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The roots of the Georgia Partnership are in the business community as it was established in 1992 as a joint effort between the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association in an effort to better focus on education issues.

Who are we?  What do we do?  Here is our latest Annual Report (2014) -   Being Bold

Now, almost 25 years later, the Partnership is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization that maintains a close and strong working relationship with the business community.  We are an affiliate member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and advise their education committee.  You will often find the Georgia Partnership serving as the business voice in a variety of education discussions.

What can we do for you? The Georgia Partnership stands ready to offer advice and counsel on the key education issues that impact the economic environment of individual communities as well as the business competitiveness of our state.  Without a strong, successful education system, commerce will look elsewhere for an educated, trainable workforce. We all lose if that happens. It is in the best interests of business to be aware and involved.  The Georgia Partnership can help.

Our Economics of Education briefings and publications have been provided to business audiences across the state.  We continue to field requests to meet with community representatives as we prove the inextricable link between education and individual as well as collective prosperity.  See the Economics of Education page.

Check below and the left side of this page. You will find various resources designed to create a better informed business community.  Don't hesitate to call on us.

Here are some helpful business/education links:

- Business Roundtable
GeorgiaTrend Magazine
- U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Center for Education and Workforce
- Georgia Chamber of Commerce - Education and Workforce Development
- Georgia Competitiveness Initiative
- Georgia Council on Economic Education
- Great Promise Partnership
- National Center on Education and the Economy
- Committee for Economic Development
- Technology Association of Georgia
- TAG-Ed - TAG Education Collaborative
- Go Build Georgia (The college route may not be for everyone.)

Recent Reports/Articles of Interest

Postings begin in 2012 (bottom of page).  Please report broken links here.


A Recipe for Prosperity: The Quality of Education Standards and Economic Growth
American Action Forum

This report examines the links between state education standards and states’ long-term economic growth. (May 16) 

Commentary:  Value of Post-Secondary Credentials
Arkansas Business

This article details the returns from various levels of education attainment any businessperson would accept and they present a compelling case for why increasing the number of certificate and degree holders in Arkansas (or any other state) is an important objective. (May 13) 

The Graduation Effect
Alliance for Excellent Education

The national high school grad rate is at an all time high, but one in five high school students fails to earn a high school diploma on time. Use the map provided to see the economic potential of a 90 percent grad rate in Georgia. (May 4)

Gov. Deal Signs Work-based Learning Bill
Rome News-Tribune

Businesses willing to take on high school students as interns will be eligible for insurance discounts under legislation signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal. (May 3)

A Stronger Nation 2016 - Post-Secondary Attainment Rate Rising but Still Lagging
Lumina Foundation

The U.S. is making slow, but steady progress in the number of Americans who hold high-quality credentials beyond high school diplomas. Introduction. Related story. (April 12)  

Career and Technical Education in High School:  Does It Improve Student Outcomes?
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Career and technical education programs – which policymakers and business groups have been touting as solutions to help fill the skills gap, but which students and parents have been slow to embrace – are paying off in a big way in Arkansas.  Related story. (April 8)

The College and Career Readiness of U.S. High School Graduates

For more than a decade, Achieve has issued an annual 50-state report on each state’s adoption of college- and career-ready (CCR) policies as reflected in state standards, graduation requirements, assessments, and accountability systems. Press release. Introduction. (March 14) 

At the Intersection of Education and Aging
Foundation for Excellence in Education

The aging of the population between now and 2030 will profoundly impact all aspects of the financing and operation of Georgia’s taxpayer-funded services. To prepare for the impending demography challenges Georgia needs to improve student learning and needs to do so in a cost effective manner. (March 10, 2016)

One-Two Punch - With new education initiatives and job opportunities on the horizon, the future of Georgia's logistics industry is wide open
Georgia Trend

If you are looking for words to describe the state’s $15-billion logistics powerhouse, you might come up with changing, growing, fast-moving or even challenging. And you would be right on all counts. (March 2) 

On Track: Redefining Readiness in Education and the Workforce

A new white paper introduces three “readiness models” designed to gauge students’ preparedness for college and workforce success. Related story. (February 2016)

The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2015

Using the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks and scores from the ACT® test, this report provides a series of graphical pictures highlighting the college and career readiness of the ACT-tested high school class of 2015. Introduction. More.(January 2016)

The Global Skills Gap Widens as U.S. Students Struggle

The UN Global Compact, a group that encourages companies to pursue sustainability across governance, social, and environmental issues, has published a report that ranks the biggest worries of more than 5,500 leaders in business, universities, and civil society groups. Two of the top three were how to close the skills gap and groom people for the “digital labor market.” Report. (February 2016) 

Survey of the States - Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation's Schools 2016
Council on Economic Education

Every two years, CEE conducts a comprehensive look into the state of K-12 economic and financial education in the United States. This edition shows that there has been slow growth in personal finance education in recent years and no improvement in economic education. Introduction. Georgia Council on Economic Education.  (February 2016)


New Virginia high school to focus big on coding
eSchool News

Students will enter an innovative program that teaches core graduation skills alongside industry internships and computer science. (December 2015)

UGA experts predict improving Georgia economy in 2016, but slower job growth
University of Georgia

While Georgia's economy will grow faster than the nation's next year, the pace of job growth in the Peach State will slow, according to the Georgia Economic Outlook report by the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. (December 2015)

Credit Developing Workforce for Creating New Jobs
Peach Pundit

Georgia has long been a rapidly growing state. We’ve been a “low cost” alternative for incoming businesses and citizens alike. Atlanta has grown based on our logistics industry with a world-class airport as its crown jewel. (December 2015)

Opportunity, Responsibility, and Severity - A Consensus Plan for Reducing Poverty and Restoring the American Dream

As America recovers from the Great Recession, many of our fellow citizens remain mired in poverty. Economic trends, cultural changes, and changes in family and marriage patterns are combining in new ways that make it harder for those born on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder to lift themselves up. Brief introduction. Formal introduction. (December 2015)

Congressman John Kline, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, talks NCLB and Common Core
Collaborative for Student Success (December 2015)

Staying the Course for Higher State Standards
Business Roundtable Blog (November 2015)

Economic development starts in Georgia's classrooms
Atlanta Business Chronicle (provided here with permission from the Chronicle - November 2015)

Mercer University announces plans for center to encourage and develop entrepreneurs
Macon Telegraph (November 2015)

Economy: 2016 Prospects for Atlanta
Georgia trend Magazine (November 2015)

Making an impact: Georgia’s first lady encourages businesswomen to work closely with, inspire youth
Marietta Daily Journal (November 2015)

How Delaware is creating a pipeline of skilled workers in manufacturing
Brookings (November 2015)

Education and Economic Development Go Hand-in-Hand
Georgia Government Magazine (November 2015)

Georgia number 4 state with fastest job growth
Atlanta Business Chronicle (November 2015)

Georgia has 144,000 open jobs and too few qualified applicants, manufacturing exec tells educators
Florida Times-Union (November 2015)

Georgia named best in business climate for third year in a row
Site Selection Magazine (November 2015)

Experts agree job creation key in reforming welfare programs in Georgia
Morris News Service (October 2015)

The Common Core math quiz that has everyone outraged isn't about Common Core - it's worse
Business Insider (October 2015)

The New Georgia Milestones... It's Time To Be Honest
James Magazine - flip to page 26 (October 2015)

O.C.'s worker shortage: Employers face a skills gap in key, high-paying fields, report finds
Orange County Register (California) (October 2015)

Report urges in-state tuition for immigrants in Georgia
Union Recorder (Report - Georgia Budget and Policy Institute) (October 2015)

Study outlines how businesses can better serve local schools
eSchool News (Report - Harvard Business School) (October 2015)

Teachers say critical thinking key to college and career readiness
EdSource (September 2015)

Message from education meeting: Businesses must help schools
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (September 2015)

Column: Stay the Course on Rigorous K-12 Standards
Detroit News - John Engler, Business Roundtable (September 2015)

Getting the best of both worlds - 'steak and lobster' - by combining college with career education
Orlando Sentinel (September 2015)

Business Leaders Know Common Core is Essential to America's Workforce
The Seventy Four (September 2015)

Bridging Georgia's skills gap:  Retooling Georgia's schools - As businesses increasingly hire skilled labor from elsewhere, state educators look to produce more college- and career-ready graduates
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (September 2015)

Ga. Businesses Can Get Tax Credits If Employees Earn GEDs
WABE-Radio (September 2015)

Watch poverty increase in school districts right before your very eyes
The Atlantic - CityLab (August 2015)

Improved Adult Education Support Critical to Georgia's Bottom Line
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (August 2015)

The High Cost of Low Educational Performance - The Long-Run Economic Impact of Improving Programme for International Student Assessment Outcomes - see related story
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (August 2015)

Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8 - A Unifying Foundation
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (July 2015)

This explores the science of child development, particularly looking at implications for the professionals who work with children birth through age 8. Brief and Summary. (July 2015)

Proficient Now Means Prepared
U.S. Chamber of Commerce (July 2015)

Economic Outlook:  Good Education Needed to Maintain Globally Competitive Workforce
Idaho Politics Weekly (July 2015)

Education, cooperation boost Georgia's economy, officials say
Augusta Chronicle (June 2015)

Remediation for Job Seekers
Inside Higher Education (June 2015)

Georgia Power president: Education critical to meet workforce needs
Rome News Tribune (June 2015)

Corporations go to college
Inside Higher Ed (June 2015)

The Classrooms Where Students Are In Charge
National Journal (May 2015)

The innovative district where career prep is the only focus
eSchool News (April 2015)

Ohio schools phasing in job-skills readiness test
Columbus Dispatch (April 2015)

America Has 'Solved Every Problem in Public Education,' But How Are We Still Failing? 5 Questions with Business Roundtable President John Engler
Real Clear Education (April 2015)

Reconnect offers tuition-free training for new jobs
Tennessean (April 2015)

The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing 2015 and Beyond
Deloitte/Manufacturing Institute (April 2015)
Related story:  Not your grandfather's factories - Governing (April 2015)

Targeted programs and career pathways within workforce development policies
Education Commission of the States (April 2015)

Business leaders offer insights into proposed math standards (April 2015)

To Boost U.S. Competitiveness, Leaders Endorse Rigorous Academic Standards in New Videos
Committee for Economic Development (April 2015)
(If you need more information on the Common Core, check the Georgia Partnership web page and/or the Better Standards for a Better Georgia web site.)

Increasing education: What it will and will not do for earnings and earnings inequality
Brookings (April 2015)

What if a high school diploma guaranteed a highly paid job?
Hechinger Report (March 2015)

College Cuts Clash With Calls for Better-Educated Workers
Governing (March 2015)

Colorado employers could get tax breaks for repaying workers' student loans
Denver Business Journal (March 2015)

Perdue grant enhances workplace skills training
Houston Journal Online (March 2015)

Almost 40% Of Minority Teens Want Tech Careers, Research Finds
Forbes (March 2015)

The College Dropout Problem May Not Be as Bad as the Government Says
Bloomberg Business (February 2015)

Innovative learning options can help build workforce
San Antonio Express-News (February 2015)

Hot jobs: Indiana focuses training efforts on in-demand careers
Indianapolis Star (February 2015)

Well prepared in their own eyes... but what about employers?
Inside Higher Ed (January 2015)

CCSD partnership with private sector yields budget reports
Las Vegas Journal (January 2015)

Elusive data on education and workforce
Inside Higher Ed (January 2015)

Lack of technical education produces a 'lost generation,' Oregon business leaders warn
Oregonian (January 2015)


The Economics of Early Childhood Investments
The White House (December 2014)

Governor's High Demand Career Initiative Report
Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia (December 2014)

Caterpillar exec tells lawmakers of need to teach teens about manufacturing jobs
Morris News Service (December 2014)

Graduating College Later in Life Doesn't Hamper Income
Gallup (December 2014)

Engage Girls With Tech Education, Leadership Early, Women CIOs Say
Wall Street Journal (December 2014)

Report Card:  How the Digital Skills Gap is Failing Teachers & Students -- And What We Can Do About It

Closing the Skills Gap - CEOs Say Skills Gap Threatens U.S. Economic Future
Business Roundtable/Change the Equation - Relating story (December 2014)

Exxon CEO defends Common Core education standards that Perry and Cruz have opposed
Dallas Morning News (December 2014)

Report: To Restore Middle-Skills Jobs, Employers, Educators, Policymakers Must Work Together - Report:  Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America's Middle Skills (Accenture/burningglass/Harvard Business School)
Forbes (November 2014)

What’s Big Business Got to Do With Education Reform?
edSurge (November 2014)
In industry short on help, manufacturing companies hope tours put youths on career path (October 2014)

Chevron funds study targeting hurdles to STEM curriculum
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 2014)

Can focusing on workplace skills increase college completion rates?
Hechinger Report (October 2014)

Recruiting Tech Talent in High School
Wall Street Journal (October 2014)

Now hiring:  Do you want a "good middle-class life?"
Cincinnati Enquirer (October 2014)

Economic Success a Strong Tradition in Georgia
Insider Advantage Georgia (September 2014)

Leaders and Laggards
U.S. Chamber of Commerce (September 2014)

Manufacturers make a play for consideration and collaboration: October is Manufacturing Month
Cleveland Plain Dealer (September 2014)

From Preschool to Prosperity:  The Economic Payoff to Early Childhood Education
Timothy J. Bartik (September 2014)

Partnering to Power Peach State Success
U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Posted September 2014)

Colleges, Employers Team Up to Train, Hire High-Tech Workers
U.S. News & World Report (September 2014)

New Study Finds That People With Both Math And Social Skills Earn More Money
Business Insider (September 2014) 

High schools need to weld academics with practical skills
eSchools News (August 2014)

Shop Class Not for Slackers as Mechanic Out-Earns Peers
Bloomberg (August 2014)

2014 Condition of College & Career Readiness
ACT, Inc. (August 2014)

How to educate Americans for jobs? Ask the Germans, employers urge
Hechinger Report (August 2014)

THINC … Educating the Next Generation of High Tech Workers
Georgia Public Policy Foundation (August 2014)

Education part of inequality story, Fed post says
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (July 2014)

Coast to coast, STEM jobs take the longest to fill
USA Today (July 2014)

Building Career Pathways to Help More Students Succeed - Story and Report
Jobs for the Future (July 2014)

Employers’ Challenge to Educators: Make School Relevant to Students’ Lives
Mind/Shift (June 2014)

Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs?
Associated Press (June 2014) Link to Federal Reserve New York report

GNTC president: Tech school graduates in demand for industry, manufacturing
Rome News-Tribune (June 2014)

Is 8th grade too early to pick a career?
National Journal (May 2014)

Supply and Demand in the New Education Economy
Denver Post (April 2014)

Toyota didn't move to Dallas because of schools
Dallas Morning News (April 2014) Follow-up story: Rawlings: Toyota to Plano was ‘smart move,’ says he shouldn’t have spoken for Toyota execs on DISD (May 2014)

State Chambers of Commerce Defend Common Core
Education Week (February 2014)


Evidence mounting that poverty causes lasting physical and mental health problems for children
Pittsburgh Gazette (November 2013)
* The Georgia Partnership's Economics of Education briefing addresses the impact of poverty on learning/education.

Why Aren't Companies Getting the Skilled Graduates They Need?
Wall Street Journal (October 2013)

Business Execs: Fight for the Common Core Before It's Too Late
Education Week (September 2013)

The Schoolhouse Squeeze - State Cuts, Plunging Property Values Pinch School Districts
Georgia Budget and Policy Institure (September 2013)

How To Stop the Drop in American Education
Wall Street Journal (September 2013)

Pre-K Program Attracts Investors Out for Returns
Education Week (August 2013)

Why Summer Vacation is Evil
Business Insider (August 2013)

What It Takes to Make New College Graduates Employable
New York Times (July 2013)

The Heart of the Matter - The Humanities and the Social Sciences and their contributions to economic vitality
American Academy for Arts and Sciences (June 2013)

Carroll County: A Focus on Education
Georgia Trend (June 2013)

Republicans Oppose the Common Core.... Really?
New York Times (April 2013)

Arne Duncan Urges Business Leaders to Support Common Core
Education Week (April 2013)

Survey:  Business Leaders Look Beyond Majors
Inside Higher Ed (April 2013)

Solutions & Partnerships
Georgia Trend Magazine - Page 92 (April 2013)

My Little (Global) School
Thomas Friedman - New York Times (April 2013)

A College Degree Sorts Job Applicants, but Employers Wish It Meant More
Chronicle of Higher Education (March 2013)

Expert: Tough job to lure quality jobs
Covington News (March 2013)

High school dropouts cost $1.8 billion every year
New York Post (February 2013)

Lacking a college degree? You may not exist to more employers
Tampa Bay Times (February 2013)

Why are recent college graduates underemployed?
eSchool News (January 2013)

Georgia's poor schools hurt industry recruitment, lawmakers told
Morris News Service (January 2013)

Recession, new technology kill middle-class jobs, many for good
Associated Press (January 2013)

A Degree Still Helps - Inside Higher Ed - Report:  How Much Protection Does a College Degree Afford - The Impact of the Recession on Recent College Graduates (Findings page) (January 2013)

Georgia gaining in ‘knowledge jobs’ – Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 2013)


The Key Skills Today's Employers Desire - eSchool News (December 2012)  Note: This lengthy article requires a free registration to read past page 1.

Inseparable Imperatives:  Equity in Eduication and the Future of the American Economy - Alliance for Excellent Education (December 2012)
Related article.

College courses in high school: a strategy for college readiness - Jobs for the Future (October 2012)

Manufacturing jobs go wanting as unemployment perseveres - St. Louis Post Dispatch (October 2012)

Want a good job? Study math - St. Louis Post Dispatch (October 2012)

Eight economic facts about education – eSchool News (October 2012) 

Microsoft Calls for Changes to Develop STEM Professionals - Education News (October 2012)

Manufacturing industry taps colleges for help with alternative credential – Inside Higher Ed (July 2012)

New school math standards not as good as could be, business group says - San Antonio Express News (June 2012)

Gulfstream Leadership Graduates Honored - Savannah Morning News (June 2012)

Number of the week:  Most unemployed have college experience - Wall Street Journal (June 2012)

Job skills: Close the gap - Savannah Morning News (May 2012)

Dean Alford: How Georgia can improve schools - Savannah Morning News/address to Georgia Public Policy Foundation

January 29 Atlanta Journal-Constitution editoral page:
-Gov. Nathan Deal - Make Georgia number 1 in nation for business
-Opinion -No challenge is more vital than job ceation

-Chamber CEO applauds Gov. Deal's State of the State address - Georgia Chamber web site (January 2012)

-Majors matter in job prospects for recent college graduates - EduGeorgia Education Week (January 2012)

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