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Middle School Best Practices

Here's a web site devoted to the middle grades.  Check it out:  MiddleWeb - All About the Middle Grades

How I Teach My English-Language Learners to Love Writing
Education Week

3 free reads per month before subscription required - When I started a new career as a high school English-as-a-second-language teacher in 2011, I figured I was better equipped than many teachers to help students learn to write. (September 2015)

This school is using ‘Shark Tank’ to teach research and presentation skills
eSchool News

Teachers at Holly Pond Middle School are turning to a popular reality TV show as inspiration to get students interested in flexing their research and presentation skills. (August 2015)

Massachusetts teacher finds success with flip model
eSchool News

At Memorial Middle School in Fitchburg, Mass., science teacher Christopher Landry spends most of his time crouching down like a catcher, talking to his students one-on-one, instead of standing in front of the board. (April 2015)

My top 6 gaming resources for STEM teaching
eSchool News

Using games to teach, and adding gamification principles to the classroom, can make learning meaningful, engaging, and fun for even the most reluctant learners. I use games in my classroom in a few ways. (February 2015)

Engineering game promotes problem solving, mechanical concepts
eSchool News

Backyard Engineers, a new game from Filament Games, is designed to teach engineering concepts and problem solving skills. It aims to help students from middle school to high school understand the principles of engineering design through experimentation. (February 2015)

These amazing kits make electronics simple and fun for every student
eSchool News

Very young students often have a hard time engaging meaningfully in electronics projects. Sure, most middle school kids can learn the function of basic electronic components and follow a set of instructions to create a basic circuit on a breadboard. Often, however, their work suffers. (January 2015)

STEM and Writing: A Super Combination

I brought a superhero into my classroom the other day. He wasn't wearing a cape. He didn't have an alias. But he had the greatest superpower of all: inspiration.  (November 2014)

Bullying is a Word That Shows Action Therefore It's a Verb - Georgia
Post Searchlight

A 12-year-old Albany middle school student wrote a guide from both perspectives since he has experience as a bully and a "bullyee!" It makes interesting reading. (September 2014)

“It’s Like You’re Conducting an Orchestra”
Gates Notes - The Blog of Bill Gates

From the minute you meet Katie Brown, you get the feeling she’s an amazing teacher. Her intelligence and passion jump out. You immediately think: I would love for my kids to be in her classroom. (August 2014)

Teacher's technical talent leads to mobile iPad lab at area school
Johnson City Press

When Erica Preswood was hired to teach seventh- and eighth-grade language arts at University School, she brought with her a passion for new technology that had catapulted a North Carolina school system into a spot as one of the nation’s best. (June 2014)
Five tools every science teacher should use
eSchool News

Scott Barber, a 7th grade science teacher in the Berea City School District in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, shares five ed-tech tools worth using in the classroom. (February 2014)

Sherwood Summer Institute takes the mystique and anxiety out of middle school
The Oregonian

The school district's summer institute isn't your typical summer school. (July 2013)

What Should Middle School Be?

The Middle School kiddo is one quirky animal. In fact, I’ve made an executive decision to align the middle school child with the second stage in development of the common jellyfish. (July 2013)

Four Steps to Flipping the Classroom
eSchool News

The flipped classroom, in which students watch a video explaining a particular lesson or topic at home and then come to school prepared to complete assignments related to that lesson or discuss the topic in class, is gaining ground. But how, exactly, can educators go about flipping the classroom? (January 2013)

How One California School Uses iPads to Support Its PE Program
eSchool News

The pressures of being a physical education teacher in today’s public school environment are mounting. (August 2012)

Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4 - 8
Institute of Education Sciences

This practice guide provides five recommendations for improving students’ mathematical problem solving in grades 4 through 8. It is geared toward teachers, math coaches, other educators, and curriculum developers who want to improve the mathematical problem solving of students. (May 2012)

Mooresville's Shining Example (It's Not Just About the Laptops)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

MOORESVILLE, NC - Sixty educators from across the nation roamed the halls and ringed the rooms of East Mooresville Intermediate School, searching for the secret formula. They found it. (February 2012)

Student-centered math coming to Staunton middle school
News Leader

Almost three years ago Dori Walk, executive director of instruction for Staunton schools, wanted to change the way math was taught. The result: student-centered math. (February 2012)