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Inform and influence Georgia leaders through research and non-partisan advocacy to impact education policies and practices for the improvement of student achievement.

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The star is actually five open books representing "Excellence in Education."

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Here's a quick look at some of our programs and efforts:  The Power of the Partnership

Here's some great background information on the Georgia Partnership.  Check out our special 20th anniversary web site. While you are at it, check out the anniversary video!

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About the Partnership

Founded in 1992 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association, the Partnership consists of business, education, community and government leaders who share a vision of improved education in our state.

The organization is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit working tirelessly to be Georgia's foremost change agent in K-12 public education.  The Georgia Partnership often takes lead roles in efforts to shape policy and reform education but gladly partners with other groups or organizations taking lead roles in a variety of efforts. 

Annual Report 2014 - Being Bold

Annual Report 2013 - Collective Impact 

Annual Report 2012 - Impact

Annual Report 2011 - Constant Vision, Constant Action

Annual Report 2010 - A Year of Excellence. A Year of Making a Difference.

Annual Report 2009 Staying Focused, Moving Forward

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