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Best Practices

On this page you will find stories about innovative ideas or other good things going on in public education.  Whether it is right here in Georgia or elsewhere in the nation, a good idea is worth sharing.  If something is working in Texas or Indiana, it just might work here.  And if something is clicking in Valdosta or Dalton, it might just be worth a try in Bremen.

Here is an example.  The Pearson Foundation has a web site designed to capture personal and practical reflections of education innovators. Check it out.

eSchool News offers an "Innovation Corner" that includes ideas and best practices.  Consider checking the web site for daily updates and a look at previously posted stories: eSchool News.

If you have a good news/best practices story or source/resource, share it with us so other education stakeholders might consider adopting/adapting it for their use. Our contact information is below.  

Check the left side of the page.  The entries are divided into categories.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find items of specific interest.  The information included on these pages does not imply Georgia Partnership endorsement for either the ideas or the organizations responsible. 

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