

Although most of the information we see supports the Core, there's still strong opposition.  Part 1 of 3.

Polls don't show Common Core revolt
U.S. News & World Report

This story says don't be fooled by loud voices against the Common Core.  Recent polls say otherwise. (September 2015)

The hard work, tears of Common Core are worth it
Modesto Bee

This California mom and PTA president expresses her belief in the higher standards. (August 2015)

Common Core coming to DoD Schools.
Military Times

The headline says it all. (August 2015)

Common Core math helps students of color achieve.
Philadelphia Tribune

Here is another classroom testimonial. (August 2015)

 "Make no mistake, Common Core is raising the bar in my district."
The Seventy Four

This school administrator from New York is seeing results, (August 2015)

Common Core's silent majority: As unions and GOP Presidential candidates bash standards, Americans remain supportive
The Seventy Four

As is often the case, you have to look through the smoke to get the true story. (August 2015)


Test opt-outs teach kids the wrong lesson
USA Today

The testing issue continues to be a hot topic of discussion. (August 2015)

Common Core is here to stay
Fox News

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer offers her opinion on why the higher standards are right and aren't going to be killed. (August 2015)

Common Core Doesn't Kill Creativity
U.S. News & World Report

This article debunks the argument that teachers have their hands tied by the higher standards. (August 2015)

Common Core helps military parents
Military Times

The military perspective is often lost in the discussion.  (August 2015)

People Like Common Core Better Once They Know What It Is

There's still a lot of head scratching over the higher standards but this tells us once given factual information they support the higher standards. (August 2015)

Core of the Matter: Using the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards to Take the Classroom Experience to a Broader, More Authentic Audience
Alliance for Excellent Education

It is easy to lose focus on the value of the higher standards.  This piece provides some good insight. (August 2015)

The right and left poison Common Core with inflammatory rhetoric
Washington Post

It's hard for the public to really understand the higher standards when there is so  much disinformation being pushed.

What all parents should know about Common Core test scores.

The beat goes on when it comes to Common Core and testing. As the political season progresses, so does the dialogue. (August 2015)

Academic expectations around the country, in two maps.
Hechinger Report

This story clearly explains why the nation is in need of common higher standards. (August 2015)

Military children's education standards affect Army retention.
The Association of the United States Army

This tells us higher standards in the classroom really do have an impact on retention numbers. (August 2015)

Happy New Year with Higher Standards
Educators for Higher Standards

As schools get ready for a new year, many teacher voices are being raised in support of keeping higher standards and expectations. (August 2015)

Public Supports Testing, Opposes Opt-Out, Opposes Federal Intervention.

The publication's recent survey examines variety of Common Core related issues. (August 2015)

"Gov. Hutchinson, Please Save Common Core in Arkansas."
The Seventy Four

The "teacher voice" carries special weight when it comes to arguing for higher standards.  These two teachers make a strong case. (August 2015)

Raising expectations means raising student achievement
Idaho Statesman

This teacher believes in the Common Core and hopes the public will listen to her. (July 2015)

Who struggles with Common Core math? Parents.
Arizona Republic

One of the big arguments against the Common Core from many parents has been, "I can't do the math!"  Many Arizona parents are starting to see the light.  (July 2015)

Tests are a part of life
U.S. News & World Report

Let's talk testing.  This piece says snap out of the "opt out mode." (July 2015)

GOP Wrong to Run from Common Core - Because the Standards are Working
The Seventy Four

We have been shying away from the politics side of the higher standards but this story is worth including. Many conservative presidential candidates say they oppose the Common Core.  This conservative icon warns them against their uninformed positions. (July 2015): 

Survey: More Parents Satisfied with City Schools

Here's a  higher standards success story from NEWE York city. (July 2015)

Common Core test results due next month: "It's not going to be pretty."
Modesto Bee

The possible results from the first batch of Common Core testing have some worried. (July 2015)

Common Core materials penetrate every state
Education Week

Even some states that have not adopted the Common Core are using some of the materials. (July 2015)

Common Core under fire from both the right and left
Albuquerque journal

This story points out the standards have opposition on both sides of the aisle but they have staunch support as well. (July 2015)

Award Winning School Counselors Discuss Transition to Common Core
Learning First Alliance

Here is more teacher voice in support oft he higher standards. (July 2015)

5 Years After Common Core - State of the States
Mission Readiness

If you are a Common Core supporter, this is a good news story. (July 2015)

Real World Lessons:  How one state rolled out the Common Core
BAM Radio/Common Core Radio

This story is an interview with a North Carolina teacher who believes in the higher standards for her students. (July 2015)

States Differ Dramatically in Their Academic Expectations
Huffington Post

The latest NAEP study shines light on the difference in academic standards across state boundaries. (July 2015)

Proficient Now Means Prepared
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The organization adds its powerful business voice to why we need higher standards. (July 2015)

Economic Outlook: Good Education Needed to Maintain a  Globally Competitive Workforce
Idaho Politics Weekly

Here is a business voice speaking up for the Common Core. 9JUly 2015)

The places kids can go if teachers lead them there

This piece features a teacher who believes in the higher standards. (July 2015)

Group: Common Core standards working, advocates tweaks
Glen Falls PostStar

The educators and parents in this report believe the higher standards are working. (July 2015)

Higher Ed Groups Reiterate Their support for Higher Standards in K-12
Inside Higher ED

For the Common Core to reach its full potential, it must have the support and confidence of the higher education community. (July 2015)

What Parents Think About the Common Core
The New Teacher Project

What are parents saying about the higher standards?  This small snapshot tries to shed light on that question. (July 2015)

A Common Core Math Problem:  How Many States Have Adopted the Standards?
Education Week

This is the latest story providing an update on Common Core states.  The story also looks at states that have rejected the Core only to adopt standards that look amazingly like what they rejected. (July 2015)

Military Families Get Short-changed in Education:  They Deserve Better
The Christian Post

This is another piece that addresses the education of the children of our military families and why the Common Core is important to them. (July 2015)

Improve tests, don't ax them
Columbus Dispatch

This editorial is aimed at Ohio lawmakers who are considering doing away with standardized tests. (July 2015)

The Common Core is Not the Problem
Education Week

These Education Week reporters say don't blame the higher standards for assessment issues.  (June 2015)

Meet the test-maker behind Common Core exams
Fox News Sunday

One of the primary testing agencies, PARCC, has taken a lot of heat lately.  So who heads this organization and what does she have to say about the testing controversy?  (June 2015)

Lessons from a principal from a Kentucky school that went from one of the worst to one of the best under Common Core
Washington Monthly

The title tells the story! (June 2015)

Schools on U.S. military installations raising standards, tracking students beyond high school
Hechinger Report

This is another story about the impact of Common Core on military installations.  (June 2015)

Let's not settle for good enough schools
Education Post

This story presents a teacher's thoughts on the higher standards in Colorado. (June 2015)

Do the arts go hand-in-hand with the Common Core?
Hechinger Report

What about the arts under the higher standards? (June 2015)

Kendrick Lamar and this N.J. teacher are bonding over 'hip-hop' education

This report puts the focus on a teacher who is using Common Core in a unique way to connect with kids. (June 2015)

Raising the Bar on Expectations for Student Learning
Higher Standards

This is another teacher testimonial, this time provided by the Arkansas Teacher of the Year. (June 2015)

Meet the new Common Core
New York Times

Some states have decided to can the Core.  Some other governors are hoping to do the same.  One problem, the replacement looks like... the Common Core. (June 2015)

Common Core can help Latino students


Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson believes in the Common Core and feels the higher standards can help Latino students. (June 2015)

Why I believe students should have the same standards
Washington Post

Want some pro and con on the Common Core?  These two principals offer interesting point/counterpoint discussion. (June 2015)

Common Core standards help ensure better prepared students

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

This technical college president in Wisconsin makes a pleas to keep the Common Core. (June 2015)

How one school fashions geometry lessons from recyclables

Time to look inside the Common Core to see how one school is using it to teach. (June 2015)

Common Core algebra seen as tougher
Education Week

(Free registration required.) This story focuses on math content under the new higher standards - algebra. (June 2015)

Competition the common thread of Common Core
Albuquerque Journal

This editorial strongly supports the higher standards both for the state and the nation. (June 2015)

Don't do away with testing
Washington Post

The paper takes a formal stand on the questions surrounding testing in our public schools. (June 2015)

'I want to give my students access to the world'

Here's another supporting teacher voice for the Common Core. (June 2015)

Why are so many states replacing Common Core with carbon copies?
Hechinger Report

Several states that have abandoned the Common Core State Standards have adopted standards that look suspiciously like those they rejected. (June 2015)

A Poster Child for Common Core
Washington Post

Oklahoma retreated from the common core last year.  What did it get them? According to the article, a mess. (May 2015)

In an Early Adopter, Common Core faces Little Pushback
Wall Street Journal

It's too bad we can't share the entire Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) but even the free first paragraphs tell the story. (May 2015)

How Common Core levels the paying field

One of the big arguments for the Common Core is that it brings education equality to the table. (May 2015)

Common Core is not a government takeover
Education Week

Some people are getting tired of hearing the long standing argument - the federal government is hijacking local education - against the higher standards. (May 2015)

Common Core retains outspoken supporters despite conservative backlash
Washington Times

Are the higher standards "sticking?"  This article says, yes! (May 2015)

Teachers Poll: Make No Mistake About It, Common Core Produces Critical Thinkers
Daily Caller

This is a  poll of teachers in Arkansas who say they like the higher standards but not the testing that goes with them. (May 2015)

Inspiring the best in our students through cross-curriculum collaboration
Educators for Higher standards

These teachers believe the higher standards are working. (may 2015)

Does Common Core represent a national takeover of education?

A question heard often in Alabama these days is should the state repeal the higher standards. (April 2015)

A few common sense reasons not to opt out of tests
Chalkbeat Colorado

This teacher tells parents to reconsider "opting out." (April 2015)

Stakes for "high stakes" tests are actually pretty low
Hechinger Report

We are hearing a lot about the tests.  This story takes a close look and asks, "So what about these tests?" (April 2015)

Three keys to Kentucky's Common Core success

Kentucky is considered to be the standard bearer when it comes to higher standards.  This piece looks at the reasons. (April 2015)

Texas A&M professor fails entire class: Is this a millennials problem?
Christian Science Monitor

Want more proof we need to raise standards?  This may be it. (April 2015)

Common Core gets a footing
Inside Higher Ed

Post secondary institutions have been quiet about the Common Core.  That may be changing now. (April 2015)

Traction limited in rolling back Common Core
Education Week

This story details the foundering efforts to scuttle the higher standards in several states. (April 2015)

Are the Common Core tests turning out to be a big success or a resounding failure?
Hechinger Report

There's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the first round of Common Core tests. (April 2015)

Common Core standards essential for military readiness

This former U.S. Army general now retired in Alabama is urging state lawmakers there not to rollback the higher standards. (April 2015)

Flight? Fight? Or Shift Gears?CORElaborate

This teacher offers a unique look at testing.  Bottom line, she likes the new standards and says, let's get to work. (April 2015)

Commissioner: Test identifies districts needing help.  
Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal (Maine)

Here is how one state education leader is answering test critics. (April 2015) 

What is developmentally appropriate math?
Preschool Matters

We have often heard the argument that Common Core math is not age appropriate for younger students.  This article challenges that. (April 2015)

Watch a 5th grader deliver the Common Core speech that our lawmakers didn't want to hear.

What about the student voice?  Check this video of a student who believes in the higher standards. (April 2015)

Oklahoma gave Common Core an ‘F,’ but its teachers still give it an ‘A’.
Hechinger Report

Gone but not forgotten in Oklahoma.  Politicians may have canned it but teachers know its value. (April 2015)

Some Parents Oppose Standardized Testing on Principle, but Not in Practice.
New York Times

This story continues the spotlight on Common Core testing. (September 2015)

SUNY chancellor on upcoming state tests: 'If kids opt out, we risk them being left behind.'

A higher ed administrator issues an opt out warning. (April 2015)

Common Core tests raise the bar for all students
New York Post

Here's an argument for the higher standards testing. (April 2015) 

Why colleges should care about the Common Core
Education Week

This article makes a case why post-secondary education should be embracing the higher standards. (April 2015)

Opting out your kid risks her future - and every other kid's too
New York Daily News

What are the risks of opting out?  Here's an opinion. (April 2015)

A Great Awakening for history and social studies

The Common Core is focused on math and language arts but this story sats there are other benefits. (April 2015)

Former Arizona Governor:  Stop fighting common ore and focus on issues
Arizona Republic

Former Governor Jan Brewer, who championed the Common Core in here state, now tells legislators to stop fighting and get to work improving public education. (April 2015)

More fizzle than spark: GOP efforts to sink Common core are failing
Education Post

Much of the opposition has come from the Republican side of the aisle.  This article says although grabbing headlines, it's not working. (April 2015)

Common Core math explained in 3 minutes

"That Common Core math is crazy!" That complaint has been raised often but this might help. (April 2015)

There is no Common Core math - only good and bad teaching materials

If you have been following Common Core happenings, you no doubt have heard the horror stories swirling around "Common Core math."  This teacher in MichiganLive says there is no such thing. (April 2015)

Why my daughter will take the PARCC test
Asbury Park (NJ) Press

New Jersey is one of the states using PARCC for testing.  This parent is not joining the opt-out movement and tells why. (April 2015)

Common Core is hard but that doesn't mean we should quit

This military mom offers her unique perspective why she believes in the higher, shared standards. (April 2015)

Report:  Students With More Common Core Exposure

This is an interesting report from Kentucky that shows the nation's first students  exposed to the Common Core are showing signs they are learning faster after being introduced to the higher standards. (April 2015)

What Nevada teachers think about the Common Core
Center for American Progress

More teacher voices are raised here in YouTube videos in support of the higher standards. (April 2015)

Why we don't need to get rid of Common Core to have play in kindergarten
New America Ed Central

This story attempts to rebut the argument that the new standards are not appropriate for early grades and take the fun out of learning for younger students. (April 2015)

Editorial: Opting out of Common Core will solve nothing

This newspaper joins the growing chorus of voices saying the opt-out movement is a non-starter. (April 2015)

Teacher sees good in Common Core
New York Post Star

Here is another teacher testimonial for the critical thinking skills that come with the higher standards. (April 2015)

Opting out is not a solution
Columbus Dispatch

Testing opt-out a mistake
Albany (NY) Times-Union

These two stories agree that the movement to boycott the first wave of Common Core testing is a mistake. (March 2015)

Common Core critics are loud but losing

Although critics are vocal in their opposition, this story seems to think their efforts are getting the job done. (March 2015)

The Red State That likes Common Core

A calm in the storm?  That appears to be the case of Wyoming when it comes to the Common Core. (March 2015)

A struggle worth having for students
Washington Post

This is an especially nice "teacher voice" story in support of the higher standards. (March 2015)

Reports show small gains after Common Core
U.S. News & World Report

It may be too early to tell if these positive signs are a result of the higher standards but good news is good news. (March 2015)

Parents should welcome the new Common Core tests
The Daily Beast

After loud opposition to the first wave of Common Core testing comes some push back. (March 2015)

Common Core tests will widen achievement gap - at first
Hechinger Report

This story explains that we can expect an initial increase in the achievement gap but it will then begin to close. (March 2015)

What this spring's Common Core tests promised, and what they will actually deliver
Hechinger Report

Testing... although Georgia is not in the PARCC/Smarter Balance discussion, it's important to watch what is happening. (March 2015)

Cyber snoops track student activity

If you are a Common Core opponent, you will probably put this in the "I told you so" folder. (March 2015)

Common Core means three tests in three years

This story focused on Michigan underlines some of the continuing testing controversy sweeping the nation. (March 2015)

Common Core renews our commitment to public schooling
Christian Post

Here's support fort he higher standards from the faith-based side of the house. (March 2015)

Parents weigh the lessons of Common Core testing
The Market Place - Learning Curve

This is more on the national battle now underway. (March 2015)

Core of the Matter: Keeping up the Pace with Common Core
Alliance for Excellence in Education

This teacher commentary provides more classroom insight and perspective. (March 2015)

Should Kids Be Allowed to Opt out of Standardized Tests?
Huffington Post

By the amount of articles we are seeing, you could think everyone believes opting out of assessments is the right thing to do.  The Huffington Post reports, maybe not. (March 2015)

Criticism of Common core is misdirected
Seattle Times

This piece acknowledges the new standards have had a polarizing impact but urges opponents to give them a chance to work. (March 2015)

Opt-Out Movement About More Than Tests Advocates Say
U.S. News & World Report

There may be more behind the "opt-out" testing movement across the country.  Is this the latest attempt to scuttle the Common Core? (March 2015)

Despite opt-outs, PARCC testing numbers soar
U.S. News & World Report

Don't believe all the gloom and doom you read about national assessments now being conducted across the U.S. (March 2015)

Colleges not ready for the Common Core

One of the selling points for the Common Core is it better prepares our students for post secondary work but this story raises concerns that our colleges aren't ready. (March 2015)

I wish I could opt out of writing this
Foundation for Excellence in Education

Here's a different slant on the "opt out" craze.  This Edfly Blog blogger says it would be great if we could opt out of anything we really didn't want to do. (March 2015)

Opinion:  Let states take the lead in education
Washington Post

As the 2016 election season nears, there will be more candidates speaking out for or against the Common Core.  The Washington Post published this supportive piece from probable candidate Jeb Bush. (March 2015)

U.S, Needs Common Core in all states
Albuquerque Journal

This college president from New Mexico makes a compelling case for the Common Core. (March 2015)

Common Core brings needed continuity
Stars and Stripes

Here's more from the military argument that higher standards are a matter of national security. (March 2015)

As Common Core testing is ushered in, students and parents opt out
New York Times

The testing issue is getting bigger.  This story tells us more about the "opting out" craze. (March 2015)

Unable to repeal Common Core, foes try sabotage

This is an in-depth look at where Common Core opposition is today. (February 2015)

How Twitter is shaping the #CommonCore debate
Hechinger Report

Have you Tweeted about Common Core?  Many people are and it could be having an impact. (February 2015)

Common Core tests get mixed reviews
Newark Advocate

How is testing going.  This report gives us a sneak-peek from Ohio. (February 2015)

Poll finds widespread misperceptions about the Common Core standards
Tampa Times

After several years of discussion, many Americans still don't have a clear understanding of the Common Core State Standards. (February 2015)

Lead writer responds to Common Core English gripes
Hechinger Report

There are critics who don't like the Common Core English standards.  This publication asked one of the standards authors to respond. (February 2015)

Suburbia and Its Common Core Conspiracy Theories
The Atlantic

So what's behind the continuing opposition to the Core?  This article attempts to analyze that from the suburban mom perspective. (February 2015)

Common Core doesn't hinder learning
Detroit News

Common Core math is worth the effort
Fresno Bee

Teachers speak glowingly of Common Core
The New York Daily News

A teacher speaks up for Common Core math
Charleston Gazette

The all important teacher voice comes across loud in clear in these series of articles from a variety of publications. (February 2015)

Superintendent supports Common Core
Pocohantas Times

This West Virginia educational leader goes on the record in support of the new standards. (February 2015)

Common Core is working; Nevada mustn't turn back
Las Vegas Review-Journal

This piece focuses on what is happening in Nevada but it is also a good general piece why the U.S. should move ahead with the new higher standards. (February 2015)

Twin victories for the Common Core
The Daily Caller

This article points out wins for higher standards in both Mississippi and North Dakota. (February 2015)

A teacher gets honest about the Common Core: 'Standing still never got us anywhere'
Education Post

This commentary is right from the classroom. (February 2015)

With Common Core testing you get what you pay for

This piece ties the testing and expensed issue together.
Marketplace (February 2015)

Guess What, Mom?  Common Core Can Be Good for Your Kindergartner
Education Post

This story helps parents better understand the value of the higher standards. (February 2015)

Common Core Contains Anti-American History, But It Doesn't Have Any History Requirements
Think Progress

One of the frustrations in the Common Core argument is the misinformation that continues to muddy the issue.  Here is an example. (February 2015)

A Common Core Debate
Fox News Sunday

This debate moderated by Chris Wallace pits for Secretary of Education Bill Bennett (for) against newly elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott (against).  Here is some fallout from that discussion:  Our number system: a no-go zone for the Tea Party and An argument for Common Core. (February 2015)

Conservatives hate Common Core.  The rest of America?  Who knows?
Washington Post

It seems if you are a conservative, you are against the Common Core.  At least that is what this story seems to say. (January 2015)

Current testing system will crumble
Chalkbeat Indiana

That headline is the opinion of the president of the National Education Association. (January 2015)

Coherency in Education Standards - Why Does It Matter?
Educators for Higher Standards

This teacher explains why the Common Core is a good idea that she supports. (January 2015)

Commission weighs options for Common Core
Star News Online

The Common Core is a toss up in North Carolina but what about elsewhere? (January 2015)

What Common Core has in common with broccoli

Here's a new way of looking at the Common Core State Standards. (January 2015)

John Kasich Calls Out Conservatives Who Oppose Common Core
Huffington Post

Many conservatives considering a run for the presidency in 2016 have come out against the Common Core.  Ohio's governor takes them to task. (January 2015)

Education system in need of remediation
San Diego Union-Tribune

This opinion piece argues in support of the Common Core. (January 2015)

What happens when the Common Core becomes less... common?
The Washington Post

Testing under the Common Core remains an issue as several states have opted not to join the test consortia. (January 2015)

What's Your Problem With Common Core?
Michigan's Teacher of the Year

Here's another "teacher voice" commentary in support of the Common Core. (January 2015)

Why 2015 is a crucial year for the Common Core

2015 is here so let the predictions begin!  Here is the first story of the new year looking ahead at what is in store for the Core. (January 2015)