Our Position

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education believes our students must be college and career ready and as a result, we fully support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Georgia.  Best practice research tells us that the Common Core builds on previous Georgia Performance Standards and improves them. 

The Georgia Partnership and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce announced at a February, 2014 press conference at the State Capitol that a coalition of business, education, civic and military organizations had been formed in support of the Common Core State Standards (Common Core Georgia Performance Standards).  The Better Standards for a Better Georgia Coalition believes staying-the-course with the higher standards is the right thing to do for our state and our students.  Check the press release.

Check this quick (30 seconds) video that puts our position in perspective:  Common Core - Common Sense.

Our concern is around the high level of inaccurate information circulating about the Common Core.  They are not a national curriculum and these are not standards decided on by the federal government.  The standards were created by a consortium of states (led by Georgia) and local districts are still free to make decisions concerning curriculum, texts, and how their school system operates.

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education's November 12, 2013 Critical Issues Forum focused on the Common Core State Standards/Georgia Performance Standards.  Guest speaker was Mr. Mike Petrilli, Executive Vice President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute.  A panel discussion offering a variety of perspectives followed.  An audience Q/A period was included.

View the videotape now.

Here is an article by the Georgia Partnership's Dr. Dana Rickman that appeared in an edition of the Saporta ReportAdopting Common Core Standards makes business sense for Georgia.

James magazine ran an abbreviated Georgia Partnership article in their March/April 2013 edition.  Here is the complete story which includes the Core's background in the state and a teacher's perspective (Georgia's 2011 Teacher of the Year, Pam Williams).

WSB Radio's Scott Slade interviewed the Georgia Partnership's Steve Dolinger and Dana Rickman on a number of education topics including the Common Core.  Here is that interview.

The Georgia Partnership has long admired the work of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in clearly stating the case for the Common Core. We have consulted with them on the issues as they are discussed here in Georgia. We are pleased to see this letter that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution which makes a strong case why the standards are right for Georgia and why we must stay the course. Read it here.

Key Resources

Information from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute:

There has been a big difference in the testing numbers states report and the results of the national NAEP test.  Fordham reports: Thanks to Common Core, most states will finally close the "Honesty Gap."

The Fordham's Mike Petrilli has a few words for the naysayers who say schools are failing because of the new higher standards:  Not meeting standards: A warning sign, not a death sentence.

Here's a bit of a "heavier" look at the Common Core from Fordham:  Moral facts and the Common Core.

Mike Petrilli is frustrated at the opposition to the higher standards being attributed to Republican presidential maybe-candidates.  Here he suggests questions reporters might ask: Nine questions - What does it even mean to oppose the Common Core?

The Institute is a right of center think tank that believes the Common Core is the right thing to do.  Their leadership is in the thick of the fight to save the higher standards.  Here's an informative article from Fordham's Mike Petrilli:  A few reflections of the Common Core wars.

This article outlines why conservatives, where much of the opposition resides, should support the Common Core:  Conservatives for Common Core: Why You Should Support It.

Here's a piece written specifically for Georgia audiences.  The message, stay the course! Common Core: Georgia should not retreat now!

Fordham Institute members make several presentations in support of implementation.  Here's one made to the Arkansas House and Senate Interim Committees on Education.

This Common Core Watch features a Louisiana superintendent who believes in the potential of the Common Core: Teachers deserve clarity and a long-term plan on Common Core standards

Bottom line is the Common Core will get better and better over time.  We must give it a chance to work: Intellectual Coherence and the Common Core.

If you want to be kept up on Common Core information on a regular basis,  check the bi-weekly Common Core newsletter, The Common Core Advocate.  To sign up, drop a note to this E-mail address:  CommonCore(at)edexcellence.net.

The Institute's Mike Petrilli addresses the misinformation that is being circulated by Common Core opponents. Lies, damn lies and the Common Core. And A Response on the Common Core from
Petrilli who is always quick to offer a strong rebuttal to opposition arguments.

OK.... what about these "fuzzy math" accusations?  Fordham takes a close look:  Common Core confusion:  It's a math, math world. 

Common Core in the Schools - A Look at Reading Assignments from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, is a study meant to serve as a “baseline” that shows what the very early stages of CCSS implementation look like. Here's an introductory piece.

Here is another Fordham resource:  Knowledge at the Core: Don Hirsch, core knowledge, and the future of the Common Core.

More Resources

Here is the latest Common Core primer, this time from Education Week: The Common Core explained.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosts this web site: Preparing students of today for the business of tomorrow.

(Current August 2015) The Collaborative for Student Success provides latest polling results: Polling Reinforces Support for Higher Standards. 

eSchool News provides this information for parents: 13 Common Core facts for parents.

The Hunt Institute has issued this report:  The Role of Strategic Communications in the Transition to New Academic Standards and Assessments: Case Studies of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Here are some new videos:  Too Boost U.S. Competitiveness, Leaders Endorse Rigorous Academic Standards from the Committee for Economic Development.

The Collaborative for Student Success has launched this 1-minute radio spot from former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett supporting the Common Core.

eSchool News alerts us to 9 free apps for Common Core scaffolding. This organizes the Common Core standards by subject area (math traditional, math integrated, language arts, history/Social Studies, and science and technology) and grade level. It also includes the Common Core appendices from the Common Core website.

Milestones is a resource from Great!Kids. It is a free online collection of videos aimed at helping parents understand grade-level expectations in grades K-5. Milestones shows students demonstrating what success looks like in reading, writing and math, grade by grade.

This is a valuable resource.  The Learning First Alliance has published:  Getting Common Core Right - What We Have Learned.

This is a parent oriented web site:  Be a Learning Hero is a group of organizations whose objective is to help parents support their children during their learning journeys.

Speaking of parents, here's a 2015 Parent Poll from Education Post.

JerseyCan has produced a video featuring teachers who talk about why they believe in the Common Core

The Education Week Research Center provides the results of a national teacher survey:  From Adoption to Practice, Teacher Perspectives on the Common Core

This U.S. News and World Report article encourages us to keep the education reform debate founded in reality.  The author offers more myth busters: Separating Common Core Fact from Fiction.

The New America Foundation takes a look at the alignment of the Common Core States Standards with higher education:  Common Core Goes to College.

The Southern Regional Education Board has released a report detailing Common Core implementation in 15 states.  Georgia receives high marks:  Benchmarking State Implementation of Common Core Standards.

When the Common Core was born back in 2009, Georgia's current governor, Sonny Perdue, was one of the leaders for the new, higher standards.  He believes in them now more than ever.  Read this piece from the Peach Pundit!  Here's another piece from Fox News.

More from former Governor Perdue.  He remains a strong proponent of the Common Core several years after leading fellow governors to adopt the new standards.  Read what he has to say in National Review Online:  The Common Core Blame Game!

Here is more history going back even before 2009: U.S. News & World Report - The History of Common Core State Standards

Military families move much more often than most citizens.  Consider what that must be like especially as a student switching schools in the middle of the year.  Here's some great insight provided by the Military Child Education Coalition:  Common Core Standards:  Will it make a difference for our military connected students?

Here is a relating study from the Collaborative for Student Success and the Henry L. Stimson Center:  Army Goes to School: Inconsistent Standards Leave Military Students Behind.

Visit the Common Core State Standards Initiative web site for current information. 

Here's another great resource from the Center for Quality Teaching:  Common Core: Putting Students on Paths to 21st-Century Success.  This one is geared to parents.

National Public Radio tries to clarify some of the misinformation out there:  Debunking Myths About the Common Core.

Check the Collaborative for Student Success site for more information.

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation has published its "Background and Analysis of the Common Core State Standards as They Relate to Georgia."

The Georgia Department of Education offers a variety of information on their web site.

Five Myths About the Common Core - Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

Myths and Facts - This list as well as much more information is posted on the Better Standards for a Better Georgia web site.

Here's a Common Core Ap!  We found this on the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence (Kentucky) web site.

Conservatives for Higher Standards pulls no punches... it supports the Common Core State Standards. 

Here are some short videos from the Council of the Great City Schools that do a good job in explaining the Common Core. 

Education Commission of the States (ECS) has a site that is devoted to issues surrounding the Common Core.

Here's an ECS report (September 2014) that updates the Common Core scene: States and the (not so new) standards - where are they now?

Education Week presents multiple teaching ideas on its Common Core Instructional Opportunities page.

EduCore is a source that provides tools for teaching the Common Core.

The Foundation for Excellence in Education wants to help put to rest many of the myths about the Common Core.

Get to the Core is a web site resource designed "to equip parents and educators with knowledge about the Common Core..." It has been created by Stand for Children.

Here is another Stand for Children resource.  This web site provides a wealth of information focused on why the new standards are right for public education. Check out the site.

Common Core: Fact vs. Fiction
Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

What would Dr. Martin Luther King say about the Common Core?  Perhaps this provides some insight:  Dr. King and the Common Core from the New York Daily Post.

What about the Common Core as it relates to national security?  Check this Hoover Institution piece co-authored by Condoleezza Rice and Joel Klein:  Common Core a matter of national security.

More resources:

Edutopia provides some interesting information about teacher and administrator support for the Common Core.  Check it:

Recent polls: Do educators support the Common Core?

Here is the poll referenced in the article.

Here is another strong teacher endorsement:

Montana Presidential Award-winning teachers support Common Core

And while we are talking endorsements, how about state Chambers of Commerce:

State Chambers of Commerce Defend Common Core

Achieve the Core can help you get started on the Common Core road!

Center on Education Policy has published "A Research Agenda for the Common Core State Standards." The report details key findings from recent meetings and makes recommendations for developing a robust and timely research agenda for the CCSS that informs both policy and practice. (January 2014)

Achieving the Common Core provides a wealth of information and materials to help states and districts understand the content and the organization of the standards.  Provided by Achieve.

Alliance for Excellent Education has created Common Core State Standards 101.

Common Core Works is a web site of the Council of Great City Schools.

Learn Zillion provides 2,000+ high quality lessons by top teachers - all built from Common Core Standards.

National PTA offers The Parents' Guide to Student Success and more.

PAARC Online is a 22-state consortium working together to develop next generation K-12 assessments in English and math.

Ready Common Core:  Top 13 Things Experts Recommend When Choosing a Common Core Program

Stand for Children has released a video (Building Dreams) that provides a strong case for the Common Core and helps educate parents and the general public.  It is available in English and Spanish versions.

The Quality Data Campaign has a great fact sheet:  Myth Busters: Getting the Facts Straight About Education Data

The Teaching Channel has a wealth of Common Core resources including many videos.  Once on the site type in "Common Core" in the search block.

Tools for the Common Score Standards provides news about tools that are being developed to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

What is happening in Georgia and other states?

Georgia - Georgia!  Stay the course!  That's the message in this Fordham Institute message contained in a Maureen Downey AJC blog: Honesty is best policy as Georgia learns fewer than 40 percent of kids on track in reading, math. (September 2015)

Videos designed to show Paulding parents how students are learning math
Neighbor Newspapers (July 2015)

Poll:  Most Georgians support Common Core
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (April 2015)

Critics of Common Core turn their attention to AP History
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 2015)

Leaders praise modifications of Common Core
Marietta Daily Journal (January 2015)

Common Core standards misunderstood
The News - Glynn County (January 2015)

House Study Committee Voices Support for Common Core
Gainesville Times - subscription required (November 2014)

Common Core: Understanding standards vs. curriculum.  The what vs. the how.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (November 2014)

2014 Teacher of the Year Jemelleh Coes explains why she supports Common Core
Educators for High Standards (October 2014)

Gov. Deal's thoughts on the Common Core
Marietta Daily Journal (October 2014)

When facts no longer matter
Peach Pundit (August 2014)

Common Core pays price for vagueness: It is getting blamed for all manner of silliness
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Maureen Downey (August 2014) 

Common Core: Right or wrong for our schools?
Sandy Springs Reporter (August 2014)

Alabama - Does Common Core represent a national take over of education?
AL.com (April 2015)

Retired Army general calls Common Core standards essential for military readiness
AL.com (April 2015)

Open letter to State Sen. Rusty Glover: guest opinion
AL.com (March 2015)

Standards should not be optional in Alabama public schools
AL.com (March 2014)

Common Core Sides Spar Over 'Opt Out' Bill
Alabama Public Radio (March 2014)

Bill would repeal Common Core curriculum standards
Fox News (February 2014)

Senate leader says Common Core repeal dead
Associated Press (April 2013)

Common Core opponents score 1st victory in Alabama
Associated Press (April 2013)

State board adopts standardized tests aligned with Common Core
AL.Com (April 2013)

Bill to Drop Common Core in Alabama Killed by State Senate
Education Week (March 2013)

Arizona - Common Core may be on the way out but standards still in
KVOA Tucson (November 2015)

Former Gov. Brewer: Making good on our commitment to high standards
Daily Caller (April 2015)

Senate kills effort to kill Common Core
Arizona Daily Star (April 2015)

Governor requests Common Core review at Board of Education
Arizona Republic (March 2015)

Common Core hasn't hurt even the best schools
Arizona Republic (October 2014)

Fact check:  Did public have a chance to weigh in on new standards?
Arizona Republic (October 2014)

Continue the legacy: Support stronger education standards
Ahwatukee Foothills News (February 2014)

Common Core standards are common sense
Arizona Capitol Times (September 2013)

Don't dumb down the PARCC Test
Arizona Republic (July 2013)

Arkansas - Common Core in a little town in Arkansas
Huffington Post (August 2015)

Gov. Hutchinson, Please Save Common Core in Arkansas
The Seventy Four (August 2015)

Lt. Gov.: Changes needed to Common Core standards
Arkansas Business (July 2015)

State to pull out of PARCC, use ACT as standard tests
Arkansas Business (June 2015)

Teachers Poll: Make no mistake about it, Common Core produces critical thinkers
Daily Caller (May 2015)

Arkansas Dept. of Education: Common Core works
KATV-TV (July 2014)

CaliforniaCommon Core sets the bar high
Fresno Bee (September 2015) 

The hard work, tears of Common Core are worth it
Modesto Bee (August 2015) 

State suspends school accountability
Christian Science Monitor (March 2015)

Schools see drop in expulsions, suspensions, mirroring state trends
San Jose Mercury News (February 2015)

Hundreds of organizations sign statement backing Common Core
EdSource (June 2014)

Californians support historic changes in school funding, curriculum
Los Angeles Times (April 2014)

Survey:  Californians support Common Core
Sacramento Bee (April 2014)

Viewpoints: Common Core education standards put students on the right path
Sacramento Bee (January 2014)

California needs to jump-start move to Common Core standards for schools
Sacramento Bee (September 2013)

New Common Core standards are right for California
San Francisco Chronicle (August 2013)

Common Core poses big challenge for students, big opportunity for teachers (August 2013)

U.S. Department of Education Grants California Districts' CORE Waiver
Education Week (August 2013)

Governor to add $1 billion for schools to adopt common core standards
Southern California Public Radio (May 2013)

California moves quickly to carry out national education standards
Sacramento Bee (May 2013)

Common Core.  Are they ready?
Sacramento Bee (May 2013)

Viewpoints: Little 'Core,' too much 'Common' in reading list
Sacramento Bee (May 2013)

Early algebra: California's new Common Core math standards shouldn't limit access for eighth-graders
Silicon Valley Mercury News (March 2013)

New national standards a hit among teachers at Santa Ana schools
Orange County Register (February 2013)

Colorado - State's standardized math, English tests, set benchmark
Denver Post (November 2015)

Will Common Core work?  Yes.  It is an opportunity to improve.
Denver Post (August 2014)

Common Core PARCC tests reveal uneasiness about testing
Denver Post (August 2014)

Schools struggle to teach new standards with inadequate books
Denver Post (March 2014)

Common Core is a settled matter in Colorado
Denver Post (February 2014)

Opinion:  We may be too hasty in instituting Common Core
Denver Post (February 2014)

Core standards are education's best hope
Denver Post (May 2013)

Critics linger, but Colorado girds for roll-out of Common Core
Denver Post (February 2013)

Connecticut - Governor announces plan to assist with Common Core
Hartford Courant (June 2014)

Op-Ed: Connecticut must stay the course on Common Core
Mirror (March 2014)

State to seek flexibility for rollout of teacher evaluations, Common Core
Mirror (July 2013)

Delaware - Educators can lead change our students need
DelawareOnLine (October 2014)

Governor seeks business support for Common Core and college readiness efforts
Delaware Public Media (April 2014)

Delaware governor, former Vermont governor, tout Common Core
WPTZ-TV (March 2014)
Common Core may delay evaluation tie-in with teacher evaluations
Delaware Online (January 2014)

Delaware officials tout common core standards
Associated Press (September 2013)

FloridaClosing the Honesty Gap in the Sunshine State
Collaborative for Student Success (October 2015)

Lee County School Board reverses decision to challenge the state on testing
Tampa Tribune (September 2014)

Standards bring changes for students, teachers alike
Tampa Bay Times (August 2014)

Common Core transforms science, social studies and even gym
Hechinger Report (May 2014)

Gov. Rick Scott on Common Core: 'I want standards'
Tampa Bay Times (May 2014)

Common Core Backlash In Florida Prompts Change
Associated Press (April 2014)

 Study: Despite claims, many textbooks not aligned with Common Core
Tampa Bay Times (March 2014)

In rural Florida, Common Core brings big changes to classrooms
Hechinger Report (February 2014)

Editorial: Standards set, now get assessments right
Tampa Bay Times (February 2014)

When is Common Core not Common Core?
Tampa Bay Times (February 2014)

State education board to take up Common Core again on Tuesday
Sun Sentinel (February 2014)

Questions linger about Florida's participation in Common Core
Tampa Bay Times (January 2014)

Panel suggests only minor changes to Common Core
Sun Sentinel (January 2014)

Commentary: Tweaks to Common Core don't help schools, weaken confidence in system
Tampa Bay Times (January 2014)

Senate president swats down Common Core conspiracy
This story is behind a pay wall but wait for the video report that will pop up behind the wall. Orlando Sentinel (November 2013)

PolitiFact Florida: Education commissioner half right on Common Core cost
Tampa Bay Times (October 2013)

Common Core wins converts among educators
Tampa Tribune (October 2013)

Fact checking Tuesday's Common Core forum
State Impact (October 2013)

Commentary - Good questions in Common Core debate overshadowed by crazy train
Tampa Tribune (October 2013)

Common Core Q&A: Explaining new standards for Florida students
Orlando Sentinel (October 2013)

Education reformers need to cool their jets for awhile
Tampa Bay Times (September 2013)

Governor considers executive action to address Common Core controversy
Tampa Bay Times (September 2013)

Florida needs to continue with Common Core, some summit participants say
Tampa Bay Times (August 2013)

Common Core is our kids' opportunity for a world-class education
Tampa Bay Times (August 2013)

Common Core curriculum standards spark political firestorm
Tampa Bay Times (August 2013)

Republican Party Leaders Urge Support for New Education Standards
StateImpact (July 2013)

Teaching methods change to meet tougher standards
Orlando Sentinel (June 2013)

Building toward Common Core
Orlando Sentinel (May 2013)

Hillsborough School Board frets about new Common Core standards
Tampa Bay Times (May 2013)

Georgia (see first state entry)

Idaho - Teacher shares her love of Common Core math on Facebook
Collaborative for Student Success (November 2015)

Economic Outlook Good Education Needed to Maintain a Globally Competitive Workforce
Idaho Political Weekly (July 2015)

A promise from new state superintendent: A Voice for Common Core Opponents
IdahoWatchdog.org (January 2015)

Teachers prepare for common core curriculum testing
KIDK-TV (May 2014)

Illinois - Improving DuPage scores show 'teaching math finally makes sense'
Chicago Daily Herald (November 2014)

CTU foolish to fight Common Core
Chicago Sun-Times (May 2014)

Indiana - Will Common Core return to Indiana through ISTEP?
Chalkbeat Indiana

Ditching the Common Core brings a big test
nprEd (March 2015)

Online Teacher Communities Could Ease Standards Transition
StateImpact (July 2014)

Repeal doesn't satisfy Common Core opponents
Oklahoman (May 2014)

All eyes on Indiana: More lessons to be learned
Thomas B. Fordham Institute (April 2014)

Switch from Common Core may cost state and schools
Louisville Courier Journal (April 2014)

Proposed Indiana school standards reviewed
Louisville Courier-Journal (April 2014)

State faces deadline on new education standards
Louisville Courier-Journal (April 2014)

Panel approves new school standards
Louisville Courier-Journal (April 2014)

Standard setting process, short on time, raises stakes for state board vote
Chalkbeat Indiana (April 2014)

Governor ends Common Core, but not its influence
Indianapolis Star (March 2014)

Legislature votes to ax Common Core as new standards pondered
Indianapolis Star (March 2014)

Political, Policy Feuds Roil Indiana's K-12 Landscape
Education Week (March 2014)

Most agree: Common Core alternative needs changes
Indianapolis Star (March 2014)

Draft Indiana Standards Get Chilly Response at Public Hearing
Education Week (February 2014)

Concerns raised on Indiana proposal to replace Common Core education standards
Lexington Courier-Journal (February 2014)

Many eyes reviewing Indiana’s proposed K-12 academic standards
Indianapolis Star (February 2014)

Pence Wants Education Standards ‘By Hoosiers, For Hoosiers’
State Impact - NPR (January 2014)

Out-of-state critics attack Common Core in Indiana
Indianapolis Star (August 2013)

Testimony in Indiana
Thomas B. Fordham Institute (August 2013)

Pence withdraws Indiana from new multi-state test, commits to ISTEP+
Northwest Times (July 2013)

Indiana students need Common Core to help prepare for work life
Indianapolis Star (July 2013)

Indiana teachers asking Glenda Ritz to support Common Core
Indianapolis Star (June 2013)

Gov. Mike Pence appointments might not affect Common Core
Indianapolis Star (June 2013)

New Indiana Board of Education member Andrea Neal: Teachers matter more than Common Core
Indianapolis Star (June 2013)

Common Core decision leaves Indiana teachers in limbo
Louisville Courier-Journal (May 2013)

Common Core's fate still unclear despite Indiana legislature's action
Indianapolis Star (April 2013)

Lawmakers expand school voucher program, pause Common Core
Indianapolis Star (April 2013)

Lawmakers head toward 'pause' on Common Core
Indianapolis Star (April 2013)

Senate renews efforts to halt Common Core
Indianapolis Star (April 2013)

The battle in Indiana continues: Left, right unite against Common Core
Indianapolis Star (March 2013)

Vote means state likely to retain Common Core education standards
Indianapolis Star (February 2013)

Iowa - Two bills could distance state from 'Common Core'
DesMoines Register (February 2014)

Kansas - Common Core repeal dies in Kansas House Committee
Wichita Eagle (March 2015)

Kansas opts to create its own Common Core tests
Topeka Capital-Journal (December 2013)

Move ahead on Common Core standards
Kansas City Star (December 2013)

Common Core is a conservative win for Kansas
Kansas City Star (June 2013)

Adopt the Common Core State Standards for education in Kansas and Missouri
Kansas City Star (May 2013)

Don't mess with school standards in Kansas
Kansas City Star (May 2013)

Common Core provisions muddies Kansas budget talks
Kansas City Star (May 2013)

Kentucky - Core of the Matter: Kentucky's story of collaboration and student success
Alliance for Excellent Education (November 2015)

Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge
Kentucky Department of Education (July 2015)

Lessons from a Kentucky school principal that went from one of the worst to one of the best under Common Core
Washington Times (June 2015)

Teachers weigh in on Common Core standards
Louisville Courier-Journal (May 2015)

Three keys to state's Common Core success
edSurge (April 2015)

How Kentucky became a rare Common Core success story
Vox (October 2014)

Schools chief calls for Common Core review
Louisville Courier-Journal (August 2014)

Three years later, is Common Core working in Kentucky?
Cincinnati Enquirer (January 2014)

Kentucky a national leader in instituting Common Core math and reading lessons in classroom
Louisville Courier-Journal (October 2013)

Video editorial | We like Common Core standards
Louisville Courier-Journal (September 2013)

Editorial | Getting math done
Louisville Courier-Journal (August 2013)

Battles brewing over education standards
Cincinnati.com (July 2013)

Louisiana - Gov. Jindal's Common Core lawsuits have cost the state at least $830,000
New Orleans Times-Picayune (October 2015)

It's time for an honest review of the Common Core
The Advocate (August 2015)

ACT scores rise for second straight year
New Orleans Times-Picayune (July 2015)

Courts block Gov. Jindal's bid to ditch Common Core
U.S. News & World Report (June 2015)

Jindal loses appeal on Common Core lawsuit in state court
Beaumont Enterprise (June 2015)

Common Core compromise will get overwhelming approval from Louisiana Legislature
New Orleans Times-Picayune (June 2015)

Stop the Common Core coercion
Orange County Register (June 2015)

Bobby Jindal's change of position on Common Core
Politifact (June 2015)

Long review of Common Core approved by education board
New Orleans Times-Picayune (April 2015)

Court throws out Jindal-backed lawsuit to kill Common Core
Washington Post (April 2015)

Gov. Jindal looks to legislative battle to get rid of Common Core
Times-Picayune (March 2015)

School board to reopen debate on Common Core exams
The Advocate (March 2015)

Students face no more testing time than before Common Core
The Advocate (February 2015)

Bobby Jindal should stop spreading fear about Common Core exams
New Orleans Times-Picayune (February 2015)

Parents opting out of state testing has BSE concerned
News Star (January 2015)

Louisiana's Common Core Debacle
Politico Magazine (January 2015)

Common Core is still the way to go
Shreveport Times (January 2015)

A strong defense of the Common Core
New Orleans Times-Picayune (December 2014)

Online assessments a challenge for states rethinking Common Core
eSchool News (November 2014)

Debate aside, Core a reality in classrooms
The Advocate (September 2014)

Governor sues over Common Core
Associated Press (August 2014)

Why Bobby Jindal had to sue the Obama administration
Washington Post (August 2014)

A dupe or liar? Governor Bobby Jindal's frivolous federal Common Core lawsuit
New Orleans Times-Picayune (August 2014)

Lawmakers say Common Core standards necessary for Louisiana's poorly-ranked schools
New Orleans Times-Picayune (August 2014)

Judge rules against governor in Common Core lawsuit
New Orleans Times-Picayune

Anti-Common Core debate threatens schools, memos say
The Advocate (August 2014)

Jindal lawyer:  Common Core a 'scheme' that breaks federal law
New Orleans Times-Picayune (August 2014)

Senator describes strong support for Common Core
San Francisco Chronicle (August 2014)

Governor sued over Common Core
Associated Press (July 2014)

Common Core debate rancorous
The Advocate (July 2014)

Changing from Common Core would cost $25.2 million over 5 years, superintendent says
New Orleans Times-Picayune (July 2014)

Bobby Jindal's Common Core reversal
Washington Post (July 2014)

Governor's administration modifies school-testing contract

New Orleans Times-Picayune (June 2014)

Common Core debate seems to ignore education
The Advocate (June 2014)

Jindal administration clueless on Common Core
New Orleans Times-Picayune (June 2014)

Jindal lawyer backs Common Core cut after one-time ally blasts move
Politico (June 2014)

Teacher training will continue to focus on Common Core
Shreveport Times (June 2014)

Governor announces plans to get state out of Common Core
New Orleans Times-Picayune (June 2014)

Jindal wants Louisiana out of the Common Core
The Advocate (June 2014)

Field-testing of new Common Core exam complete in Louisiana
New Orleans Times-Picayune (May 2014)

Senate Education Committee votes down Common Core repeal
New Orleans Times-Picayune (May 2014)

House Committee votes down Jindal-supported bill that challenged Common Core
New Orleans Times-Picayune (April 2014)

Governor Jindal on Common Core - What did he mean?
New Orleans Times-Picayune (March 2014)

Common Core to get new name in Louisiana? Legislator says yes
New Orleans Times-Picayune (February 2014)

State superintendent will ease evaluation consequences in Common Core's first year
New Orleans Times-Picayune (October 2013)

St. Tammany School Board approves anti-Common Core resolution
New Orleans Time-Picayune (October 2013)

St. Tammany School Board committee adopts resolution seeking end of Common Core in Louisiana
Times Picayune (October 2013)

Why Louisiana schools need the Common Core
Times-Picayune (July 2013)

Maine - High school recognized for high performance
Sun-Journal (June 2015)

If governor backs away from Common Core, he endangers important school reforms

Bangor Daily News (December 2014)

Schools in Central Maine focus on Common Core
Kennebec Journal (February 2014)

Governor emphasizes Maine educational autonomy
Portland Press Sentinel (September 2013)

Petition drive begins to pull Maine out of 45-state Common Core education collaborative
BDN Maine (August 2013)

Maryland - Student test scores drop significantly as state shifts to Common Core
Washington Post (July 2014)

Maryland and D.C. schools to begin field-testing new Common Core tests next week
Washington Post (March 2014)

Schools need $100 million in technology upgrades for new testing
Baltimore Sun (January 2014)

Massachusetts - Education Reform at 20 - Common Core, funding issues put Massachusetts’ great gains at risk

Michigan - Common Core standards for K-12 students approved by Senate, close to implementation
Detroit Free Press (October 2013)

Controversial standards place more emphasis on students' critical thinking skills
Detroit Free Press (July 2013)

Putting the Common Core into perspective
Holland Sentinel (May 2013)

Michigan House Approves Budget Stripping Common Core Funds
Education Week (April 2013)

Minnesota - Minnesota should act fast to reject Common Core K-12 standards
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (February 2014)

Mississippi -  Full repeal of Common Core fails in Mississippi senate
USA Today (February 2015)

Educators question future progress if state backs away from Common Core
Hechinger Report (December 2014)

Response to Calls to Abandon Common Core
Mississippi First (December 2014)

Huge confusion over Common Core
Hechinger Report (August 2014)

Ed chief: Governor made 'gross miscalculation' of Common Core
Clarion-Ledger (June 2014)

Teachers Prepare For Coming Common Core Tests
Mississippi Public Radio (June 2014)

Surprise, Surprise:  Tea Party Spreads Lies About Common Core
Huffington Post (February 2014)

Governor says state has right to define academic standards
Clarion-Ledger (December 2013) 

Teachers rewriting curriculum to align with state, national standards
Natchez Democrat (July 2013)

Missouri - Common Core thrown out amid controversy
KWWL OzarksFirst.com (November 2015)

Public weighs in on Common Core replacement standards
St. Louis Post Dispatch (October 2015)

Common Core test results are in
CBS St. Louis (August 2015)

Legislature throws Common Core tests out the window
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
(June 2015)

Review of Missouri education standards divisive
Missourian (October 2014)

Missouri Republicans peddle the big Common Core lie
St. Louis Post Dispatch (October 2014)

Governor endorses measure to replace Common Core standards
KMBC-TV (July 2014)

Lawmakers find middle ground on Common Core
Kansas City Star (May 2014)

A return to low academic standards for Missouri?
Thomas B. Fordham Institute (St. Louis Post-Dispatch - April 2014)

Districts steer clear of Common Core fight
Kansas City Star (April 2014)

Adopt Common Core State Standards for education in Missouri and Kansas
Kansas City Star (May 2013) 

Montana - Common Core repeal bill likely dead

Great Falls Tribune (April 2015)

Presidential award-winning teachers support the Common Core
Missoulian (January 2014)

Nebraska - State takes closer look at national education standards
Omaha World Herald (March 2013)

Teacher:  Common Core standards beneficial
Omaha World Herald (April 2013)

Nevada - Teacher: It will take time to meet new Common Core standards
The Union (October 2015)

Common Core is working; Nevada mustn't turn back
Thomas B. Fordham Institute (February 2015)

Teachers Lead the Way in Nevada Leader's Common-Core Project
Education Week (May 2014)

New Hampshire - Governor vetoes bill prohibiting Common Core
Union-Leader (May 2015)

Common Core standards can help the state
The Telegraph (February 2014)

New Jersey - Common Core Standards are under review, but few expect major changes
Politico New Jersey (October 2015)

Kendrick Lamar and this N.J teacher are bonding over -- 'hip-hop' education
NJ.com (June 2015)

Thousands of students opt out of controversial PAARC tests
WABC-TV, New York (March 2015)

Opinion:  In defense of standards-based education
NorthJersey.com (October 2014)

Senate to vote Thursday on slowing Common Core
Asbury Park Press (July 2014)

State releases checklist to meet Common Core and PARCC goals
newsworks (July 2014)

New Mexico - Competition the common thread of Common Core
Albuquerque Journal (June 2015)

Gov. Martinez holding firm on Common Core
Alburquerque Journal (June 2015)

State fights to get out of last place with aggressive policies that some educators worry could harm students
Hechinger Report (May 2015)

Students walk out in protest of Common Core tests
CBS News (March 2015)

Court Orders Halt on Common-Core Testing Contract Until Appeal is Heard
Education Week (May 2014)

New York - Governor throws Common Core under the bus
Newsday (September 2015)

"Make no mistake, Common core is raising the bar in my district"
The Seventy Four (August 2015)

The Common Core: Educators, students and families continue to study the state standards and learn by doing
Saratogian (October 2014)

Common Core is not the problem
Newsday (October 2014)

Editorial -The Common Core myths: true or false? 
Newsday (October 2014)

In defense of the Common Core: Bipartisan opposition gets it wrong
Iohud Journal News (August 2014)

State 'fixed' Common Core tests - and scores surged
New York Post (August 2014)

Ignorance vs. the Common Core
New York Daily News (July 2014)

Education Commissioner John King hopes Common Core controversy behind him
New York Daily News (May 2014)

Assembly approves a Common Core delay
New York Capital (March 2014)

Preparing teachers for the Common Core
New York Times (March 2014)

Common Core now has critics on the left
New York Times (February 2014)

Cuomo rips Regents for watering down Common Core
New York Post (February 2014)

A call to ignore exam results when evaluating educators
New York Times (February 2014)

Governor calls for panel to take 'corrective action' on Common Core
Post Standard (January 2014)

State throws book at old lesson plan
New York Post (March 2013)

New State Academic Standards Are Said to Require $56 Million Outlay for City’s Schools
New York Times (March 2013)

Don't fear failure, kid
New York Post (April 2013)
Note: Political commentary at end of this story has nothing to do with the content.  It can't be deleted.  Please disregard. 

North CarolinaDefending Common Core
Raleigh News and Observer (October 2015)

Educators ask panel to keep Common Core
Winston Salem Journal (September 2015)

Commission weighs options for Common Core
Star News Online (January 2015)

Review commission says Common Core too hard for some students
Charlotte Observer (October 2014)

In NC - ruining the hard-won rewards of tougher school standards
Raleigh News & Observer (October 2014)

High Standards and the Common Core's end
Charlotte Observer (July 2014)

Common Core elimination bill moves forward
Charlotte Observer (July 2014)

Common Core compromise sticks
Raleigh News & Observer (July 2014)

Military, higher ed leaders push Common Core
Raleigh News & Observer (June 2014)

Senate backs Common Core replacement
Asheville Citizen Times (June 2014)

NC needs to realize Common Core is a conservative victory
Raleigh News & Observer (Thomas Fordham Institute) (June 2013)

North Dakota - Committee rejects bill to eliminate Common Core
Bismarck Tribune (February 2015)

The truth about Common Core - It is right for the state
Grand Forks Herald (December 2014)

Battle over Common Core heats up with proposal to dump standards
Bismarck Tribune (December 2014)

Teachers praise new Common Core Standards
Bismarck Tribune (October 2014)

Ohio - Keep Common Core
Toledo Blade (July 2015)

Improve tests, don't ax them
Columbus Dispatch (July 2015)

Reduce Common Core tests, don't ditch them
Cincinnati Enquirer (June 2015)

New Common Core tests - coming February 16 - will tests skills, reasoning, not memorization (January 2015)

Ohio House committee votes to repeal Common Core
Columbus Dispatch (November 2014)

Ohio lawmakers misguided efforts to dump Common Core must end
Cleveland Plain Dealer (November 2014)

Common Core stirs fear of too many tests
Columbus Dispatch (October 2014)

Capitol Insider:  PTA: Money no factor in backing Core
Columbus Dispatch (September 2014)

Common Core debate: Dozens of witnesses: Cleveland schools CEO, governor and two national polls weigh in
Columbus Dispatch (September 2014)

Don't weaken education: Common Core repeal is driven by fears built on falsehoods and Intelligent design could be taught with Common Core's repeal
Columbus Dispatch (August 2014) (Note: Paper now using pay wall.)

Keep Common Core
The Blade (August 2014)

Ohio could be next step to buck Common Core
Daily Signal (August 2014)

Ohio House Republicans Lead New Charge to Repeal Common Core
StateImpact (July 2014)

Supporters of Common Core Ready to Defend it
Columbus Dispatch (July 2014)

Ohio Bucks the Conservative Trend and Sticks with Common Core
StateImpact (June 2014)

No delays for the Common Core - editorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer (January 2014)

Bill targets Common Core tests
Cincinnati Inquirer (January 2014)

Stand Up for the Common Core - Ohio's students will benefit from improved education standards
Columbus Dispatch (December 2013)

State legislators try to repeal Common Core school standards
Columbus Dispatch (August 2013)

Ohio House Ed Committee Chair Says He’ll Fight for the Common Core “Kicking and Screaming”
StateImpact (May 2013)

Students need challenge of Common Core standards
Columbus Dispatch (April 2013)

National education standards will be a costly failure
Columbus Dispatch (April 2013)

Catholic schools embrace Common Core
Cincinnati.com (March 2013)

Common Core: More thinking, more learning
Cincinnati.com (April 2013)

Oklahoma - A Poster Child for Common Core
Washington Post (May 2015)

State gave Common Core an "F," but its teachers gave it an "A"
Hechinger Report (April 2015)

School leaders frustrated with Common Core repeal
Associated Press (September 2014)

State board of education creates steering committee to determine process of rewriting academic standards
Tulsa World (September 2014)

State board of education votes to delay adopting formal plan to replace Common Core standards, prompting state education chief to lose her cool
Oklahoman (July 2014)

Common Core repeal has educators worried
Associated Press 

Common Core repeal leads to legal and regulatory limbo
Tulsa World (July 2014)

You thought Common Core was confusing, wait until you see the plan creating new academic standards
KFOR (June 2014)

Parents, teachers, education board members ask Oklahoma Supreme Court to throw out repeal of Common Core
Oklahoman (June 2014)

Governor Fallin Signs Bill To Repeal, Replace Common Core Standards

Repeal doesn't satisfy Common Core opponents
Oklahoman (May 2014)

State Senate votes to repeal Common Core
Tulsa World (April 2014)

Oklahoma education officials say repeal of Common Core 'unlikely'
Tulsa World
(December 2013)

State pulling out of standardized testing through consortium
Tulsa World (July 2013)

Conspiracy theories about Common Core should be ignored
Oklahoman (April 2013)

Oregon - Senate approval of opt-out bills shows leadership vacuum on education
Oregonian (June 2015)

Misguided bill would nudge parents to say 'no' to state testing
Oregonian (January 2015)

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Stays In Consortia, But Won't Use Tests
Education Week (August 2013)

Common Core, common gain
News-Tribune (May 2013)

Pennsylvania education standards running into resistance
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (May 2013) 

In defense of the Common Core
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (April 2013)

Rhode Island - Common Core right for R.I.
Providence Journal (January 2014)

South Carolina - South Carolina Adopts Standards Intended to Replace Common Core
Education Week (March 2015)

Common Core standards dead in South Carolina
WJBF-TV (March 2015)

Common Core will face challenge under new Republican majority and Common Core has teacher support
Charleston Daily Mail (December 2014)

Tentative agreement reached on South Carolina Common Core
The State (August 2014)

South Carolina Push Could Change Little from Common Core
Augusta Chronicle (June 2014)

Governor signs bill requiring state to replace Common Core
Education Week (June 2014)

South Carolina parents kept children out of school Monday to protest Common Core Standards
WAGT-TV (November 2013)

South Dakota - Governor: I support Common Core goals
Rapid City Journal - (February 2014)

House says 'no' to Common Core rewind
Rapid City Journal (January 2014)

TennesseeMost standards are keepers
Chalkbeat Tennessee (May 2015)

Compromise legislation keeps Tennessee academic standards 
AP (March 2015)

Let's use common sense with Common Core
Tennessean (March 2015)

Common Core survives first legislative challenge
Chalkbeat Tennessee (March 2015)

Co-sponsor changes stance on bill to repeal Common Core
Knoxville News Sentinel (February 2015)

Proposal to repeal standards would reverse progress in classrooms
Expect More, Achieve More (January 2015)

Common Core days look numbered
Tennessean (December 2014)

Legislation filed to repeal Common Core
Tennessean (November 2014)

State set to review Common Core
The Atlantic (October 2014)

Haslam trying to save Common Core?
Bluff City Education (October 2014)

State quits PARCC, leaving 15 members
Education Week (June 2014)

Common Core a "Crystal Stair" for Memphis School
New America Media (May 2014)

Our view: Business can aid Common Core through active support
Jackson Sun (March 2014) 

Vote to delay Common Core a step backward for state
TimesNews (March 2014)

Common Core delay would cost Tennessee millions of dollars
Chattanooga Times-Free Press (March 2014)

Governor pushing Common Core standards
Associated Press (March 2014)

Vote to repeal Common Core fails in Tennessee House panel
Chattanooga Times-Free-Press (March 2014)

Tennessee Senate approves bills aimed at Common Core concerns
Tennessean (March 2014)

Mom:  Common Core teaches kids how to think
Tennessean (March 2014)

Editorial: For the betterment of public education, Tennessee legislators should leave Common Core alone
Commercial Appeal (February 2014)

Common Core standards crucial to reform efforts
Chattanooga Times-Free Press (February 2014)

Governor sticks to Common Core
Tennessean (February 2014)

A shared need for the Common Core
Tennessean (February 2014)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donations help push Common Core
Tennessean (January 2014)

Frist-led group continues push for Common Core with report
Tennessean (January 2014)

Lawmakers balk at Common Core school standards
WBIR-TV, Knoxville (January 2014)

Common Core Standards make economic sense, too
Citizen Tribune (October 2013)

Senate hearing on Common Core shed light without heat
Tennessean (September 2013)

Common Core foes take their best shots
Tennessean (September 2013)

Don't throw away progress made by Common Core
SCORE Sheet (September 2013)

Common Core is good for the military
Murfreesboro Post (September 2013)

OUR VIEW: Common Core goals worthy; details need some work
Daily News Journal (August 2013)

Police support Common Core
Daily News Journal (August 2013)

Public education tech learning: Get it or forget it
Jackson Sun (August 2013)

The Hidden Cost Of Common Core Testing In Tennessee: Computers
Nashville Public Radio (August 2013)

Teachers adjust to Common Core changes
Times-Gazette (July 2013)

Common Core alters method, SCORE’s Jared Bigham says
Cleveland Daily Banner (July 2013)

Are Common Core standards the next GOP battleground?
The City Paper (July 2013)

Governor defends Common Core
TNReport (July 2013)

New standards examined - Educators say Common Core sets higher expectations
Tennessean (May 2013)

Huffman joins other 'chiefs' in letter supporting Common Core
Tennessean (May 2013)

Standards equip TN students to succeed in a global economy
Tennessean (May 2013)

SCORE Announces More Than 200 Tennessee Organizations Support Higher Academic Standards
Chattanoogan (May 2013)

Texas - What Texans need to know about the Common Core
Dallas Morning News (June 2014) - Texas was one of five original states that did not agree to adopt the Common Core.

UtahOfficials: State still controls education standards
Standard Examiner (October 2014)

Low test scores may add to Utah debate over teaching math
Salt Lake Tribune (October 2014)

Give Common Core an honest review
Salt Lake Tribune (July 2014)

Is Common Core an upgrade or a 'cookie-cutter' education 
Salt Lake Tribune (May 2013)

GOP delegates to consider Common Core resolution
Salt Lake Tribune (May 2013)

State school board denies guv's Common Core request
Salt Lake Tribune (May 2013)

Keep Common Core
Salt Lake Tribune (February 2013)

Vermont - Vermont gets first report card under Common Core
Burlington Free Press (August 2015)

Washington State - Statewide poll: 70% of WA residents support Common Core
Education Foundation of the Washington Roundtable (June 2014)

Local students putting big new Common Core exam to the test
Seattle Times (March 2014)

Editorial: Engage in new Common Core education standards - Washington state’s shift to Common Core world-class academic standards is challenged by a disengaged public.
Seattle Times (October 2013

West Virginia - Education leader, state board recommend repeal of Next Gen/Common Core
Metro News (November 2015)

Vast majority of online comments support state's Common Core standards
Charelston Gazette-Mail (October 2015)

Superintendent: It's time to look critically at Common Core
Mineral News Daily Tribune (September 2015)

Don't shoot the test score messenger
Charleston Gazette-Mail (August 2015)

Third graders exceeding national testing estimates
West Virginia Public Radio (August 2015)

Legislature once again poised to consider repeal of Common Core
West Virginia Public Radio (June 2015)

Common Core repeal... dies on Legislature's final day
Charleston Gazette (March 2015)

Common Core: Educators say Yes, Lawmakers Aren't Sure
West Virginia Public Radio (January 2015)

Wisconsin - Will shifting political winds strip state of it standards?
Seventy Four (September 2015)

Common Core standards help ensure better prepared students
Milwaukee Journal (June 2015)

DPI exploring the idea of new tests in response to concerns
Wisconsin State Journal (June 2015)

Fox City schools vary in approach to Common Core
Post Crescent (October 2014)

Common Core is a step forward in education
Wausau Daily Herald (September 2014)

Higher reading, math scores encouraging
Wisconsin State Journal (August 2014)

Governor calls on legislature to repeal Common Core in January
Wisconsin State Journal (July 2014)

Ending Common Core standards easier said than done
TwinCities.com (July 2014)

Common Core bill appears dead in Senate
Twin Cities Pioneer Press (March 2014)

Wyoming - State to get say on new Common Core tests
Casper Tribune (August 2013)

Champion education: Focus on being the best
Laramie Boomerang (July 2013)



The Long Road to Higher Standards

Georgia’s 2008 Teacher of the Year Emily Jennette praised the Common Core from the teacher perspective at the February 5, 2014 press conference announcing the Better Standards for a Better Georgia Coalition.

Here you will find a variety of stories and reports focusing on the implementation of the national Common Core State Standards - pro and con.  Although the Georgia Partnership strongly endorses the new standards in our state, we believe open dialogue is healthy. Stories have been posted since January 2014.  if you discover a broken link, please alert us.

For the Record - The Latest Common Core Notes of Note

This editorial comes to us from the Grand Forks, North Dakota Herald: Give Common Core time to close the "Honesty Gap."

The Washington, DC-based Business Roundtable Blog written by president and former Michigan Gov. John Engler, takes exception with a recent negative Wall street Journal article.  The Blog:  Staying the Course on Higher State Standards.

This editorial from the Raleigh, North Carolina News & Observer says: North Carolina should support Common Core.

Want, need more higher standards math help?  This from Math Memoirs: Understanding Common Core style models.

If you like to "get in the weeds," here's something for you from the American Institutes for Research: Study analyzes NAEP, Common Core math alignment.

This from the Rochester, New York Democrat and Chronicle: Superintendents to schools: Stop fighting over Common Core. The higher standards are working so don't get caught up in the back-and-forth arguments. Stay focused on success!

Another argument against the Core is that it hinders creativity.  This Michigan teacher says "not true" in this piece from America Achieves:  The Common Core Doesn't Inhibit Creativity.


2015 Articles/Editorials

The Common Core Doesn't Inhibit Creativity
America Achieves

Another argument against the Core is that it hinders creativity.  This Michigan teacher says "not true." (November 2015)

Idaho teacher shares her love of Common Core math on Facebook
Collaborative for Student Success

Here's another teacher testimonial. (November 2015) http://forstudentsuccess.org/idaho-teacher-shares-her-love-for-common-core-math-on-facebook/

Core of the Matter: Kentucky's Story of Collaboration and Student Success
Alliance for Excellent Education

The Core has been "very, very good" to Kentucky. (November 2015)

Early results of Common Core survey mostly positive
New York Daily Post

If you support the new higher standards, then this is good news. (November 2015) http://ny.chalkbeat.org/2015/11/16/early-results-of-new-yorks-common-core-survey-are-mostly-positive/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=cfss&utm_content=5+-+Chalkbeat+New+York&utm_campaign=Daily+Roundup+11-17-15&source=Daily+Roundup+11-17-15#.Vktrs9KrSUl

Setting the record straight on Common Core and student data
Seattle Times

One of the key arguments against the CCSS is that it abuses the collection of student data. This article counters that. (November 2015)

Proper testing brings needed dose of reality to education
Albuquerque Journal

The paper adds its voice to the pro-testing argument. (November 2015) 

It's Working #inmyclassroom
Educators for Higher Standards

Another teacher stands up for the Common Core. (November 2015)

Pro: On Common Core, there's more agreement than disagreement. Now the down side: The collapse of Common Core
Austin American-Statesman

It has been awhile since we offered a CCSS pro and con. (November 2015) 

Standards should be about students not elections
Louisville Courier-Journal

Here's a supporting voice we haven't heard much from: students. (November 2015) 

Common Core tougher for parents
NBC San Diego

This school administrator feels the higher standards are more of a challenge for parents than students. (December 2015)

9 Ways the Wall Street Journal Got it Wrong on Common Core
Education Post

The Collaborative for Student Success' Karen Nussel takes the Wall Street Journal to task for an earlier story on the Common Core. (November 2015):

Parents brush up on students' math
Los Angeles Times

OK parents, watch this! That is what one California district is saying when it comes to Common Core math.  (November 2015)

Helping with Homework Help: Teaching Parents Common Core Math
ABC News

One of the big arguments against Common Core is the math component... parents don't get it! (November 2015)

National assessment: What the latest results should tell us The latest Huffington Post

The latest NAEP scores aren't great and have people talking. And this from Education Week:  Drop in U.S. math, reading scores prompts blame game (November 2015)

 A High Point Among Low Scores 
U.S. New & World Report

The latest NAEP scores are out and there's a lot of reaction. More from the New York Times:  Nationwide test shows dip in students' math abilities
(November 2015)

Breaking Up with My iPhone Calculator, and other Math Thoughts
Collaborative for Student Success

Math, math and more math. This addresses that sticky issue. (November 2015)

The Common Core math quiz that has everyone outraged isn't about the Common Core - it's worse
Business Insider

This takes a look at the latest math controversy. (October 2015)

Johnny still can't read, but we pretend he can
This Des Moines Register

This editorial supports the need for higher standards. (October 2015) 

Just as military won't lower the bar, neither should Florida's educators
Orlando Sentinel

(Free registration required) This commentary from a retired Army general officer  argues that higher standards are a national security issue. (October 2015)

Common Core math is not the enemy
Educators for Higher Standards

This teacher addresses the perplexing issue of math under the higher standards. (October 2015) 

Surprising themes in my first-grader's public school reading

This Alabama parent (and reporter) likes what he sees when it comes to reading under the higher standards. (October 2015) 

Local education influences military base decisions
San Antonio Express News

Does the military consider the quality of local education systems when making decisions that will impact their personnel?  According to this report, yes. (October 2015)

Two Questions Every Teacher Should Answer about the Common Core

This suggestion from a 4th grade teacher in Washington state could earn more support for the higher standards.  (October2 015) 

Common Core math explained in three minutes
Achieving Tomorrow

This story/video is for anyone who can't figure out Common Core math and is ready to kill the higher standards because of that. (October 2015)

Teacher:  It will take time to meet new Common Core standards
The Union

This Nevada teacher urges patience. (October 2015)

Common Core State Standards: Setting the record straight
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Need another Common Core primer?  This is the latest one. (October 2015)

Another state redefines "proficiency" on Common Core tests, inflating performance
Washington Post

This time, Arkansas. WAIT! Here's an update in the Arkansas Times:  We made a mistake.  We are not forsaking higher standards.

How Common Core quietly won the war

This article seems to be saying, the fight is over.  Really? (October 2015)  http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/common-core-education-schools-214632

2015 Parent Poll
Education Post

Here are the results of what parents are saying. They want testing to work for kids, not just the "system," and see themselves as most responsible for student learning. (October 2015)

Common Core, Common Measure
U.S. News & World Report

This says although detractors still have some arguments, one thing seems clear: never before has there been the ability to compare student performance between states. (October 2015)

No Quick Fix in Education - Common Core will take time to implement but it's critical to assessing student learning
U.S. News & World Report

This letter from the National PTA president supports the Common Core and urges patience. (October 2015) 

The Common Core State Standards are good for Democrats and Republicans
Huffington Post

Some common sense about the Common Core. (October 2015)  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gov-bill-richardson/politics-aside-the-common_b_8253762.html?&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cfss&utm_content=4+-+Huffington+Post&utm_campaign=Daily+Roundup+10-8-15&source=Daily+Roundup+10-8-15

Math content in schools adding to the achievement gap
Washington Post

Here is another argument for the higher standards presented by the Common Core. (October 2015)

How Republicans turned on Common Core

This piece tries to analyze how Republicans, once supporters of higher national standards, came to oppose them. (September 2015)

Here's Why Math is Taught Differently Now
MathPlus Academy

Math... Usually that is all you have to say and many parents start complaining because they just don't understand how it is taught. This video might help. (October2 015): 

Business Leaders Know Common Core is Essential to America's Workforce.
The Seventy Four

How does the business community view the higher standards?  This article sheds some light on that. (September, 2015)

Support for Common Core continues to wane

There are many Common Core polls out there.  Most we have seen have been supportive. Not this one. (September 2015) http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/brown-center-chalkboard/posts/2015/09/15-common-core-support-wanes-bleiberg

"At first we were angry:" Four teachers explain how Common Core changed their jobs.

These teachers talk specifics about the higher standards. (September2 015)

Former secretary of education touts Common Core
New Hampshire Union Leader

Here is a strong conservative voice in support of the higher standards. (September 2015)

Here, step by step, is how Common Core transformed one middle school's English classes

You want specifics?  Here are specifics courtesy of Slate. (September 2015)

U.S. candidates slam Common Core, but education standards take root

Although many presidential candidates are saying the Common Core must be revoked, more and more they look like they are here to stay. 9September 2015)

The surprising conservative roots of the Common Core: How conservatives gave rise to ‘Obamacore’

Much of the opposition directed at the Common Core is coming from conservatives. This piece points out that is exactly where roots of the higher standards come from. (September 2015)

Test wake-up call is on the way
USA Today

Testing and test scores are dominating the Common Core discussion right now.  (September2 015).

Opinion: The Common Core has been a game changer for the military (and military families)
The Seventy Four

This story tells us why Common Core is good for our military men and women and their families. (September 2015)

Standardized tests can help combat inequity
Washington Post

This article addresses the testing issue from the positive side. (September 2015)

The day Common Core came home

We have heard the horror stories about parents who can't handle Common Core math.  Here's one parent - and a columnist for AL.com - who sees what it's all about AND he likes it. (September 2015)

The complicated politics of national standards: Even more sources of opposition (Part 2 of 3).

Although most of the information we see supports the Core, there's still strong opposition.  Part 1 of 3.

Polls don't show Common Core revolt
U.S. News & World Report

This story says don't be fooled by loud voices against the Common Core.  Recent polls say otherwise. (September 2015)

The hard work, tears of Common Core are worth it
Modesto Bee

This California mom and PTA president expresses her belief in the higher standards. (August 2015)

Common Core coming to DoD Schools.
Military Times

The headline says it all. (August 2015)

Common Core math helps students of color achieve.
Philadelphia Tribune

Here is another classroom testimonial. (August 2015)

 "Make no mistake, Common Core is raising the bar in my district."
The Seventy Four

This school administrator from New York is seeing results, (August 2015)

Common Core's silent majority: As unions and GOP Presidential candidates bash standards, Americans remain supportive
The Seventy Four

As is often the case, you have to look through the smoke to get the true story. (August 2015)


Test opt-outs teach kids the wrong lesson
USA Today

The testing issue continues to be a hot topic of discussion. (August 2015)

Common Core is here to stay
Fox News

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer offers her opinion on why the higher standards are right and aren't going to be killed. (August 2015)

Common Core Doesn't Kill Creativity
U.S. News & World Report

This article debunks the argument that teachers have their hands tied by the higher standards. (August 2015)

Common Core helps military parents
Military Times

The military perspective is often lost in the discussion.  (August 2015)

People Like Common Core Better Once They Know What It Is

There's still a lot of head scratching over the higher standards but this tells us once given factual information they support the higher standards. (August 2015)

Core of the Matter: Using the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards to Take the Classroom Experience to a Broader, More Authentic Audience
Alliance for Excellent Education

It is easy to lose focus on the value of the higher standards.  This piece provides some good insight. (August 2015)

The right and left poison Common Core with inflammatory rhetoric
Washington Post

It's hard for the public to really understand the higher standards when there is so  much disinformation being pushed.

What all parents should know about Common Core test scores.

The beat goes on when it comes to Common Core and testing. As the political season progresses, so does the dialogue. (August 2015)

Academic expectations around the country, in two maps.
Hechinger Report

This story clearly explains why the nation is in need of common higher standards. (August 2015)

Military children's education standards affect Army retention.
The Association of the United States Army

This tells us higher standards in the classroom really do have an impact on retention numbers. (August 2015)

Happy New Year with Higher Standards
Educators for Higher Standards

As schools get ready for a new year, many teacher voices are being raised in support of keeping higher standards and expectations. (August 2015)

Public Supports Testing, Opposes Opt-Out, Opposes Federal Intervention.

The publication's recent survey examines variety of Common Core related issues. (August 2015)

"Gov. Hutchinson, Please Save Common Core in Arkansas."
The Seventy Four

The "teacher voice" carries special weight when it comes to arguing for higher standards.  These two teachers make a strong case. (August 2015)

Raising expectations means raising student achievement
Idaho Statesman

This teacher believes in the Common Core and hopes the public will listen to her. (July 2015)

Who struggles with Common Core math? Parents.
Arizona Republic

One of the big arguments against the Common Core from many parents has been, "I can't do the math!"  Many Arizona parents are starting to see the light.  (July 2015)

Tests are a part of life
U.S. News & World Report

Let's talk testing.  This piece says snap out of the "opt out mode." (July 2015)

GOP Wrong to Run from Common Core - Because the Standards are Working
The Seventy Four

We have been shying away from the politics side of the higher standards but this story is worth including. Many conservative presidential candidates say they oppose the Common Core.  This conservative icon warns them against their uninformed positions. (July 2015):  https://www.the74million.org/article/opinion-gop-presidential-candidates-wrong-to-run-from-common-core-because-the-standards-are-working

Survey: More Parents Satisfied with City Schools

Here's a  higher standards success story from NEWE York city. (July 2015)

Common Core test results due next month: "It's not going to be pretty."
Modesto Bee

The possible results from the first batch of Common Core testing have some worried. (July 2015)

Common Core materials penetrate every state
Education Week

Even some states that have not adopted the Common Core are using some of the materials. (July 2015)

Common Core under fire from both the right and left
Albuquerque journal

This story points out the standards have opposition on both sides of the aisle but they have staunch support as well. (July 2015)

Award Winning School Counselors Discuss Transition to Common Core
Learning First Alliance

Here is more teacher voice in support oft he higher standards. (July 2015)

5 Years After Common Core - State of the States
Mission Readiness

If you are a Common Core supporter, this is a good news story. (July 2015)

Real World Lessons:  How one state rolled out the Common Core
BAM Radio/Common Core Radio

This story is an interview with a North Carolina teacher who believes in the higher standards for her students. (July 2015)

States Differ Dramatically in Their Academic Expectations
Huffington Post

The latest NAEP study shines light on the difference in academic standards across state boundaries. (July 2015)

Proficient Now Means Prepared
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The organization adds its powerful business voice to why we need higher standards. (July 2015)

Economic Outlook: Good Education Needed to Maintain a  Globally Competitive Workforce
Idaho Politics Weekly

Here is a business voice speaking up for the Common Core. 9JUly 2015)

The places kids can go if teachers lead them there

This piece features a teacher who believes in the higher standards. (July 2015)

Group: Common Core standards working, advocates tweaks
Glen Falls PostStar

The educators and parents in this report believe the higher standards are working. (July 2015)

Higher Ed Groups Reiterate Their support for Higher Standards in K-12
Inside Higher ED

For the Common Core to reach its full potential, it must have the support and confidence of the higher education community. (July 2015)

What Parents Think About the Common Core
The New Teacher Project

What are parents saying about the higher standards?  This small snapshot tries to shed light on that question. (July 2015)

A Common Core Math Problem:  How Many States Have Adopted the Standards?
Education Week

This is the latest story providing an update on Common Core states.  The story also looks at states that have rejected the Core only to adopt standards that look amazingly like what they rejected. (July 2015)

Military Families Get Short-changed in Education:  They Deserve Better
The Christian Post

This is another piece that addresses the education of the children of our military families and why the Common Core is important to them. (July 2015)

Improve tests, don't ax them
Columbus Dispatch

This editorial is aimed at Ohio lawmakers who are considering doing away with standardized tests. (July 2015)

The Common Core is Not the Problem
Education Week

These Education Week reporters say don't blame the higher standards for assessment issues.  (June 2015)

Meet the test-maker behind Common Core exams
Fox News Sunday

One of the primary testing agencies, PARCC, has taken a lot of heat lately.  So who heads this organization and what does she have to say about the testing controversy?  (June 2015)

Lessons from a principal from a Kentucky school that went from one of the worst to one of the best under Common Core
Washington Monthly

The title tells the story! (June 2015)

Schools on U.S. military installations raising standards, tracking students beyond high school
Hechinger Report

This is another story about the impact of Common Core on military installations.  (June 2015)

Let's not settle for good enough schools
Education Post

This story presents a teacher's thoughts on the higher standards in Colorado. (June 2015)

Do the arts go hand-in-hand with the Common Core?
Hechinger Report

What about the arts under the higher standards? (June 2015)

Kendrick Lamar and this N.J. teacher are bonding over 'hip-hop' education

This report puts the focus on a teacher who is using Common Core in a unique way to connect with kids. (June 2015)

Raising the Bar on Expectations for Student Learning
Higher Standards

This is another teacher testimonial, this time provided by the Arkansas Teacher of the Year. (June 2015)

Meet the new Common Core
New York Times

Some states have decided to can the Core.  Some other governors are hoping to do the same.  One problem, the replacement looks like... the Common Core. (June 2015)

Common Core can help Latino students


Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson believes in the Common Core and feels the higher standards can help Latino students. (June 2015)

Why I believe students should have the same standards
Washington Post

Want some pro and con on the Common Core?  These two principals offer interesting point/counterpoint discussion. (June 2015)

Common Core standards help ensure better prepared students

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

This technical college president in Wisconsin makes a pleas to keep the Common Core. (June 2015)

How one school fashions geometry lessons from recyclables

Time to look inside the Common Core to see how one school is using it to teach. (June 2015)

Common Core algebra seen as tougher
Education Week

(Free registration required.) This story focuses on math content under the new higher standards - algebra. (June 2015)

Competition the common thread of Common Core
Albuquerque Journal

This editorial strongly supports the higher standards both for the state and the nation. (June 2015)

Don't do away with testing
Washington Post

The paper takes a formal stand on the questions surrounding testing in our public schools. (June 2015)

'I want to give my students access to the world'

Here's another supporting teacher voice for the Common Core. (June 2015)

Why are so many states replacing Common Core with carbon copies?
Hechinger Report

Several states that have abandoned the Common Core State Standards have adopted standards that look suspiciously like those they rejected. (June 2015)

A Poster Child for Common Core
Washington Post

Oklahoma retreated from the common core last year.  What did it get them? According to the article, a mess. (May 2015)

In an Early Adopter, Common Core faces Little Pushback
Wall Street Journal

It's too bad we can't share the entire Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) but even the free first paragraphs tell the story. (May 2015)

How Common Core levels the paying field

One of the big arguments for the Common Core is that it brings education equality to the table. (May 2015)

Common Core is not a government takeover
Education Week

Some people are getting tired of hearing the long standing argument - the federal government is hijacking local education - against the higher standards. (May 2015)

Common Core retains outspoken supporters despite conservative backlash
Washington Times

Are the higher standards "sticking?"  This article says, yes! (May 2015)

Teachers Poll: Make No Mistake About It, Common Core Produces Critical Thinkers
Daily Caller

This is a  poll of teachers in Arkansas who say they like the higher standards but not the testing that goes with them. (May 2015)

Inspiring the best in our students through cross-curriculum collaboration
Educators for Higher standards

These teachers believe the higher standards are working. (may 2015)

Does Common Core represent a national takeover of education?

A question heard often in Alabama these days is should the state repeal the higher standards. (April 2015)

A few common sense reasons not to opt out of tests
Chalkbeat Colorado

This teacher tells parents to reconsider "opting out." (April 2015)

Stakes for "high stakes" tests are actually pretty low
Hechinger Report

We are hearing a lot about the tests.  This story takes a close look and asks, "So what about these tests?" (April 2015)

Three keys to Kentucky's Common Core success

Kentucky is considered to be the standard bearer when it comes to higher standards.  This piece looks at the reasons. (April 2015)

Texas A&M professor fails entire class: Is this a millennials problem?
Christian Science Monitor

Want more proof we need to raise standards?  This may be it. (April 2015)

Common Core gets a footing
Inside Higher Ed

Post secondary institutions have been quiet about the Common Core.  That may be changing now. (April 2015)

Traction limited in rolling back Common Core
Education Week

This story details the foundering efforts to scuttle the higher standards in several states. (April 2015)

Are the Common Core tests turning out to be a big success or a resounding failure?
Hechinger Report

There's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the first round of Common Core tests. (April 2015)

Common Core standards essential for military readiness

This former U.S. Army general now retired in Alabama is urging state lawmakers there not to rollback the higher standards. (April 2015)

Flight? Fight? Or Shift Gears?http://corelaborate.psesd.org/flight-fight-or-shift-gears-2/CORElaborate

This teacher offers a unique look at testing.  Bottom line, she likes the new standards and says, let's get to work. (April 2015)

Commissioner: Test identifies districts needing help.  
Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal (Maine)

Here is how one state education leader is answering test critics. (April 2015) 

What is developmentally appropriate math?
Preschool Matters

We have often heard the argument that Common Core math is not age appropriate for younger students.  This article challenges that. (April 2015)

Watch a 5th grader deliver the Common Core speech that our lawmakers didn't want to hear.

What about the student voice?  Check this video of a student who believes in the higher standards. (April 2015)

Oklahoma gave Common Core an ‘F,’ but its teachers still give it an ‘A’.
Hechinger Report

Gone but not forgotten in Oklahoma.  Politicians may have canned it but teachers know its value. (April 2015)

Some Parents Oppose Standardized Testing on Principle, but Not in Practice.
New York Times

This story continues the spotlight on Common Core testing. (September 2015)

SUNY chancellor on upcoming state tests: 'If kids opt out, we risk them being left behind.'

A higher ed administrator issues an opt out warning. (April 2015)

Common Core tests raise the bar for all students
New York Post

Here's an argument for the higher standards testing. (April 2015) 

Why colleges should care about the Common Core
Education Week

This article makes a case why post-secondary education should be embracing the higher standards. (April 2015)

Opting out your kid risks her future - and every other kid's too
New York Daily News

What are the risks of opting out?  Here's an opinion. (April 2015)

A Great Awakening for history and social studies

The Common Core is focused on math and language arts but this story sats there are other benefits. (April 2015)

Former Arizona Governor:  Stop fighting common ore and focus on issues
Arizona Republic

Former Governor Jan Brewer, who championed the Common Core in here state, now tells legislators to stop fighting and get to work improving public education. (April 2015)

More fizzle than spark: GOP efforts to sink Common core are failing
Education Post

Much of the opposition has come from the Republican side of the aisle.  This article says although grabbing headlines, it's not working. (April 2015)

Common Core math explained in 3 minutes

"That Common Core math is crazy!" That complaint has been raised often but this might help. (April 2015)

There is no Common Core math - only good and bad teaching materials

If you have been following Common Core happenings, you no doubt have heard the horror stories swirling around "Common Core math."  This teacher in MichiganLive says there is no such thing. (April 2015)

Why my daughter will take the PARCC test
Asbury Park (NJ) Press

New Jersey is one of the states using PARCC for testing.  This parent is not joining the opt-out movement and tells why. (April 2015)

Common Core is hard but that doesn't mean we should quit

This military mom offers her unique perspective why she believes in the higher, shared standards. (April 2015)

Report:  Students With More Common Core Exposure

This is an interesting report from Kentucky that shows the nation's first students  exposed to the Common Core are showing signs they are learning faster after being introduced to the higher standards. (April 2015)

What Nevada teachers think about the Common Core
Center for American Progress

More teacher voices are raised here in YouTube videos in support of the higher standards. (April 2015)

Why we don't need to get rid of Common Core to have play in kindergarten
New America Ed Central

This story attempts to rebut the argument that the new standards are not appropriate for early grades and take the fun out of learning for younger students. (April 2015)

Editorial: Opting out of Common Core will solve nothing

This newspaper joins the growing chorus of voices saying the opt-out movement is a non-starter. (April 2015)

Teacher sees good in Common Core
New York Post Star

Here is another teacher testimonial for the critical thinking skills that come with the higher standards. (April 2015)

Opting out is not a solution
Columbus Dispatch

Testing opt-out a mistake
Albany (NY) Times-Union

These two stories agree that the movement to boycott the first wave of Common Core testing is a mistake. (March 2015)

Common Core critics are loud but losing

Although critics are vocal in their opposition, this story seems to think their efforts are getting the job done. (March 2015)

The Red State That likes Common Core

A calm in the storm?  That appears to be the case of Wyoming when it comes to the Common Core. (March 2015)

A struggle worth having for students
Washington Post

This is an especially nice "teacher voice" story in support of the higher standards. (March 2015)

Reports show small gains after Common Core
U.S. News & World Report

It may be too early to tell if these positive signs are a result of the higher standards but good news is good news. (March 2015)

Parents should welcome the new Common Core tests
The Daily Beast

After loud opposition to the first wave of Common Core testing comes some push back. (March 2015)

Common Core tests will widen achievement gap - at first
Hechinger Report

This story explains that we can expect an initial increase in the achievement gap but it will then begin to close. (March 2015)

What this spring's Common Core tests promised, and what they will actually deliver
Hechinger Report

Testing... although Georgia is not in the PARCC/Smarter Balance discussion, it's important to watch what is happening. (March 2015)

Cyber snoops track student activity

If you are a Common Core opponent, you will probably put this in the "I told you so" folder. (March 2015)

Common Core means three tests in three years

This story focused on Michigan underlines some of the continuing testing controversy sweeping the nation. (March 2015)

Common Core renews our commitment to public schooling
Christian Post

Here's support fort he higher standards from the faith-based side of the house. (March 2015)

Parents weigh the lessons of Common Core testing
The Market Place - Learning Curve

This is more on the national battle now underway. (March 2015)

Core of the Matter: Keeping up the Pace with Common Core
Alliance for Excellence in Education

This teacher commentary provides more classroom insight and perspective. (March 2015)

Should Kids Be Allowed to Opt out of Standardized Tests?
Huffington Post

By the amount of articles we are seeing, you could think everyone believes opting out of assessments is the right thing to do.  The Huffington Post reports, maybe not. (March 2015)

Criticism of Common core is misdirected
Seattle Times

This piece acknowledges the new standards have had a polarizing impact but urges opponents to give them a chance to work. (March 2015)

Opt-Out Movement About More Than Tests Advocates Say
U.S. News & World Report

There may be more behind the "opt-out" testing movement across the country.  Is this the latest attempt to scuttle the Common Core? (March 2015)

Despite opt-outs, PARCC testing numbers soar
U.S. News & World Report

Don't believe all the gloom and doom you read about national assessments now being conducted across the U.S. (March 2015)

Colleges not ready for the Common Core

One of the selling points for the Common Core is it better prepares our students for post secondary work but this story raises concerns that our colleges aren't ready. (March 2015)

I wish I could opt out of writing this
Foundation for Excellence in Education

Here's a different slant on the "opt out" craze.  This Edfly Blog blogger says it would be great if we could opt out of anything we really didn't want to do. (March 2015)

Opinion:  Let states take the lead in education
Washington Post

As the 2016 election season nears, there will be more candidates speaking out for or against the Common Core.  The Washington Post published this supportive piece from probable candidate Jeb Bush. (March 2015)

U.S, Needs Common Core in all states
Albuquerque Journal

This college president from New Mexico makes a compelling case for the Common Core. (March 2015)

Common Core brings needed continuity
Stars and Stripes

Here's more from the military argument that higher standards are a matter of national security. (March 2015)

As Common Core testing is ushered in, students and parents opt out
New York Times

The testing issue is getting bigger.  This story tells us more about the "opting out" craze. (March 2015)

Unable to repeal Common Core, foes try sabotage

This is an in-depth look at where Common Core opposition is today. (February 2015)

How Twitter is shaping the #CommonCore debate
Hechinger Report

Have you Tweeted about Common Core?  Many people are and it could be having an impact. (February 2015)

Common Core tests get mixed reviews
Newark Advocate

How is testing going.  This report gives us a sneak-peek from Ohio. (February 2015)

Poll finds widespread misperceptions about the Common Core standards
Tampa Times

After several years of discussion, many Americans still don't have a clear understanding of the Common Core State Standards. (February 2015)

Lead writer responds to Common Core English gripes
Hechinger Report

There are critics who don't like the Common Core English standards.  This publication asked one of the standards authors to respond. (February 2015)

Suburbia and Its Common Core Conspiracy Theories
The Atlantic

So what's behind the continuing opposition to the Core?  This article attempts to analyze that from the suburban mom perspective. (February 2015)

Common Core doesn't hinder learning
Detroit News

Common Core math is worth the effort
Fresno Bee

Teachers speak glowingly of Common Core
The New York Daily News

A teacher speaks up for Common Core math
Charleston Gazette

The all important teacher voice comes across loud in clear in these series of articles from a variety of publications. (February 2015)

Superintendent supports Common Core
Pocohantas Times

This West Virginia educational leader goes on the record in support of the new standards. (February 2015)

Common Core is working; Nevada mustn't turn back
Las Vegas Review-Journal

This piece focuses on what is happening in Nevada but it is also a good general piece why the U.S. should move ahead with the new higher standards. (February 2015)

Twin victories for the Common Core
The Daily Caller

This article points out wins for higher standards in both Mississippi and North Dakota. (February 2015)

A teacher gets honest about the Common Core: 'Standing still never got us anywhere'
Education Post

This commentary is right from the classroom. (February 2015)

With Common Core testing you get what you pay for

This piece ties the testing and expensed issue together.
Marketplace (February 2015)

Guess What, Mom?  Common Core Can Be Good for Your Kindergartner
Education Post

This story helps parents better understand the value of the higher standards. (February 2015)

Common Core Contains Anti-American History, But It Doesn't Have Any History Requirements
Think Progress

One of the frustrations in the Common Core argument is the misinformation that continues to muddy the issue.  Here is an example. (February 2015)

A Common Core Debate
Fox News Sunday

This debate moderated by Chris Wallace pits for Secretary of Education Bill Bennett (for) against newly elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott (against).  Here is some fallout from that discussion:  Our number system: a no-go zone for the Tea Party and An argument for Common Core. (February 2015)

Conservatives hate Common Core.  The rest of America?  Who knows?
Washington Post

It seems if you are a conservative, you are against the Common Core.  At least that is what this story seems to say. (January 2015)

Current testing system will crumble
Chalkbeat Indiana

That headline is the opinion of the president of the National Education Association. (January 2015)

Coherency in Education Standards - Why Does It Matter?
Educators for Higher Standards

This teacher explains why the Common Core is a good idea that she supports. (January 2015)

Commission weighs options for Common Core
Star News Online

The Common Core is a toss up in North Carolina but what about elsewhere? (January 2015)

What Common Core has in common with broccoli

Here's a new way of looking at the Common Core State Standards. (January 2015)

John Kasich Calls Out Conservatives Who Oppose Common Core
Huffington Post

Many conservatives considering a run for the presidency in 2016 have come out against the Common Core.  Ohio's governor takes them to task. (January 2015)

Education system in need of remediation
San Diego Union-Tribune

This opinion piece argues in support of the Common Core. (January 2015)

What happens when the Common Core becomes less... common?
The Washington Post

Testing under the Common Core remains an issue as several states have opted not to join the test consortia. (January 2015)

What's Your Problem With Common Core?
Michigan's Teacher of the Year

Here's another "teacher voice" commentary in support of the Common Core. (January 2015)

Why 2015 is a crucial year for the Common Core

2015 is here so let the predictions begin!  Here is the first story of the new year looking ahead at what is in store for the Core. (January 2015)

2014 Artclices/Editorials

Does Common Core Really Mean Teachers Should Teach Differently?
Hechinger Report

Here's more on the math portion of the Common Core, a sticking point with many opponents. (December 2014)

Why Common Core Support is High Among Communities of Color
Real Clear Education

How does the minority community look at Common Core... Pro? Con? (December 2014)

Common Core Politics and Elections: Will the Standards Survive Through 2016
Real Clear Education

Here's another piece looking at the politics involved in the higher standards argument. (December 2014)

Common Ground for Christians and Common Core
Christianity Today

Here's a bit of a different view from a former public school teacher writing from a Christian perspective. (December 2014)

The Problem With Punditry, Common Core and 2016
Inside Sources

It's hard to look at the Common Core without politics in some way entering into the discussion. (December 2014)

Critics say Common Core includes collecting psych data on kids
Fox News

Critics have often used the argument that the Common Core is quietly collecting personal information on our children. (December 2014)

Schools Teach Common Core Math to Two Generations
Education Week

Many parents have condemned the Common Core based upon the math... they don't know how to help their children.  Some schools are trying to help. (December 2014)

Could Jeb Bush's support for Common Core hurt his chance at 2016 nomination?
Christian Science Monitor

There's not much to add to this headline. (December 2014)

In Transition to Common Core, Some High Schools Turn to 'Integrated' Math
Education Week

This is an impact story that explains the progress of the Common Core. (November 2014)

Common Core reading:  The high achievers

If teachers have been around awhile they have seen all sorts of programs introduced that promise big things but fail.  This story reports on a teacher who wasn't happy with the Common Core but is now seeing it work. (November 2014)

Onilne assessment a challenge for states rethinking Common Core
eSchool News

This story captures some of the fallout in states battling to keep the Common Core.  This time, Louisiana. (November 2014)

Video:  High Standards and Great Teaching
Education Post

In the Common Core debate, one of the strongest voices should be those of teachers.  This video features teachers who support the higher standards. (November 2014)

Common Core in the Classroom - New standards help teachers create effective lesson plans

This story presents more of the important "Teacher Voice" in the Common Core discussion. (November 2014)

Election Night's Implications for Education Reform
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

The election is over and now it's time for some analysis as it pertains to education issues in general and specifically the Common Core. (November 2014)

Common Core must prove it's not cash-grabbing hoax
Las Vegas Review Journal

Here's some real "food for thought" written by a Common Core supporter who issues a warning. (November 2014)

Common Core math can be a mystery, and parents are going to school to understand it
Washington Post

Many parents base their overall opinions on the Common Core on the math portion... "I can't help my child!"  Some parents are trying to learn the new system (November 2014)

Improving DuPage scores show 'teaching math finally makes sense'
Chicago Daily Herald

Math has been a target or the opposition.  This story is good news on that front. (November 2014)

Sabotaging Common Core Sabotages Teachers, Students
Bluff City Education

This Tennessee teacher says stick with the standards because they are working and students will benefit. (October 2014)

Teachers a Key Source of Common Core Curricula, Study Finds
Education Week

This is a report on a CEP study that shows how teachers are creating curricula to match the standards. (October 2014)

Teachers on the Common Core: Familiarity Breeds Approval
Education Week - Gallup Poll

Here's an opinion poll targeting teachers.  It seems the longer teachers have to implement the standards, the more they like them. (October 2014)

How Kentucky became a rare Common Core success story

A few states have kissed the Core goodbye or at least wavered in their support.  Kentucky is a bit of a shining light. (October 2014)

Assessing Common Core - Con and Assessing Common Core - Pro
Washington Times

The headlines tell the story. (October 2014)

Interview with Phil Daro and Jason Zimba on the Common Core
Education Week

What do two of the Common Core writers now think about the standards? (Subscription required after 3 free monthly reads.) (October 2014)

Public school parents now divided on Common Core
Gallup Poll

This public opinion poll focuses on parents' views of the Core. (October 2014)

Make the Case;  Common Core Standards
NBC's Meet the Press

Ready for a debate on the issue?  Take a few minutes to review this. (October 2014)

For Women and Girls, the Common Core is a Step Toward Greater Equity
Center for American Progress

Many voices have proclaimed the higher standards are good for females and under-represented populations. (October 2014)

Educators can lead change our students need

This Delaware teacher believes in the Common Core and the role teachers are playing. (October 2014)

Common Core - Another Think Coming
Educators for Higher Standards

This is a teacher testimonial.  This time from Tennessee. (October 2014)

Richardson:  Don't let politics block Common Core
USA Today

This opinion piece from a longtime politician says stop the rhetoric, we need Common Core! (October 2014)

How billionaires are fixing philanthropy
Washington Post

This story is an answer to the following story! (October 2014)

America's Crusade Against its Public School Children
Huffington Post

This opposition-to-the-Core piece accuses big money interests of putting the interests of our children behind profit motives. (October 2014)

Put Our Children 1st - Common Core for Common Goals

Support for the Common Core comes from many communities.  This piece underlines the argument made for the benefits to African-American children. (October 2014)

Three states take lead on Common Core, but are they moving too fast?
Christian Science Monitor

Three states have announced they have tied graduation to Common Core tests.  Critics say it is too soon. (October 2014)

Please stop calling Common Core a "National Curriculum"
Education Post

After all this time there is still confusion between standards and curriculum.  This piece tries to straighten it out. (October 2014)

New US education standards beset by politics

Many observers continue to bemoan the fact that the Core has been attacked unfairly politically.  Take this piece for example! (October 2014)

Gov. Deal's thoughts on the Common Core
Marietta Daily Journal

There's a campaign going on and education is a key component especially in the gubernatorial and state superintendent races.  This article focuses on the Common Core. (October 2014)

Time for conservatives to reclaim Common Core standards
Fox News

Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue was a key player when the new standards were unveiled right here in Atlanta.  He continues his support in this commentary. (October 2014)

What's right about Common Core
National Review Online

This supportive piece makes a strong case for the standards and warns conservative opponents to fight on if they must but be prepared for a possible "pyrrhic victory." (October 2014)

Common Core Classroom Perspectives: Teachers respond to New York Principal
Real Clear Education

Not long ago we ran a piece from a New York principal who was not a Common Core fan.  This is a rebuttal from classroom teachers who challenge her reasoning. (October 2014)

Conservatives for Common Core - Why You Should Support It
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This piece written by Fordham's Mike Petrilli and Michael Brickman outlines why conservatives should be supporting the Common Core. (October 2014)

Utah still controls education standards
Standard Examiner

"Loss of local control!" is an argument often made about the new standards.  Utah's governor asked for a legal review to help answer that charge. (October 2014)

Common Core was Georgia Led
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The AJC's liberal columnist Jay Bookman points out Georgia was instrumental in seeing the new standards adopted here and that the coming election will have an education impact. (October 2014)

K-Prep report shows improvement in Kentucky schools for third year
Kentucky report cards: the good, the bad, the controversial

Cincinnati Enquirer

Kentucky was the first state to adopt the Common Core and now one of only two states to fully implement Common Core-aligned testing.  The results are good! (October 2014)

Common Core: A solid policy behind an unpopular name
Huffington Post

Some argue "image over substance" is a bad thing but when you have substance, you must have image along with it. (October 2014)

Teachers grade Common Core: C+ and room for improvement
Christian Science Monitor (Survey: Common Core Standards working well - USA Today and Are Teachers Warming Up to the Common Core? - The Atlantic)

Here's another teacher survey.  If you are pro-Common Core, it's pretty good news.  Effective implementation appears to be the key. (October 2014)

What Happened to the Common Core?
Harvard Ed Magazine

It wasn't long ago that the Common Core was sailing right along but then it hit rough seas.  This article analyzes the voyage. (October 2014)

Military schools' course work to be in sync, chief says
Army Times

This is an argument that is often overlooked.  Common Core is good for our military families traveling the world. (October 2014)

The politics of Common Core don't matter as much as what happens in the classroom

This article attempts to cut through all the distractions surrounding the Common Core to look at where it all comes together. (September 2014)

Georgia teachers:  Wording of the Common Core works for us
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The AJC's Maureen Downey points out that contrary to what opposing voices are saying, Georgia teachers seem to be just fine with Common Core wording. (September 2014)

Common Core Controversy: Is It All Politics?
U.S. News & World Report

This story looks at the continuing battle over the standards and tries to answering the question, Why? (September 2014)

Common Core is working in my classroom
Education Week

Here's another first person account from a teacher on the value of the new standards. (September 2014)

New math causing consternation
San Diego Union Times

Common Core math has caused more than a few parents to say, "Wait just a minute!"  This story looks at how area school districts are moving forward and communicating as they do. (September 2014)

Where Common Core is not controversial

Here is a school district not bogged down by the Common Core debate.  Washoe County, Nev. is concentrating on the implementation of the standards. (September 2014)

Q&A: A View of the Common Core From the Principal's Office

This article provides insight into what some school leaders think about the Common Core. (September 2014)

Four Common Core "flim-flams" and A Response
Washington Post and Education Post

A New York principal doesn't believe in the standards and says why.  But a teacher challenges her reasons.  Check both articles to better understand the pro and con arguments.  (September 2014)

The New Teachers' Aides: Superman and Iron Man
The Atlantic

Educators are always looking for new ways to ensure learning.  Here's another one from The Atlantic and it is aligned with the Common Core. (September 2014)

Common Core Standards: What to Make of This Problem
Huffington Post

This is an opposing view of the standards. (September 2014)

Confused over Common Core? Here are questions to ask your child's teacher
Cleveland Plain Dealer

This is another one of those "the headline says it all." (September 2014)

Common Core is not fuzzy
USA Today

Common Core math is taking it on the chin on several fronts including parents who can't figure it out.  Many math professionals say this is not fuzzy math and they explain why. (September 2014)

Common Core math standards add up to big money for education companies
Hechinger Report

One of the opposition arguments to the Core is that people are getting rich off of it, there's too much big money involved.  You decide. (September 2014)

Common Core: yes or no? A debate
Washington Post

This story reports a recent event that brought experts from both sides of the argument to debate the standards. (September 2014)

Common Core 2.0: Common Core by another name
Washington Post

What's in a name?  Apparently a lot as several states have decided to rename the Common Core. (September 2014)

Bloomberg View:  Common Core makes states answer for dumbed-down education.
Salt Lake Tribune

This piece in the Salt Lake Tribune says the Common Core is much better than previous varying standards but they are a work in progress. (September 2014)

Is it possible people are tired of the Common Core war?  These two articles offer proof that might be so.

Restarting the Common Core debate
Washington Times
Education Post aims to take the sting out of national conversations about school reform

Washington Post

Buyers remorse on Common Core for policymakers?
Associated Press

This updates the Common Core discussion. (August 2014)

Testing my patience - Gadflies' latest attacks on New York's Common Core exams are the most ignorant yet
New York Daily News

Here's a piece from a University of North Carolina professor who has had enough with pseudo-experts. (August 2014)

Common Core standards will move education forward
Los Angeles Daily News

This California teacher fires off a letter to the head of his teacher union (AFT) in support of the Core. (August 2014)

Stop the fight over Common Core
Associated Press
Huckabee asks GOP to stop Common Core feud

The Daily Caller

Both these stories look at former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's efforts to get the Republican party to rethink its opposition to the standards. (August 2014)

Comparing PDK and EDUCATIONnext Polls

This review finds "in a nutshell: Except for small sampling errors, both surveys provide accurate information on the state of public opinion, given the questions that have been asked." (August 2014)

Common Core creator: Ask teachers what works
Durham Herald-Sun

As NC begins to review and possibly revise its Common Core standards, Michael Cohen, president of Achieve Inc., an education reform nonprofit, advised state education and business leaders to listen to what teachers have to say about what works best. (August 2014)

No common opinion on Common Core

This poll tries to figure out where people stand on the Common Core but finds out there is no easy answer. (August 2014)

Support for the Common Core plummets, especially among teachers
Huffington Post

Not all Common Core news is good but such stories require reading behind the headlines. The latest Georgia survey of teachers found 75 percent support the standards.  Here's another story from Politico: A bad week for the Common Core. (August 2014)

Five ways the Common Core could become useless
eSchool News

The CCSS is supposed to be the ultimate indicator for a student’s college readiness. But according to a new policy brief, Common Core stops at higher education’s gate, offering little to no benefit for a student’s chances of entering college. (August 2014)

Edreports.org Aims to be 'Consumer Reports' for Common Core Materials
The Journal

This will provide free, Web-based reviews of instructional materials, with a focus on “alignment to the Common Core and other indicators of high quality as recommended by educators, including usability, teacher support and differentiation.” (August 2014)

Common Core: Putting Students on Paths to 21st-Century Success
Center for Quality Teaching

This resource was sent to us by a friend of the Georgia Partnership and is geared to parents. (August 2014)

Common Core Math Standards Can Improve Student Achievement
University of Michigan's College of Education
President's Message: Core Truths

Teachers of Mathematics

These two articles are endorsements for the Common Core math standards. (August 2014)

Common Core Debate Heats Up in Race for State School Superintendent
Insider Advantage

Thanks to IA for making this piece public.  This article is one of the best we have seen in walking through the Common Core in Georgia. (August 2014)

Making math even worse
Wall Street Journal (This story is subscriber-password protected)

This story gives the Common Core math standards a black eye.  It gave rise to several stories challenging the information in the journal report:

Fact checking Maria Ratner in the Wall Street Journal - I Support the Common Core
Why the 'weird' new way of teaching math is so much better for your kids - Business Insider
Math Core standards are good for Utah students - Utah Policy
Common Core standards foster 'number sense' - Montana Standard
Common Core math video - National PTA

The Common Core difference from a teacher's perspective
Hechinger Report

This is one side of the equation we must always stop and listen to 0 the teacher voice. (August 2014)

Educators:  Common Core Performance Standards stresses integration, reasoning skills
Rome News-Tribune

The new school year is here and what does that mean for the Common Core?  This Rome News-Tribune article is on target. (August 2014)

Common Core education standards: why they're contested left and right
Christian Science Monitor

Trying to figure out what all the fuss is about?  Maybe this thorough piece will help. (August 2014)

Do you really know what the Common Core is?
Huffington Post

After all the debate, blogs, new stories and community discussion, the Huffington Post asks a simple question. (August 2014)

Proof of Common Core bias found in my daughter's fourth-grade math book
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Time to inject a little humor in the Common Core debate - from the "I support the Core" perspective. (August 2014)

Amid Criticism, States Gear Up for Common Core
Debunking Common Myths About the Common Core
Postcards from the Common Core Classroom

National Public Radio

Three separate stories examining the Common Core. (August 2014)

Legislatures taking state education into their own hands
Washington Post

This story reports on the ever-increasing politicization of education across the U.S. (August 2014)

How to teach the standards without becoming standardized

Is it possible for teachers to meet standards without teaching in a standardized way? (August 2014)

What Common Core looks like in a second grade classroom

We hear a lot about the Common Core but what does it look like inside an early grade classroom? (August 2014)

Common Core may persist, even in opposition states
Education Week

Saying goodbye to Common Core in its entirety may not be so easy. (July 2014)

Common Core's foes misinform voters

Proponents of Common Core often accuse the opposition of flooding the market with misinformation.  Here's one such example. (July 2014) 

Moms Winning the Common Core War

If you are a Common Core supporter, you need to read this. (July 2014)

Military Leaders Say Poor Achievement is Impacting Recruitment
News Channel 5 - Nashville

This is a compelling argument for higher standards as afforded by the Common Core - national security. (July 2014)

What a Common Core Lesson Sounds Like in a 10th-Grade English Class

This story provides an opportunity to go inside a classroom to see the Common Core in action. (July 2014)

Higher education behind on Common Core
Hechinger Report

This report says higher ed is failing to adapt to the new Common Core.  Read more in this Higher Ed story. (July 2014)

Melinda Gates says Common Core has become too political
Nashville Public Radio

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has give millions of dollars to a variety of education programs and causes but Common Core opponents often criticize it for having a business interest in the success of the Core. (July 2014)

Beyond the Bubble Test: Why We Need Performance Assessments
Huffington Post

Assessments is a big discussion point these days.  This commentary written by Linda Darling-Hammond looks at the issue. (July 2014)

Governors skirt 'radioactive' Common Core at national meeting
Salt Lake Tribune

Although the National Governors Assn. really got the Common Core ball rolling several years ago, its members seem a bit reluctant to discuss the issue now. (July 2014)

Two stories here: Homeschoolers take on Common Core reforms and: Opinion: Common Core will prepare students
Cincinnati Enquirer

Home schooling parents challenge what Common Core is teaching but their complaints are met with a rebuttal. (July 2014) 

Simple question: Math skills add up to financial literacy

This story looks at math proficiency as it leads to financial literacy.  It references improvement of math skills in Tennessee thanks to... Common Core. (July 2014)

New Jersey and California press on with Common Core
Education Week

The headlines recently have been about states dumping the Common Core.  Here are two moving ahead. (July 2014)

Understanding the difference between curriculum and standards
Palm Beach Post

How many times have you heard/seen confusion between standards and curriculum?  This piece is a good effort at explaining the difference. (July 2014)

Myth of the Month: Common Core is dumbing down education for the College-bound
Huffington Post

This piece tries to correct more misinformation continuing to swirl around the Common Core. (July 2014)

NEA delegates talk Common Core math
Education Week

Here's more teacher feedback from the recent National Education Association conference. (July 2014)

States that drop Common Core under gun to replace them
Education Week

Previously we have posted a couple stories indicating turmoil in Indiana after lawmakers there took the state out of Common Core.  Here's another one. (July 2014)

Ignorance vs. the Common Core
New York Daily News

One columnist takes issue with a Republican candidate for governor who, according to the writer, hasn't done his Common Core homework. (July 2014)

Righting the score on Common Core

This commentary by Bill Crane challenges Common Core opposition. (July 2014)

Do teachers really hate Common Core?
Huffington Post

This is not as bad as the headline indicates.  Check it. (July 2014)

Common Core repeal leads to legal and regulatory limbo
Tulsa World

This Tulsa World story requires a subscription but you can at least get an idea that not all is good after the governor's decision to retreat from Common Core. (July 2014)

Common Core proponents were motivated by inadequate state standards, not Gates money
Huffington Post

Some opponents of the Core are quick to say it's driven by Bill Gates' money.  Not so says former Gov. Bob Wise. (July 2014)

Gates:  Eradicating polio easier than fixing U.S. education system
Geek Wire

Bill Gates says the U.S. has its hands full in trying to solve its education ills. (July 2014)

Weighing Common Core math complaints
Education Week
Math under Common Core even has parents stumbling

New York Times

These are two relating stories.  The first Ed Week refers to the Times story. (July 2014)

Which states are role models for Common Core implementation?
Education Week

Check this review to see what states are doing well in implementing the Common Core State Standards (July 2014)

Common Core will improve education, most district chiefs say
Education Week

What do superintendents think about the Common Core?  According to a recent Gallup poll, they like it. (July 2014) 

Preparing for the Common Core with the help of higher ed
U.S. News & World Report

It appears higher education is preparing the next generation of teachers to teach the Common Core.  (July 2014)

Report:  States can overcome Common Core challenges
U.S. News & World Report

The is report says concerns being raised and addressed about Common Core are not show stoppers. (June 2014)

Common Core opponents say states' repeal boosts momentum
Associated Press

In sports they call it the "Big Mo."  That's what some Common Core opponents are claiming now that some states are pulling out. (June 2014)

Common Core worth fighting for
Chicago Sun-Times

Many papers across the country are on the record in support of the new standards.  Here's another one. (June 2014)

Nearly Half of American Adults Haven't Heard of Common Core Standards
Education Week

It is hard to believe that after all the controversy and political posturing, many Americans still haven't heard about the Common Core or aren't really sure what it is. (June 2014)

The 'common' in Common Core as state support falters
Hechinger Report

The Common Core’s main selling point was that new, shared standards would ensure American students were learning at the same rates across state lines. Now, as more states back out of the tests, the “common” in Common Core is threatened. (June 2014)

Conservatives Evenly Split on Common Core
Wall Street Journal/NBC News

This story provides the results of a recent poll that shows conservatives are not in lock-step in opposing the new standards. (June 2014)

Jeb Bush not backing away from Common Core

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has long been a supporter of the Common Core.  Unlike several other Republican headliners who might consider a presidential bid, Bush underlines his commitment to the higher standards. (June 2014) 

Common Core, in 9-year-old eyes
New York Times

This lengthy story provides a different way of looking at the Common Core. (June 2014)

Common Core sparks flood of legislation

So, is it all quiet on the Common Core front across the U.S.?  In a word... No!  This article details legislation efforts across the country. (June 2014)

Fear:  The Enemy of Common Core Solutions
Bluff City Education

A Tennessee teacher offers a lengthy look at what "fear" can do in scuttling the Common Core and what might be left behind as a result. (June 2014)

Common Core, battered by midterm politics, gets higher ed support.  Too late?
Christian Science Monitor

Higher education sees the value of raising standards considering the high remediation rates they are dealing with on U.S. campuses.  But is their support too late to make a difference? (June 2014)

Gates Foundation Backs Two-Year Accountability Delay Under Common Core
Education Week

What about calls for delaying assessments?  See what Bill Gates has to say. (June 2014)

A student's perspective
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Here's a little different perspective coming from a college student who moved around as a youngster.  Clare Lombardo is contributing a variety of columns to Maureen Downey's 'Get School' blog this summer. (June 2014)

What Does a Good Common Core Lesson Look Like?

This story provides an opportunity to learn about what Common Core looks like inside the classroom. (June 2014)

How Bill Gates Pulled Off the Swift Common Core Revolution
Washington Post

What's the man many people love to hate saying about the Common Core? (June 2014)

What the Post gets Wrong About Gates and the Common Core

Alexander Russo provides a rebuttal to the above Washington Post story. (June 2014)

Why I'm pulling my kids out of public school
Tampa Bay Times

This mom and former teacher says she has had enough of the public education system and explains why. (June 2014)

Fight against Common Core unites blue, red
Orange County Register (June 2014) 

Opposition to the Common Core seems to be coming largely from conservative circles but not exclusively. (June 2014)

Tough Week for the Common Core

Not too long ago when you mentioned Common Core the reaction you got was, "What's that?" If the last couple weeks are an indication, things are heating up. (June 2014)

Out of the mouths of 4th Graders
engage ny

What about the kids? These 4th graders featured in this piece think the new standards are challenging and good! (June 2014)

A Glimpse of the Common Core in the Special Education Classroom
Huffington Post

This story looks inside an area of the Core not often discussed. (June 2014)

Publishing Leader Rallies Industry to Help Shape Common Core Market
Education Week

For our readers who want even more about the Common Core, check this story. (June 2014)

Common Core:  Better Standards, Conditions, Tools & Outcomes
Getting Smart

This piece questions the wisdom of dropping out of the Common Core once implementation is underway. (June 2014)

The Common Core C's of Change: How a forward-thinking Delaware district pushes hard to put in place the new standards in the face of opposition
The State Superintendents Association

Here's how one school system successfully implemented the Common Core even when faced by strong opposition. (June 2014)

Common Core Standards Face New Wave of Opposition
New York Times

The beat goes on as the newspaper looks at the continuing struggles. (May 2014)

The Common Core FAQ

Here are more Common Core facts worth reviewing. (May 2014)

Meadow Home 4th Graders Embrace Common Core Standards

We have heard a lot about the Common Core from a variety of perspectives but what about the kids?  NPR visited one California school to get their take. (May 2014)

The Common Core is an opportunity for education equity
Center for American Progress

This editorial stresses the Core raises the standards for all students not just a selected few. (May 2014)

Students being penalized because of anti-Common Core activists
Peach Pundit

This opinion piece criticizes the Cobb County School Board for choosing to side with a small group of activists as opposed to teachers when selecting new math books. (May 2014)

Facts, reasonable people and Common Core - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Columnist Jay Bookman writes from the left side of the aisle.  Former Gov. Sonny Perdue is a Republican.  In this column, Bookman agrees with Perdue and questions Republicans who oppose the Common Core as a President Obama effort to control the minds of our children. (May 2014)

A Common Core Math Problem with a Hint
Huffington Post

This is written by a math professor.  He says the new math standards are good and looks at why other mathematicians are opposed (May 2014)

Republicans who designed Common Core say public has been misled
McClatchy News

Former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue has been vocal in his continuing support of the Common Core.  Now other Republican former governors who had a hand in the development of the higher standards are joining him. (May 2014)

Have patience on imperfect Common Core
USA Today

One important point to remember is the Common Core is not expected to be an overnight sensation.  It will take time and patience to make the new standards work. (May 2014)

Common Core transforms science, social studies, even gym
Hechinger Report

This is another example of how the Core is impacting the classroom - multiple classrooms. (May 2014).

Defending the Common Core and Common Core is Common Sense
Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle respectively

These are two strong supporting articles for the Common Core. (May 2014)

Common Core critics offer too little too late
Washington Post

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin has filed another good story with her latest "Right Turn" column that tells opponents of the Common Core they are both late in their fight and they have no alternative that provides the rigor of the new standards. (May 2014)

Common Core: Uncommon opposition to standards
Washington Post

This "Right Turn" column cautions opposing voices to the Common Core.  If not these standards, what standards?  Don't oppose without a solid alternative. (May 2014)

Do teachers really hate the Common Core? (Hint, no!)
Education Week

This examines the Common Core from the teacher perspective.  (It is subscriber protected after you have used your monthly 10 "free reads.") (May 2014)

Can schools find room for Greek tragedy in Common Core? (Hint, yes!)
Hechinger Report

This story is about how one school in high-performing Massachusetts is implementing the Common Core. (May 2014)

Nope, immigration and Common Core aren't toxic
Washington Post

Some states held primaries during the first week of May.  So how did Common Core-support candidates fare?  The paper's "Right Turn" columnist provides some insight. (May 2014)

The Resilience of Common Core

Unless you make a point of it, it is hard to keep up with all that is being said about the Common Core - pro and con.  This article attempts to sort through it to see where we really are. (May 2014)

Almost Peggy, but this time not quite
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Nationally syndicated columnist Peggy Noonan penned an article against the Common Core.  The Thomas B. Fordham Institute's President Chester E. Finn, Jr., strongly disagrees with her reasoning and tells her so in this article. (May 2014)

Informed voters call for the Common Core

Why do we need the Common Core?  The Tennessean editorial board had to look no further than the latest NAEP results for the answer. (May 2014)

Disappointed with push to drop Common Core
Citizen Times

The military voice always has a place at this table.  This letter to the editor to the Asheville Citizen-Times by a retired Navy admiral warns against trying to stop the higher standards in North Carolina. (May 2014)

Teachers unions threaten Common Core implementation
Washington Post

Tea Party opposition to the new education standards in the Common Core is getting a lot of attention. Far more threatening is the less-noticed pushback from teachers’ unions. (May 2014)

State Superintendent Candidate Fires Off at Talk Show Host Erick Erickson
Peach Pundit

State superintendent candidate Kira Willis takes WSB-Radio talk show host Erick Erickson to task for his endorsement of an anti-Common Core candidate. (May 2014)

Keeping a lid on loose talk in the red-zone of a GOP primary
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Picking up on some recent national polling, Jim Galloway warns Republicans on election Common Core rhetoric. (May 2014)

Why parents like me are angry about Common Core
Fox News

Conservative talk show host Erick Erickson, once a Core supporter, has changed his mind: Common Core seems like a good idea. In a society as mobile as ours, kids moving from one state to another should not be so far behind or ahead students in their new state. (May 2014) 

Seeing Common Core through a parent's perspective
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Common Core means different things to different people depending on the perspective.  Here's a view seen through the eyes of a parent. (May 2014)

Some Common Core foes go too far: Southern Poverty Law Center
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Nefarious.” “Government indoctrination camps.” Those words have been applied to the Common Core national education standards by some who oppose them, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. See the report. (May 2014)

Do states need a Common Core checkup?
eSchool News

Resources and tools for Common Core abound, but it’s time to gauge how implementation is really going, according to some stakeholders. (May 2014)

Teachers Lead the Way in Nevada Leader's Common Core Project
Education Week

Implementation of the new standards can be a daunting task for teachers.  Here's how one state is meeting the challenge. (May 2014)

GOP Pollster: Republicans should be careful on Common Core
Washington Examiner

Here's some Common Core polling of interest.  If you oppose the new standards, you are probably hoping for a groundswell of public opinion calling for their demise.  This polling says that groundswell is not there. Relating stories:  GOP pollster: temper anti-Common Core language, or pay in November and 'ObamaCore'? Common Core ed reforms don't scare GOP voters, poll finds. (May 2014)

Common Core change:  Too little change, not too much
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

As anyone in education knows, the debate has become heavily politicized over the past year. What that means is that the true education issues at stake—for instance, whether the standards for English and math are challenging enough or, conversely, age appropriate—are taking a backseat to arguments over macropolitics and ideology. (May 2014)

Sorry Louis C.K., but you are wrong about the Common Core

Celebrities have every right to offer their free speech opinions on a variety of issues.  But their words should be held up to scrutiny like anyone else. Relating: TNTP - A Teacher's Words to Louis C.K. (May 2014)

Why we support the Common Core
KIPP Schools CEO Blog

Richard Barth is the CEO of KIPP schools.  He says he is often asked if he (and KIPP) support the Common Core.  He is quick to respond, "Yes!"  (April 2014)

All Eyes on Indiana:  More Lessons to be Learned
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Recently, Indiana became the first state to back out of the Common Core.  So how is that working out for them?  This analysis from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute provides insight. (April 2014)

Why Common Core isn't the problem
Cherokee Ledger-News

This letter to the editor from teacher Jennifer Miller explains why she and the majority of her fellow teachers believe in the Common Core. (April 2014)

An interview with Thomas B. Fordham's Mike Petrilli - Common Core

Petrilli has been a strong, national, conservative voice for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  He explains why here. (April 2014)

Video: Bill Gates explains his support of the Common Core
New Orleans Times-Picayune

You often hear Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation names mentioned in relation to education issues. He is a strong supporter of the Common Core.  Why?  He'll tell you here. (April 2014)

As students are challenged by Common Core standards, would-be teachers also face tougher tests
Fox News

This is an interesting look at how increased standards are impacting teacher preparation. (April 2014)

Time to Take a Stand
Inside Higher Ed

This is a call for higher education to get behind the Common Core State Standards.  The new, higher standards will better prepare all students for college and that's a good thing! (April 2014)

'Common Core' demonized as Obamacore: Our View
USA Today

The publication calls it like they see it in this piece that decries Common Core opposition. (April 2014)

By "Common," We Mean Equity

This New York teacher firmly believes the Common Core levels the playing field. (April 2014)

Block out Common Core bluster
New York Times syndicated conservative columnist David Brooks

This is one conservative columnist who hopes that the political rhetoric and posturing can be set aside for the good of the country.  That's how he sees it. (April 2014)

Resistance to Common Core mounts
Education Week

After more than a year of high-profile and contentious debate over the Common Core State Standards in Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation last month to formally reverse the state's adoption of the standards. (April 2014)

A Return to Low Academic Standards for Missouri?
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

There are still anti-Common Core movements in some states.  This story puts the spotlight on the opposition in the "Show Me" state. (April 2014)

Think Through Common Core
Bluff City Education

Another educator - this one from Tennessee - takes the time to tell why she supports the Common Core... it's teaching students to think. (April 2014)

Opinion:  Why Common Core tests are bad

In a few weeks, the New York State Education Department will begin the second round of Common Core tests. Earlier this spring, thousands of students refused to take the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) exams. (April 2014)

The Common Core takes hold

The implementation of the Common Core is well underway across the U.S.  This story provides some insights. (April 2014)

An education reporters puts himself to the (standardized) test
National Public Radio

This report focuses on testing under Common Core.  To get the story right, this reporter takes the test! (April 2014)

Two Districts, Two Approaches to the Common Core Curriculum
Education Week

Three thousand miles apart, district leaders in Orlando, Fla., and Long Beach, Calif., faced the same problem: They needed to revamp their instructional materials to reflect the Common Core State Standards. (April 2014)

Confusing math homework? Don't blame the Common Core
The Atlantic

There's confusion about the Common Core.  Some people are quick to blame it when blame belongs elsewhere.  This story offers some clarification. (April 2014)

Why police support the Common Core

When you think about groups who support the Common Core, you might miss this one.  But they make a strong argument for the higher standards. (April 2014)

How Common Core state standards prevent federal control of education
Daily Caller

One of the key arguments of the anti-Common Core camp is that the standards are an intrusion of local control by the federal government.  This article debunks that argument. (April 2014)

Apathy Can Suck Life Out of Democracy - Georgia
Dick Yarbrough

Sometimes it's good to laugh.  This column looks at some Common Core areas from a different perspective and if you have a sense of humor, you will chuckle. (April 2014)

Abandoning the Common Core is taking the easy way out
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This "Fly Paper" blog stresses the importance of issues like implementation should not detract from the actual merits of the standards themselves. (April 2014)

It's Time to Change the Common Core debate
National Math + Science Blog

Here's a strong blog piece written by National Math & Science Initiative CEO Sara Martinez Tucker.  Her position:  Quit arguing and let's make this work. (April 2014)

A sorry attack on the Common Core
Minding the Campus

The Common Core State Standards have their critics, left and right, and some of the objections are worth listening to but what we need is a useful informed debate. (April 2014)

Our View: Business can aid Common Core through active support
Jackson Sun

Business needs the best trained workers they can get so they have lined up for the higher standards afforded by the Common Core. (March 2014)

New York governor questions teacher evaluations based on Common Core
New York Post

Gov. Cuomo for the first time Tuesday questioned whether school districts should evaluate their teachers through tough new standards known as the Common Core. (April 2014)

Get to know Common Core marketing overlords
Michelle Malkin

You looking for opposition to the Common Core?  You can always find that with this conservative columnist's views. (April 2014)

Teacher: 'I was bullied' for opposing testing system

A Missouri teacher says she was intimidated and bullied because she opposes the newly implemented Common Core, a new standardized testing and lesson plan that has been adopted by 45 states.

Common Core debated at state school chief forum
Newnan Times Herald

Have you started studying what the state school superintendent candidates are saying about the Common Core?  It's not all positive! Stay up to speed by checking our "Election 2014" page. (March 2014)

Governor ends Common Core but not its influence
Indianapolis Star

The Indiana governor has signed legislation withdrawing Indiana from the Common Core State Standards.  What's ahead for them? (March 2014)

Only the uniformed would opposed Common Core
Jackson Sun

This editorial in blunt.  If you are truly informed about the Common Core, you will be behind their implementation. (March 2014)

Benchmarking State Implementation of Common Core Standards
Southern Regional Education Board

This report looks at the implementation of the Common Core in 15 states.  Georgia gets high marks. (March 2014)

Why students need the new Common Core education standards
Seattle Times

This Washington State teacher believes in the new Common Core. (March 2014)

Common Core is common sense - Georgia
Pickens County Progress

We believe in the Common Core for Georgia and here is why. (March 2014)

Common Core fight seems settled for now - Georgia
Associated Press

Republican lawmakers appear to have settled a roiling fight over national education standards called Common Core. (March 2014)
Vote to delay Common Core a step backward in Tennessee

That the Tennessee House would vote overwhelmingly to delay a major educational improvement that represents years of work and effort, and which would give Tennessee children a significant step up in the world, all but defies comprehension. (March 2014)
New ed-tech products target Common Core readiness
eSchool News

At the 69th annual ASCD conference in Los Angeles this past week, preparing for the Common Core was a common theme. (March 2014)

Here are Pro-Con articles from the San Diego Union Times:
Pro:  Common Core:  It will yield authentic learning
Con:  Little evidence to back its big changes

(March 2014)

A Common Core for all of us
New York Times

This question is also playing out in the debate over the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in education, now fully adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. (March 2014)

Teacher voice:  How the Common Core State Standards have affected my teaching
Tennessee SCORE

Common Core implementation has had its share of challenges. We can, however, separate ‘the baby from the bathwater’ and recognize the tremendous value these standards have already brought to us and build on that success moving ahead. (March 2014)

New York teacher speaks out:  Moratorium on Common Core Standards frightens me
Hechinger Report

This New York teacher fears that any interruption in the delivery of the Common Core State Standards in her state will hurt progress already made. (March 2014)

Hope for Common Core Implementation
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

The Fordham Institute’s new report Common Core in the Districts paints a vivid picture of four different school districts’ efforts to implement the Common Core State Standards. (March 2014)

Senate bill didn't kill Common Core as issue - Georgia
Morris News Service

Walter Jones offers this commentary after the House Education Committee defeated Senate Bill 167. (March 2014)

In defense of Common Core
Los Angeles Times

What matters most is whether the new curriculum standards are an improvement. They are. (March 2014)

Common Core 'spring training': Maintain realistic expectations
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Everyone knows that the Common Core State Standards initiative has turned into a political football. But a more apt analogy might be baseball—spring training, to be exact. That’s because, for all the colorful commentary, the Common Core is still in the very earliest phases of implementation. (March 2014)

The House Education Committee March 12 rejected SB 167 in a 13-5 vote.  Here is some of the coverage:

The anti-standards bill: A whole lot of crazy
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Common Core not dead in Georgia, after all
Morris News Service

House Education Committee rejects anti-Common Core bill
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

State school chief on anti-Common Core bill: "Stop politicizing education."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

State House strikes down anti-Common Core bill

Do standards matter? A teacher’s perspective on the promise and potential of the Common Core
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

We are always on the lookout for teachers who provide firsthand experience with the Core.  Here's a good story. (March 2014)

The Common Core's Unsung Benefit: It Teaches Kids to Be Good Citizens
The Atlantic

One argument we have heard against the Core is that it has yanked the study of key historical documents.  Read this! (March 2014)

WABE's Martha Dalton has filed this story explaining the amended SB 167 has changed so much, the bill's original authored has pulled his support: Ligon withdraws support from Common Core bill he championed.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's education blogger/columnist Maureen Downey filed this piece Tuesday afternoon:  Anti-Common Core legislation:  The house ought to kill this bad bill.

Here's an interesting commentary from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's conservative columnist Kyle Wingfield:  What's at the core of Georgia's Common Core bill?

Check this editorial from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  If campaign against academic standards wins, kids lose.  Powerful! Here's another Maureen Downey piece that questions a key opposition argument:  Have critics read Common Core State Standards?


Georgia Senate throws students under bus. House gets ready to run them over again
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

This Maureen Downey 'Get Schooled' blog entry is a hard-hitting piece questioning the wisdom of passing Senate Bill 167.  (March 2014)

It's all about educating minds and improving Georgia's economy
Savannah Morning News

National PTA President Otha Thornton, a Georgia resident and a Georgia Partnership Council member, provides an eloquent defense of the Common Core in Georgia in this commentary. (March 2014)

Who will take an early lead in literacy?
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Having observed, and occasionally weighed in on, the Common Core standards debates, I’m sure of one thing: no one is paying enough attention to the good work educators across the country are doing as they attempt to bring these new standards to life. (March 2014)

Common Core bill could cause data problems for schools.
WABE Radio

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education's Policy and Research Director Dr. Dana Rickman adds to this story on how the critical use of student data could be lost under Senate Bill 167. (March 2014)

Contentious 'Common Core' bill up for vote this week
Gainesville Times

Tensions over what academic standards Georgia adheres to have been simmering in Atlanta and could possibly boil over this week when a bill designed to radically change state education heads for a vote in the state House of Representatives. (March 2014) 

The match between teaching and the test
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Discussions about current education-reform efforts are typically focused on three separate topics: the Common Core standards, the new tests, and the curriculum. The alignment among the three seems to receive little attention. (March 2014)

GAE:  Move forward with Common Core in Georgia
Peach Pundit

This guest editorial, representing thousands of Georgia teachers, professes strong support for the Common Core educational standards. (March 2014)

Rotten to the Core: Stop federal dictates on Georgia education - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tanya Ditty is state director of Concerned Women for America of Georgia. Jane Robbins is a senior fellow with the American Principles in Action. Together, they call for passage of Senate Bill 167,  now under review in the House Education Committee and due for a vote there Wednesday. (March 2014)

Hope and anxiety: What do teachers think about the Common Core standards?
Hechinger Report

Here's another teacher survey.  This story tells us more about what they think about the Common Core. (March 2014) 

Arizona senate kills ban on Common Core
Arizona Republic

A few key Republican senators joined with Democrats on Wednesday to defeat a bill that would have prohibited Arizona from using a set of educational standards known nationally as Common Core. (March 2014)

SAT makes essay optional, returns to 1600 scale and looks more like Common Core
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The College Board introduced an essay section in 2005 because it felt a stronger focus on writing was needed in American high schools. (March 2014)

State school chief: Anti-standards bill "would throw our education system into chaos." - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

House Education Committee statement of state School Chief John Barge on Senate Bill 167, a bill banning national standards and testing based on national testing in Georgia. (March 2014)

Deal predicts changes coming to Common Core legislation - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

That Common Core legislation that has so infuriated educators? Expect some big changes to it before the session is out. (March 2014)

National Urban League endorses Common Core.  Here's why: Part 1.
Huffington Post

There is a quiet -- yet increasingly disruptive -- revolution underway in American education. Since 2010, 45 states, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense have adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in their schools. (March 2014)

What about the business perspective on the Common Core?  Check these recent stories:

The business community believes in the Common Core because the higher standards will produce a more qualified workforce.  Here is a recent article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle:  The Common Core doesn't go far enough!

Here are a couple more from the business perspective.  First, a piece from the Tennessean:  Common Core is good for business, too.

And this one from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Why CEOs support the Common Core

Why the Right Should Love the Common Core
Politico Magazine

It seems a great deal of the opposition to the Common Core is coming from conservative Republican circles.  Here's an opinion from a Republican strategist why they should be in favor:  (February 2014)

Listen to teachers:  The Teacher Voice:  Common Core Standards Help Our Students Achieve More  (SCORE) - (February 2014)

Petition seeks to preserve Common Core in Tennessee
Associated Press

A petition with more than 9,000 signatures supporting Tennessee's Common Core standards was released Tuesday amid efforts by some lawmakers to do away with them. (February 2014)

Get the word out, the Common Core is the right thing to do:  Majority of Americans would support the Common Core if they knew what it was . Check the survey. (Huffington Post - February 2014)

What The Common Core Actually Looks Like In Everyday Classrooms
Huffington Post

Reactions to the Common Core Standards -- a new set of education benchmarks that have been adopted in 45 states -- have been varied, polarized and political. (February 2014)

Common Core is necessary 
The Tennessean

What about the Common Core from the national security perspective.  This piece was written by a retired Army officer. (February 2014)

Common Core Standards can help New Hampshire
The Telegraph

The education of New Hampshire students is critically important to the company I lead, Northeast Delta Dental. This is why I am involved in every way I can be. (February 2014)

Senate committee approves anti-Common Core bill - Georgia
Morris News Service

The Senate Education & Youth Committee voted unanimously Thursday for legislation to force the state to retreat from the multi-state education standards called Common Core. (February 2014)

Teacher support of Common Core at critical juncture

The rollout of the Common Core academic standards is at a “critical juncture,” as teachers are increasingly skeptical of the initiative — and could turn against it in large numbers, scuttling its chances of success, the president of the nation’s largest teachers union said Thursday. (February 2014) 

Nothing to fear in the Common Core  
(Charleston Gazette)

This West Virginia teacher is a true believer in the Common Core.  He sees it work every day in his classroom. (February 2014)

Opinion: Smarter Balanced assessments: a big moment for our schools
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

I began my career as an inner-city elementary teacher because I was dedicated to helping students succeed. Listening to them and helping them improve to meet their goals was at the heart of my work. (February 2014)

Common Core standards essential to reform efforts
Chattanooga Times-Free Press

As both a businessperson and the Chair of the Chattanooga Chamber Board, I applauded the recent National Assessment of Educational Progress, which revealed that Tennessee students are improving their academic performance more rapidly than students in any other state. (February 2014)

Nation’s biggest teachers union slams ‘botched’ Common Core implementation

The nation’s largest teachers union is pulling back on its once-enthusiastic support of the Common Core academic standards, labeling their rollout “completely botched.” (February 2014)
Common Core is a settled matter in Colorado
Denver Post

The recent furor about Colorado's adoption of the Common Core academic standards has a puzzling sense of deja vu about it. (February 2014)

Tales from the classroom:  How I'm using Common Core to build critical thinking
Bluff City Education

Back in September, I decided to teach my kids how to use the tools of geometry: compasses and protractors. I figured I could give the tutorial in a day and then move on, but the entire experience quickly turned into a mini-nightmare. (February 2014)

Equivalent Expressions and the Common Core Standards
Peach Pundit

When I was in school, I learned about the transitive property of equality. That’s the math principle that says if A = B and B = C, then A = C. For example, if 3*4=12 and 2*6=12, then 3*4=2*6. Of course, this principle can be misused. (February 2014)

Tennessee governor sticks to Common Core

His state is surrounded by Republican governors who have grown hesitant of Common Core — either outright condemning the new education standards or at least wavering in support. (February 2014)

A fight is brewing over tests in the Common Core age
Washington Post

Testing season begins soon in U.S. public schools, requiring millions of students to spend days answering standardized questions in math and reading, as mandated by an outdated federal law. (February 2014)

Spate of GOP Bills Take Aim at Common Core
Education Week

Add yet another anti-common-core bill from Congress to your tally. Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., a moderate who is facing a tough primary challenge, has introduced a resolution that makes it clear education is a state issue. (February 2014) 

Common Core isn't a government conspiracy
Bloomberg News

Although 45 states quickly adopted the higher standards created by governors and state education officials, the effort has begun to lose momentum. (February 2014)

Commend Common Core
USA Today

Right now, 45 states are implementing new academic standards, known as the Common Core, which will improve education for millions of students. Unfortunately, conversation about the standards is shrouded in myths. (February 2014)

Common Core misinformation abounds
Peach Pundit

The current hot policy topic in Education is that of Common Core Standards.  The problem with this policy discussion isn’t so much the lack of engagement, but that the opposition has been manufactured on false grounds. (February 2014)

Local school officials support Common Core - Georgia
Macon Telegraph

As heated debates continue on the issue of Common Core, a statewide coalition has formed in support of the education standards, claiming they are effective and need to continue. And local administrators agree. (February 2014)

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Joins Christian and Conservative Leaders in Support of the Common Core State Standards
Religion News Service

Lost in the argument is how Hispanic organizations view the Common Core.  Here is one who has come out in support. (February 2014)

Mistake or misunderstood - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Editorial

In 2010, Gov. Sonny Perdue gathered other governors, cameras and crowds at a local high school to unveil new national standards developed through an effort he led. (February 2014)

Response to today's conversation - Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Commenters on the AJC Get Schooled blog had a range of reactions to proposed legislation to dump the Common Core State Standards in Georgia. Here is a sampling of the comments under each poster’s chosen screen name. (February 2014)

He-who-must-not-be-named: Is Common Core the Lord Voldemort of education? - Georgia
Maureen Downey - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In 2010, Gov. Sonny Perdue gathered other governors, cameras and crowds at a local high school to unveil new national standards developed through an effort he led. (February 2014)

Little agreement on improving education in Georgia
Walter Jones - Morris News Service

For a state with a reputation for not valuing public education, there sure is a loud argument going on over school standards in Georgia. (February 2014)

Several stories were filed after the February 5 press conference at the State Capitol announcing the Better Standards for a Better Georgia Coalition.  Here are some of them:

Business, education groups pledge to counter Common Core opposition
Morris News Service

New coalition to support Common Core
WSB Radio

Groups form coalition to support Common Core standards
WABE Radio

New coalition supports Common Core
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Biz backs Common Core...
Georgia Public Broadcasting

Business, education leaders tout Common Core academic standards
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscriber protected)

Business, education leaders support the Common Core
Georgia Report (subscriber protected)

More Common Core stories from around Georgia and the nation:

Opinion:  Common Core math expectations only a baseline
Education News

We’re going to discuss Common Core today, so take a chill pill.  I’m not saying CC presents nothing to be upset about, but getting upset just clouds clear thinking. (February 2014)

Hidden Common Core skills students need to learn... and how to learn them
eSchool News

As schools across the country begin to implement Common Core, assessments are asking students to use digital skills that many still need to learn. (February 2014)

Of Constitutional Conventions And the Common Core - Georgia
Georgia Public Broadcasting

Just when you might have thought SnowJam 2014 was the only thing anyone in Georgia cared about, along comes a day at the state Capitol that shows the depth and breadth of the issues facing Georgians. (February 2014)

Common Core battle heats up - Georgia
Brunswick News

An effort by a coastal legislator to get Georgia to abandon the national Common Core Curriculum is drawing resistance from the business community. (February 2014)

High cost of Common Core has states rethinking national education standards
Fox News

States are learning the cost of Common Core is uncommonly high.  The federally-backed standards initiative, first proposed by the nation's governors and an educators' association, seeks to impose a national standard for achievement among K-12 students. (February 2014) 

Common Core-aligned math lessons divide students over politics, critics say
Fox News

Critics say a new Common Core-aligned math curriculum is divisive because it adds too much in the way of politics to what ought to be a lesson in numbers. (February 2014)

Some states rebrand controversial Common Core standards
Washington Post

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) used an executive order to strip the name “Common Core” from the state’s new math and reading standards for public schools. In the Hawkeye State, the same standards are now called “The Iowa Core.” (February 2014) 

Optimism justified for the Common Core - Georgia
Jessup Sentinel

State officials are currently studying the Common Core Performance Standards. Unless that study reveals problems beyond the half-truths and fear-mongering that has characterized most of the Common Core criticism thus far, though, Georgia should stay the course on this initiative. (January 2014)

Frist-led group continues Common Core push in new report

Topping the priorities of a Bill Frist-led education advocacy group in its latest report is the item it has trumpeted for months in Tennessee: stay the course on Common Core. (January 2014) 

State school chiefs to Arne Duncan: We won't share student data
Education Week

Schools chiefs from 34 states have banded together to make a public declaration that they will not share personally identifiable student data with the federal government. (January 2014)

Is Common Core in trouble?

The rollout of the new Common Core academic standards has hit a major roadblock, as one of the most powerful state teachers unions in the country rebuked its “failed implementation.” (January 2014) 

States reconsider Common Core tests

Beginning in March, more than four million students will serve as guinea pigs for the English and math tests for the Common Core, a set of standards adopted by almost every state that map out what students should know and be able to do in each grade. (January 2014)

Seven instructional strategies for the Common Core
eSchool News

As significant numbers of educators, parents, and politicians push back on the Common Core Standards now that implementation has begun, many teachers are left to navigate the shift with little or no direction about how to change their teaching practice to accommodate the new standards. (January 2014)

School principals beg for help with Common Core
eSchool News

A new national survey shows principals feel unprepared for successful implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). (January 2014)

Barge says teachers support Common Core - Georgia
Newnan Times-Herald

Teachers and school superintendents are satisfied with keeping the national Common Core Standards, according Georgia State Representative Brooks Coleman and State School Superintendent John Barge. (January 2014)

Speakers oppose Common Core education standards - Georgia
Gainesville Times

Nearly 100 residents attended a meeting Monday in Gainesville with speakers against education standards that have been adopted by multiple states in the country, including Georgia. (January 2014)

For right, Common Core fight prelude to bigger agenda

National advocacy groups powered by the money of the Koch brothers and other mega-donors have found a new cause ripe with political promise: the fight to bring down the Common Core education standards. (January 2014)

Three Years Later is Common Core Working in Kentucky?
Cincinnati Inquirer

On a recent Friday afternoon at Dixie Heights High School, English language arts teacher Kris Gillis meandered around his students’ desks, reading portions of a Shakespearean sonnet. Then he posed this question: “When during life would this be occurring?” (January 2014)