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Have you discovered STEM Magazine?  Check it out for some good information.

Try this for a variety of ideas:  What Works Clearing House (Institute of Education Sciences)

Here's another good one: SmartBrief.

eSchool News has started a "Best Tweets of the Week for Education" column.  It usually contains great information/ideas:
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On this page you will find stories about innovative ideas or other good things going on in public education.  Whether it is right here in Georgia or elsewhere in the nation, a good idea is worth sharing.  If something is working in Texas or Indiana, it just might work here.  And if something is clicking in Valdosta, it might just be worth a try in Bremen.

Here is an example.  The Pearson Foundation has a web site designed to capture personal and practical reflections of education innovators. Here's the press release describing the site.  Check it out.

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